How to teach a kitten to toilet in the apartment

Takes care of a kitten is joyful and nice. When the soft fluffy wool sets in the hands of his master, and fondly noises, it fills the owner with positive emotions. But if you live in an apartment building and can only dream to have a pet, then most likely, you are wondering how to teach your cat to toilet in the apartment. To do this quickly, you need to know a few rules. Consider all the secrets of how to teach a cat to walk on the tray.

How to start training a kitten to go to the toilet

To accustom your kitten to the toilet need to start the day when you brought the animal to his home. To do this, even before the appearance of a small ball of fur in your apartment you need to prepare a special litter tray and litter for him. These items should be chosen properly to suit the cat and did not cause the animal a sense of rejection. How to do this, consider the following.

Buy tray for a pet

When the tray selection should not be guided by criterion of the cheaper, and better to give preference to convenient, reliable kitty litter. The size of this device must be such that the cat in there without a problem placed. Select a stable tray with high sides, then its contents are not to throw a cat on the floor. But for a small kitten will approach the fixture with low walls and 5-7 cm If you don’t want to use the filler for the pot, choose a model with mesh. You can buy such kinds of devices for cats:

  • Outdoor solid plastic tray of rectangular shape with low sides. It is perfect for a kitten. This pot is cheap, easy to use. It is easy to clean, doesn’t occupy much space at home. To use this fixture must be with special granules which absorb moisture well.
  • Tray with mesh. Used without filler.
  • Tray with high sides and additional collar that attaches to the edges. Cats love these models because they resemble boxes. This device is easy to wash, to keep clean, but it requires more space than the above devices.
  • Closed tray looks like a house. It looks very aesthetic and love cats, but has a high cost.
  • Automatically cleared the tray. This model is unique as it provides a self-cleaning property. This automatic device will save the owner of a cat from the constant cleaning of feces.

Kitten learns to toilet in the tray

The choice of filler

Used as a filler cat litter sand was used. But it was extremely impractical and brought a lot of problems cats and their owners. Now sold in convenient fillers for cat pots, which absorb odors and moisture. They are made from materials characterized by high absorption and safety. For toilet will fit the following fillers:

  • Wood. It’s sawdust pressed into pellets. Is this product inexpensive, but it is able to effectively cope with their task. When pellets get wet, they disintegrate into sawdust to absorb moisture and odor.
  • From grain, waste paper. Available in small pellets, which are made by pressing soybeans, bran and paper.
  • From the corn. It is an environmentally friendly material that is harmless to humans and cats. However, corn pellets weigh a bit, so cats can scatter them around the apartment.
  • From minerals and clay. When wet, the pebbles of these materials into clumps which are easy to clean.
  • Zeolite, mineral. These substances absorb odor, moisture.
  • Silica gel. This material is the best of all pellets for the cat pot because it is necessary to pour in a small amount in the toilet and change every 14-21 days. Under the brand name «Crystal» produced good silica gel filler.

Varieties of litter

The location of the cat in the apartment

As a rule, many cat owners are trying to remove the adaptation for needs of the animal in a secluded place, away from the eyes. Often the location of the tray there is a powder room or bathroom. But it’s sometimes uncomfortable for cats, especially if the doors to these areas are not always left open. Better for the pet to put the pot in the hallway, because there this device will always be easily accessible to the animal.

And to make it look aesthetically pleasing and did not bother guests, then select the model of the tray that looks like a house. However, if you want to teach your cat to go to the toilet, then put the litter tray next to him. Then gradually place them under the toilet for the cat anything until he razed to the level of the toilet. Then the litter tray should be removed, and the cat again came to the usual place, understand where he needs to be emptied.

The basic rules of training a new kitten to the toilet

The physiology of cats is such that the urge to pee in these animals occurs immediately after sleep and after meals. During these periods it is best to begin to accustom your pet to the tray. But if during the process of training a kitten properly going to the toilet will be misses, and the animal will be doing their business in the wrong place, you should not beat him. It is better to take a napkin and blot it «a gift» a rag and take to the litter box. Next time the cat will come to defecate to the place where you will feel your smell.

Rudiy kosena sidit in the tray

This method will help to develop the pet in the habit of going to the filler in a special fixture. However, the area where the pet is done, you should thoroughly wash the detergent to smell, which will re-direct the animal to write in this unlikely place. Kitty is easy to housebreak for 7-10 days. But it is necessary to know the basic rules that will help to make the process fast, easy for the cat and the owner:

  • After sleep or food, take your pet to the cat’s toilet.
  • During the day, bring your small pet to potty, so that he remembers the smell of the tray.
  • For kittens buy a special filler, which will not do harm to their health even if they eat a few pellets.
  • If the cat does not pull in granules, then carefully take the legs of the animal and delve them filler.
  • Watch the pet. When you see that it starts to stagnate in one place, restless to behave, meow, cancel all classes and take the animal to the potty.
  • Always, when the animal correctly goes to relieve himself, praise the cat, treat treat.
  • If the little cat refuses to walk on the tray, maybe it is not suitable filler. Try changing pellets on the other.
  • If the animal began to walk past your pot, then perhaps this device is for the cat has a little and need to buy a bigger model.
  • To stimulate the urge to have a bowel movement the cat, put the animal on the filler and massage his tummy.
  • Keep the pot clean cat, because these animals may refuse to defecate in a dirty litter.

Tips on housebreaking an adult cat or a cat to the toilet

To develop cat skills to go to the tray using the same methods as for training a kitten. But when these methods are ineffective, it is recommended to restrict the freedom of movement pet small area. At this point the apartment will install a litter tray and an adult animal, being tidy, will soon know where to go to relieve themselves. Such methods, it is recommended to try to accustom the cat to the toilet:

  • An effective way to develop the habit of cats to walk in a special pot is that it is necessary to observe the animal, and when it will pave for the collection of their needs, to include pet in the intended place. After that, the pot is not clean, so the next time the cat smelled it, where you have to write.
  • If the animal chose a special place for spravleniya their needs, during the process of stool pet bring the toilet and put the cat there. Gradually change the location of the tray until you select the device in the toilet or another part of the apartment.
  • If an adult cat used to live on the street, instead of filler the first time inside the pot pour the ground, because it is a familiar environment for the process of bowel movements.

The girl teaches the cat to the toilet in the apartment

Video tips: how to teach a kitten to toilet in the apartment

So the cat brought its owners only positive emotions, it must quickly accustom to a special cat’s potty. As the kitten quickly learned to go pee in the right place? You need to know all the ins and outs of learning of the pupils in this process. And what to do if the cat stopped going on his potty and defecate anywhere? The next 4 videos experts tell you the secrets to accustom to the tray, the toilet of Pets of all ages.

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