How to cut the cat

Any pet requires careful maintenance, and this is especially true of long haired cats breeds. For example, some Pets need to cutting, but do it with caution. It is difficult for the breeder’s task, as it is important not to injure your four-legged friend. To ease the task, you will need hair clippers cats.

Can you cut cats

If we are talking about Shorthair breeds, for example, the sphinxes, the question of how to cut the cat, is irrelevant. But representatives of the fluffy Scottish, Persian or British breeds, on the contrary, a haircut wouldn’t hurt, with the purpose of hygiene. The fact that and licking some fur into the organs of the digestive system, it forms lumps. This foreign body can lead to serious disturbances of the digestive tract, to provoke a fatal to your beloved pet, so to cut the cat at home time required. Other indications:

  • prevention of various parasites;
  • the prevention of inflammatory and infectious processes of the skin;
  • prevention of heat rash and the formation of plaques made of wool;
  • grooming facilitates the fate of long-haired cats for the summer;
  • reducing the number of mandatory pet hygienic procedures.

Red cat

Like cut cats

Before you decide on such an experiment, you must choose one of two options: haircut specialized salon or to cut a pet at home. In the latter case, it is better not to use a razor, especially because in the free market dominated by special tools and machines for such cases. If the time to stock up on these, check out the salon is not necessary. Basic secrets of home treatments are described below:

  1. Grooming can change the color and texture of cat fur such as hair darkens and becomes rough to the touch.
  2. It is important to know that the session takes a long period of time, and in the inexperienced groomer lasts 2-3 hours.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to trim the hair on the animal’s head and the paws, ears, trim his mustache. Otherwise, the cat loses the sharpness of the senses.
  4. So the cat is not hurt Barber, it is recommended to trim nails, give a sedative before the session.
  5. Dry new haircut animal can be a Hairdryer, but this use is not hot, but warm air stream.

Wondering whether you can cut cats, you need to find out what it can be haircuts that cats are more suited, how much would cost the host to a special salon? Available cat’s hairstyles:

  1. Lion. According to this model, you can cut Persian, Scottish, Siamese cats. Cut out the body, and the fur remains only on the head and the tip of the tail like a real lion.
  2. Puma. Hairstyle similar to Lions, but differ in the rest of the hair on the breast. According to this principle, a haircut Persian, Siberian, Scottish cats.
  3. Dragon. A distinctive feature of this method is getting a Mohawk on his back that starts from the withers and ends near the tip of the tail.

Grooming a cat under lion

How to cut a cat in the cabin

Masters often ask about how much it costs to mow the cat, what is the cost and duration of such a session? This is the wrong approach. First of all you need to see the preparatory procedure measures. For example, to start the process, the wizard will after taking pet calming medication, and aggressive animals and do you need a sleeping pill. During shearing involves not only the scissors and the clippers and trimmer, able to efficiently handle the hard to reach places on the body of a pet.

Self-grooming the cat at home

If the main requirement is to carry a cheap haircut a cat, shave it is always possible in the home. It is better to buy and use tools, and not a conventional manual razor of its own Arsenal. So the coat is kept properly to grow, to begin the process preferably with specialist advice. Otherwise the sequence of actions of the breeder the following:

  1. The first thing you need to immobilize the animal, hold the front and back legs, laying on his side. The only way to cut the cat, otherwise it just hands will not be given. The aggressive long-haired breeds it is recommended to wear a special collar for the period of shearing.
  2. Large mats are carefully cut out with scissors after giving the cat a sedative drug. The owner must act very carefully, as for a pet such actions in any case provoke stress. Before you cut the cat, it is necessary to sharpen the scissors.
  3. After the scissors you need, using the razor to remove the hair from the sides, back, and then partially with legs. It is important to avoid intimate areas, the nipples, otherwise their injuries may cause a serious disease of the animal. The tail can be cut the least, when the desire of the Barber, but not to experiment.
  4. To cut the hair stuck to the body, it is recommended to remove with a damp cloth, but the dryer is allowed to use only in case of emergency. Such a device, rather it produces a stream of hot air, which causes the animal a lot of stress.

Cat haircut machine in the barbershop for animals

How to cut your aggressive cat

  1. Enter the animal anesthesia before cutting unprofitable, with increased aggression, better to use allowed soporific drug.
  2. So the cat scratched the owner, it is necessary to cut claws. Do not worry because they will grow back in a week.
  3. At home with increased aggression four-legged friend it is advisable to use a special collar, or the cat may bite «hairdresser».

Video: grooming cats at home

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