The cat voice is gone

This is my favorite animal, nothing sweet around, because you want all ways to help the cat. However, the feeling of absolute helplessness, because a pet can’t say what it is. What to do if you notice for example that the cat lost his voice? This is facilitated by a variety of reasons, to find out which is not always possible immediately. However, skilled professional help will not hurt in any way. Why do cats/cats that happens, you will learn from the information below.

Why the cat went missing a voice: the possible causes

The reasons for a whole lot, ranging from the innocuous to serious diseases and may even result in mechanical damage of the larynx due to swallowing a foreign object. However, any symptoms have consequences, so it is important to quickly find out what the cat interferes with normal lead normal life further. To see more details of possible factors that can lead to the loss of voice from the pet. Additionally, you will learn not only how to fix them, but also about possible methods of prevention of problems with the larynx in the cat.

  • If you abuse Smoking directly in the room where is always a cat, it also affects the voice of the pet. Due to the negative impact of smoke on the vocal chords, the larynx is dry, increasing the risk of parallel or viral infectious diseases.
  • House cat, who underwent major surgery and recovered from the anesthesia, still a long time to cast the votes due to the fact that the body is very weak.

Tonsillitis, otitis media and other infectious diseases

Among the main causes of muteness at a pet – various infectious or viral diseases. Sick cat can, like people, because the viruses are airborne. One more thing – the disease as a result, the transferred colds, hypothermia on the street, etc. Read further common infectious diseases in cats:

the causes of mutism in cats

  • If you have constant drafts, especially in cold period of time, then a pet is likely to appear otitis media. During this illness the ear can become inflamed so much that you will notice how the cat lost his voice. Please, doctor, if you notice something wrong, immediately proceed to treatment.
  • Another disease that leads to loss of voice cat rhinotracheitis. It is a kind of virus that attacks the respiratory system. If the time to take up the treatment, then soon the cat will recover quickly, and the voice will come back.
  • Laryngitis (sore throat) is another disease in which there is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the whole mouth. The larynx swells, mucus accumulates in the region of the vocal cords, the cat loses the ability to cast a vote. This disease is a complication of influenza or any other harmless cold.
  • Another factor that drive the loss of voice the cat such a disease, as kalitsiviroza. This is a dangerous viral disease that affects the painful ulcers of the larynx. The dumb cat in this case is an inevitable phenomenon.

Foreign object in the throat

The most common cause of loss of voice the cat – mechanical damage to the pharynx foreign object. This may be a bone, a twig, or even a needle. At the time of injury like a foreign object there is a likelihood that you will suffer not only the larynx, but also the upper respiratory tract, esophagus. It is very important to watch what is you on the floor and what plays a cat. It is a very painful sensation that can lead not only to silence, but also other irreversible processes.

Dehydration as cause of dry mouth

Loss of voice the result of dehydration

Ensure the cat has always had free access to drinking. Let it be kept open bath if you are not home for a long period of time filled bowl with clean water. The kid must not feel thirsty because his body is subjected to dehydration faster than a human. As a result, the cat has a dry mouth, you lose the ability to not only mew, but also to move freely, the animal feels a lot of weakness.

Poisoning toxic fumes – if the cat is wheezing and nauseous

If you have a puppy – be careful with the methods of disinfection, elimination of insects and other pests. Pet through the food he eats off the floor, the poison can enter the body, which would entail not just a loss of the ability to make sounds. The cat may get acute poisoning, which will cause wheezing, vomiting and possible death. It is also desirable to walk in contaminated areas.

The same applies to the toxic fumes of paints, which you can use in the room. Even usual hair, a pair of which accidentally hit the cat in the respiratory tract, may cause poisoning, the dog will begin to cough. In such cases it is better to transport the pet to a veterinary clinic, where he will provide expert assistance. But until you get there, try to poison the cat with plenty of water.


Such a dangerous disease such as rabies, can also cause the cat lost his voice. This viral illness is dangerous not only for animals but also for the owner of the cat, because it affects the nervous system. The person should remember that a pet could become ill even long before the first symptoms of rabies. It is fraught with contamination and the owner (through saliva, for example), and his children.

Tale of the cat

You should carefully monitor your pet and be responsible for their own health too. This is an extremely serious case in which it is important to mobilize all forces and to eliminate any contact with the animal. Please read on with the signs of rabies in order to avoid irreversible consequences.

  • The animal becomes inadequate, aggressive.
  • Cat behaves sluggish, all movements become inhibited.
  • The animal can for a long time (over several days) to completely refuse to eat, no appetite.
  • In more advanced stages of the disease appear paralysis.
  • The sudden death of a cat.

What if the cat is gone the voice: treatment options

If you notice that a pet is a bit sluggish, not shown on eyes, not eating, watch them more carefully. Try to inspect the cat, lightly touch the neck, you may be able to figure out why he never makes a sound. The obvious solution is to immediately consult the vet. However, there are cases when access to a doctor is limited (night or you live far from the nearest veterinary clinic), then you should provide first aid cat and to be treated at home, and in the morning to drive to the hospital.

Appeal to the vet

Look around the cat vet

If you realize that can not treat the animal at home, then immediately contact your veterinarian. An experienced specialist immediately to find out exactly what is happening with your cat, will reveal the reasons that caused this condition, prescribe the appropriate treatment. Listen carefully to all recommendations of the doctor to give the correct assistance needed for your pet at home after rehabilitation. How you can help the doctor when you consult him with the problem of the animal:

  • If there is mechanical damage to the larynx, the doctor will remove the foreign object and process of affected tissues. At home you will need to provide the animal appropriate rest and care. You may have to treat the wound intended means – all depends on the severity of the damage.
  • In the case of infectious or respiratory diseases need treatment, which can sometimes be the injections. You’re unlikely to be able to take their cat, so the first time will have to regularly visit the veterinary clinic for the necessary procedures.
  • Maybe the vet will just prescribe some medicines to treat them, you need a cat at home.

Inspection and treatment at home

At first, you will be able to provide urgent first aid to the cat themselves, noticing that there is something wrong with the larynx. In different cases, this assistance can provide healing properties, and maybe just in time to free the animal from pain. It all depends on the reasons that, when led to the loss of voice the cat. In any case, don’t be afraid to help a cat or cat while you get to the veterinary clinic, take the following actions independently:

How to treat the cat at home

  • In case of contact with a foreign body in the throat of the animal do not attempt to remove it yourself in order not to worsen the victim’s condition. Just try to take maximum measures to immobilize the head along with the jaw while you will get to the vet. So the cat will be less pain.
  • If you notice swelling in the throat from puss and redness – is a clear symptom of angina. Until such time as you deliver an animal to the vet, give him any antihistamine medicines in the mini-dose (pediatric dosage).
  • If the house is repair and the cat could be poisoned vapors of paint products, move to fresh air animal. Give him to drink, better than milk, not water. Immediately take to a veterinary clinic to the child’s condition has not deteriorated. Do not forget to specify the cause of the poisoning, this will help the doctor to navigate.
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