A cat is carrying kittens

The owners of furry beauties should know what is the duration of gestation in cats, how it should proceed, to monitor the condition of the expectant mother and baby. Some breeds of different features in the birth of the offspring: it’s British, lop-eared, the Scotch and others. How should be the process?

Pregnancy in cats

Normally the pregnancy has a time limit. A cat is carrying kittens? Genera occur 65 to 70 days of pregnancy, depending on the number of kids, age of the expectant mother and features of pregnancy. Puberty occurs at the age of 6-9 months, when first observed estrus and the animal is physiologically ready to conceive, to bear. At this age pupils are still very young to bear normal offspring, so the owner need to make sure not «just happen» to an unplanned pregnancy.

Early childbirth is dangerous because the offspring may be born defective, weak. Better if the owners expect the second, third heat, when the body is more Mature and strong. If this process is regular, lasts about a week, the pet owners can rest assured that the health of the animal is good. The best time darling it’s time to give birth is at the age of 1.5-2 years. Forcibly the student of the inappropriate pairing, if the male she didn’t like the process useless.

To be sure that the pet is ready to leave, you need to conduct a survey at the vet. Try to do more tests and make sure that the animal is completely healthy, in order to bear offspring. Make the hair flea (collar, special drops), spend a treatment or preventive measure against worms, various infections.

Pregnant cat

How to determine the duration of pregnancy in cats

A cat is carrying kittens, have seen – little more than two months. But how to determine what a pupil in an interesting position? Signs of the appearance of future offspring for how many cats go pregnant at different stages:

  • habitual behavior begins to change, the animal may get nervous when it take on hands or stroking;
  • the first week of nature that the animal activity decreases, she loves to relax, it ceases to be playful;
  • the toxicity of the animal is not a joke, in the morning the mother may be sick, vomiting in the morning. This process lasts for several days, then comes the time except to eat and sleep with a long duration;
  • three weeks after conception, starts changing size, colour of nipples in deep pink;
  • it is clearly seen that your favorite is in the position at the end of the second month (6 week);
  • 7 week putting a hand to her tummy you can feel the stirring of young;
  • for a day or two before labor pupil gets very nervous, starts to fuss, look for a place where she will give birth to kittens.

Cat during pregnancy

How long does pregnancy in cats

Human pregnancy is divided into trimesters, where each period is characterized by the features of the development of the baby. In these animals the whole cycle is divided into 5 stages:

  1. Proceeds 25 days. The formation of embryos kittens just starting, size by the twentieth day they’re the size of a small nut. Seasoned vet on the 20th day already can attest to interesting pupils. The mother becomes gentle, trying to be around the person all the time. Nipples begin to pink and intensely increase.
  2. Starts with a 30-31 day knit. The expectant mother eats more and relaxes, intensively developing embryos. The first two stages are very important, the diet should be full of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Comes on the sixth week, when there is already a noticeable position for the saggy belly. The fetus is already completely formed and the uterus is lowered. Pregnant becomes very calm.
  4. A very difficult period from 40 to 50 a day. Kids grow fur, start the work of all internal systems. For cats characterized by loss of appetite.
  5. The last step, when in the stomach it is felt that the furry kids began to stir, and the expectant mother becomes anxious, fussy, looking for a place where she will give birth.

Cat with kittens

The duration of pregnancy in different breeds of cats

Features of bearing may depend on the breed:

  1. Female British breed carrying the kittens in 65 days, this period they held very still.
  2. Birth in Scottish pet comes from an average of 58 to 71 days. The longer the fur of an animal Scottish or British breed, the more interesting ongoing position (70 days). The Scottish fold needs good, a lot to eat. If the cat eats dry food, choose the version for animals in the situation or for kids.
  3. The Siamese breed is characterized by a great number of offspring, so may need your assistance during birth and subsequent feeding to protect the life of mothers and children. Females of this breed are carrying kittens from 55 to 65 days.
  4. Sphinxes are born weak but intense feeding kids correct the situation.

Pregnancy cats number of kittens

How many cats are kittens, depending on their number? If two more babies, birth comes to 55-60 a day. If you plan the birth of 1 baby then bear children pet have longer. The most affected Siamese breed, because they are prolific and give one time from 7 to 13 children. Load this number of children and affects the body of your pet.

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