Yota how to activate SIM card

In order to use the services of cellular communication and the Internet, you must purchase a sim card Yota and activate it. SIM card Yota is the use of voice, Internet anywhere where there is network coverage. SIM cards are available all commonly used sizes – mini, micro and nano. Determine the appropriate type of SIM card you will be able to technical characteristics of the device or by contacting the adviser of salon of cellular communication. Use a SIM-card Yota may in cell phones and smartphones, tablets, and modems.

Instruction of connection and activation of the SIM card Yota

The new operator Yota has already gained its fans because of the convenience of the program of tariffs and payment methods. For some customers it will be unusual that will produce several types of SIM cards Yota. With the help of a consultant shop where you buy the card, or independently by means of instructions contained in the booklet, connect and activate a new card.

  • Insert the card into the device

Buying a SIM card Yota, paste it into the appropriate connector on your device (before buying it is desirable to clarify what type of cards used for your device). After installing the card turn on the gadget.

  • Enable data transmission

After loading the device, if it has not been done before in the settings you need to enable data connection, and then automatically will authorization network (on the screen of the gadget is displayed with the name of the operator) and will be sent to settings.

  • Run Yota

For further operations need to run a previously installed application Yota.

  • Select the appropriate rate

In the application, you need to choose the parameters of speed of access on the basis of which the tariff is formed.

  • Configure the Internet and MMS

After selecting a tariff plan settings come automatically MMS that match your device.

Map coverage Yota

How to create access point APN (internet.yota) in manual mode

If for some reason the authorization was not held and the installation didn’t come, then you need to attempt to create the access point (APN. SIM card of new operator have the distinctive feature of the other: for every device (phone, modem, tablet) sold separate a certain card designed for just one gadget.

On the phone

The phone is equipped with Android operating system you need to go to «Settings», then «More», after select «Mobile networks» then «access Point (APN» and «Create/edit access point». In the «Name» field need to write «Yota», «APN address is internet.yota. After saving the changed settings should be the authorization network, and it will have the name of the operator at the top of the screen.

For Android running mobile versions of Windows XP SP3 need to go: «Settings – access Point – Add new access point». On the field «APN-address registers «internet.yota». After saving the settings, you need to wait some time needed for authorization network. After a successful login, the screen displays the name of the cellular operator’s network (displays signal strength of the network, the so-called antenna).

On the tablet

When you plan to use Iota for data transmission, surfing the Internet, watching videos, etc. as a device for the above actions, it is more convenient to use the tablet. These gadgets running operating systems Android and Windows Phone operation setting up your own access points occur in the same way for phones. Don’t forget to install the application Yota for settings for your suitable balance between access speed and cost.

On devices with operating system iOS

If you prefer to use gadgets from Apple, and use the operating system Mac OS, the setup is similar to already presented. Installing the card in the device, turn it on: after power on, should be automatically authorized network. If not, then you need to go to the menu «Settings» menu, choose «Cellular» and then «Cellular data». Tab APN prescribed for the field APN – internet.yota. The other fields are not filled. With the saved settings, the authorization becomes active.

The computer

To activate on the computer the SIM card in the modem, you must connect the modem to the USB port. Linux operating system will automatically detect the device and install a more suitable driver (they are stored on the wearable device, an installation disk is not needed). Then you will be automatically registered in the network. At the end of the installation, you can use any of browsers to visit an arbitrary website that automatically redirects to the first website page of the create new account Yota.

After simple with tips registration profile in the website you will receive access to personal account, where you can change your username, password, set the settings for the following tariff plans: to choose a more appropriate speed on the Internet. Another advantage of this method is the possibility to change the subscription at any time. The use of routers will make the connection of multiple users.

Activation SIM card yota on the computer

How to contact technical support of mobile operator Yota

In the case where automatic registration in the network has not occurred, and the above methods did not bring the expected effect, you should contact the technical support. To communicate with experts there are several ways:

  1. Call the hotline by phone 8-800-550-00-07 (for callers free call).
  2. Ask your question in the online chat on the official website of the operator.
  3. Personally visit the office of the operator (or partner). Address of the nearest branch you can see on the map posted on the official website. During the visit you need to take the SIM card and the passport.

Video: how to connect and activate the SIM card Yota

Detailed instructional video will help with tips on how to activate a SIM card Yota phone Android OS, where the stages and details about each step that must be performed by the customer, after purchasing the card of the new operator. After the evaluation of the user for different types of connection in automatic mode or manually, you can easily activate the SIM card Yota purchased for a certain type of gadgets. If you have any additional questions, please contact the official website, will answer all your questions.

Activation of SIM cards Yota and how to set up Internet on a smartphone

How to activate SIM card on the IPhone without the app

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