Why did the man ignores the woman he likes

In the relations between men and women are not all proceeds smoothly, and some couples without conflict is difficult to manage. First, the breaking-in period, then the confrontation of the sexes, and each time there are «compelling» reasons for the scandal. If the guy was offended and ignores his lover is a dangerous sign, because the relationship can just end.

Can a man to love and ignore

Very often, when you like a girl, the guy is in no hurry to new serious relationship, holds to freedom of the imaginary. Some representatives of the stronger sex is to ignore the object of his desire. For her reason, for a long time can remain a mystery. What is it: dislike of, fear to changes, strong offense, a responsibility to the other relations, the confrontation between the sexes? It’s time to deal. So:

  1. Angry. Woman, it is important to quickly understand where I went wrong, and make all possible attempts for an early truce. Otherwise, the gap in the relationship can only grow to global dimensions, the idyll is disturbed.
  2. Offended. Complicated situation, because in this case we are talking about adverse male pride. If the woman denies his fault, and doesn’t want to apologize, maybe the guy will choose loneliness or other serious relationship, Hobbies.
  3. Disappointed. The global question, as to regain faith in women and his sincere attitude can not each of the fairer sex. Case «smells» a quick parting.

A man and a woman

  1. Afraid. Often it is the fear of another novel or unfinished past relationships, which do not allow to enjoy the new feeling of love. He may need a long period to understand themselves, their own emotions. She can only wait.
  2. Married. Such a person shows all kinds of interest in any girl, but especially off to the side with a sense of reciprocity. It’s not fear, and cunning tactics of conquering a girl’s heart. It is better to avoid such inveterate womanizer looking for love.
  3. Not sure of himself. Guys rarely like me, while offended by the whole world, don’t believe in yourself and your chances to like, be interested in a pretty girl. It’s hard to start new relationship, as he believes that she is insincere, plays, laughs. Do not look for hidden subtext in a new relationship.
  4. He did not know what he wants. Such demonstrative behavior characterizes insecure man that has not set priorities for themselves. He shows interest and starts a conversation but feeling reciprocity, avoids his new friend.

Man and woman back to each other

Why is the man afraid of woman

My husband’s behavior is difficult to predict, even harder to predict. First, the guy himself is interested in the new novel, but suddenly changes behavior and begins to ignore any lady. It is foolish to be afraid of such radical change: most likely, the memory is still fresh details of the unsuccessful feelings, and faith in the girls absent. It is difficult to understand what the problem is, but acutely aware of the presence of such, can’t fight. A woman needs to be patient and to prove the sincerity of his feelings. Would need a long period of time to get rid of internal uncertainty.

Why the guy ignores the girl intentionally

Wondering why the man ignores the woman he likes, it is important to observe his behavior. If it is demonstrative «ignore», it clearly plays on women’s emotions. About a serious relationship is out of the question maybe that’s why it is very important not to fall into the trap of «Narcissus.» It is recommended to maintain a conspicuous silence, to avoid contact, and have to hold out for a long period, until the guy will figure out who likes who.

For some men this is a tactical move to attract attention, like. Here the main thing – do not overdo it with surface silence, otherwise the girl will soon find a new object of desire, switch to the other guy, I will Express sympathy. There are no such ladies, who like this treatment – indifference.

A guy and a girl sitting on the bench

The man was offended and silent

In the new novel importantly sincere communication. If you do not know why the man ignores the woman he likes, it’s time to talk. Perhaps it’s a classic psychological trick, but also do not exclude the presence of internal grievances. You shouldn’t avoid a conversation, otherwise the problem will only get worse. The first thing you need to know why the man ignores the woman he loves.

Representatives of the stronger sex by nature, do not have increased susceptibility. This means that the girl managed to touch a nerve, hurts your own words and perfect actions. If a man is wronged and ignores the woman, sure step toward peace will be conciliatory message from the perpetrator happens. Then have to admit they were wrong, women’s emotionality without reason. It is important to learn to understand each other.

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