When the child begins to sit

The first six months the child sees the world only from the prone position. During this time the child has already learned to know the mother, firmly grip the head, touching the toy. These skills are very important for its further development. Closer to six months the baby will want to change the position of his body on the vertical and learn to sit independently.

At what age a child begins to sit

Little children sit

When children begin to sit? It is considered that in 6 months the kid should do it yourself, and only then starting to crawl, but any qualified doctor will tell you that this is not so, and formation of every child is solely individually. Now children develop very quickly and there are babies who sit before six months old, and this is the norm. To help sit baby, if he did not, need, starting with six months, but not earlier, and should not rush the event, because it can hurt the baby.

When the child can be put

The spine and back muscles should get stronger by the time when the child begins to sit. If not, then interfering with the natural structure of the spine that leads to tragic consequences in the future when the baby grows up. Can cause health problems not only back, but also with internal organs, because everyone knows that the spine is the Foundation of our body. For kids in the first half of it is useful to make a variety of massages, gymnastics for babies, which helps to strengthen the back.


Girl sitting

Many people ask the question, in how many months can you put the girls? There is an opinion that children should not to sit down very early on and this will confirm any pediatrician. And this is due to the fact that girls most of the load is not only the backbone but also the pelvic organs, which usually leads to an incorrect formation, and further to various diseases and even infertility. When the child is ready to sit down, and it is about 6-8 months, then begin to reach for the sides of the bed, demanding support, or lies on her side, leaning on the handle to keep the balance.


How many months can you put the boys? As with the girls, do not really hurry to do it. Even if you are a baby surrounded by pillows on all sides, the load on the spine will still be large and undeveloped chest to prevent the child to breathe correctly. Should wait for the moment when the child himself wants to make the first attempt and reach for your toes, or when the child begins to sit by himself. This happens after 6 months, some of it is happening closer to 8-9 months. It is believed that the baby is larger, the later he tries to sit down.

What are the dangers of premature sitting

Lad sidit

Pediatricians say that before 6 months the child’s body is not ready to independently sit. Very weak back muscles, the fragile child’s spine can lead to incorrect formation, not only of posture, but also the internal organs of the body. Immediately it is possible not to pay attention, because the baby will look healthy, but problems can manifest themselves in the school and teenage years. Only when the child himself starts to sit, doctors recommend planting babies in strollers, high chairs or strollers in a sitting position and only for a short time.

How to teach a baby to sit independently

Well, when a child begins to sit, but if this does not happen in 6 months, parents may be bathing your baby in an adult tub filled to the brim with water, with the circle on the neck or the swimming pool. In water the child is actively talking legs, arms, thereby training muscles of the whole body, developing physical ability. How to teach baby to sit? First we need to strengthen the muscles from a baby through massage and special gymnastics. It is worth remembering that all sorts of classes and exercises is best done in a playful way, when the baby is calm.

Exercises for kid’s learning

Mother doing exercises with a baby

It is worth remembering that each exercise should be done no more than 5 times, and if you see that the child is not very comfortable, it is better to refuse it or postpone classes to a different time. Never attempt to charge, if the baby is unwell, upset or sleepy. The baby should not feel forced to do it, because then it will not benefit. Below are the exercises for the newborn, which will help to strengthen the muscles that the baby was able to sit:

  1. The child lies on the back. Gently take him by the feet to the legs were smooth, not bent at the knee, reach the toes towards the nose.
  2. Do the first exercise, only until the baby’s nose does not reach.
  3. For the following exercises it is necessary to give the child hold onto your forefinger. When the baby will be fine to hold, slowly lift him to sitting position, then slowly lower back. Make sure that the baby would not let you, as it can strongly strike the head or back.
  4. Classes in special the big ball for fitness will also be useful. To do this, put the baby on the ball tummy down and while holding the body just ‘ s down, up and sideways.
  5. Similar to the previous, exercise can be performed with the ball, only putting the baby on his back. In this situation it is better not to do sharp bends, and gently shake crumbs.

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