What to take with you to the hospital

The woman who will soon become a mother, should carefully prepare for the first date» with her baby. Things that will be needed in the hospital, you need to collect in advance. Time to fill the bag of the mother is very difficult, especially for those who go to the hospital for the first time. Every pregnant need to know what to bring.

A list of items to the hospital for mom and baby

Girl collects things in the hospital

A list of all necessary need to be beforehand and categorize. Under each section list take a separate bag to the hospital easier to navigate. It is best to collect two for himself. One of them pack everything for the day of birth, and the next what you will need after. The third bag in the hospital reserved for things for the baby. Can collect a fourth for release.

According to the sanitary standards of the hospital of Moscow and other cities, it is forbidden to take the bag of fabric, leather and other materials, which accumulates a lot of bacteria. Therefore, it is better to buy tight plastic bags. Essentials always lay on top. A list of things to bring to the hospital, need to start saving early in order to 36-week bags were fully ready.

What documents are needed for admission

The specific list depends on the requirements of the hospital, chosen by the parents. See a sample of the list of documents. Please note that each paper in a maternity hospital it is better to take a copy. You have 31 weeks to always carry the documents with you. You will be in the hospital if they have:

  • civil passport;
  • policy of compulsory medical insurance;
  • the card exchange;
  • contract labor (concluded with a number of medical institutions);
  • birth certificate;
  • documents wife: copy of passport, date of last chest x-ray and tests (if scheduled delivery partnership).

Necessary things to the hospital for mom

She carries things in the hospital

This includes clothing, personal hygiene items. Better take along everything that might be useful, even if some things give out in the hospital, many nicer and quieter to use their. Don’t forget money for unplanned expenses, including small. Definitely take your mobile and charging. If you are using a tablet, don’t forget about the network adaptor and for him.

Things that will be needed for delivery

Remember, what to take with you to the hospital:

  • rubber Slippers (they should be easy to wash);
  • nightgown or Bathrobe, easy open chest (buttoned or zipper, wraparound);
  • not less than one and a half liters of drinking water;
  • chapstick;
  • soap;
  • towel;
  • at least two pairs of socks;
  • a few disposable diapers;
  • wipes (wet and easy).

This bag need to put a minimum of clothes for a newborn:

  • the diaper;
  • vest with sliders or overalls;
  • cap.

What you will need after the birth

Woman laying things out

Some things from the previous list will also go here. What to take with you to the hospital after delivery:

  1. Clothing, if in the hospital are allowed to wear your things. You will need a house dress and a Bathrobe made of cotton, which are easy to unbutton the front. Take 5 pieces of disposable or simple cotton panties, one or two nursing bras and replacement liners for them. This list is postpartum brace if you plan to wear it. If you went to the hospital in the winter, take warm sweatpants, a few pairs of socks.
  2. Set of bed linen.
  3. Strip. Two packages of special post-partum is enough. Some women take the usual strip: night or the other with the maximum absorption. Just don’t buy the mesh top layer, soft and breathable.
  4. Items for personal care. Toothpaste, brush, roll of toilet paper, two towels (one for the face, one for body), comb, hair clips or hair bands, mirror, soap, shampoo, deodorant, cream for facial wipes.
  5. Utensils. Take from home a mug, a bowl and a spoon.
  6. Medicines. Cream for the treatment of rhagades, glyceric candles, vitamins. Be sure to take those drugs that you need to use on a regular basis. It is advisable to take an electronic thermometer. If you had a cesarean, the doctor will give a separate list of medicines and materials for decoration.
  7. The nail scissors.
  8. Leisure. Take something that will occupy my free time: tablets, magazines, books.
  9. Drinking water.

What to take to the hospital for the newborn

Clothes for newborn

The baby will need a lot of clothes and accessories. What to bring the child to the hospital:

  • diapers size zero (packaging about 28 units);
  • baby cotton swabs;
  • sterile cotton wool or disks;
  • the diaper cream and other products for baby skin care;
  • 5 cotton diapers and more disposable;
  • soft towel;
  • 4-5 vests or body (the exact number is equal to the number of days you will be in the hospital);
  • 4-5 scratchy;
  • 4-5 pairs of sliders or overalls;
  • a few hats.

What to buy to extract

On this solemn day, and mom and baby will conquer all its beauty. You already know what needs to be filled with the hospital bag. For discharge, you will need much less items. What to take to the hospital:

  1. Most likely the baby you will carry home in car. In this case, you definitely need a car seat, even if you order a taxi.
  2. If the baby was born in the summer, take a hat, bodysuit or blouse with vest, lightweight jumpsuit or a thin blanket. Dressed than the clothes, the better.
  3. For winter you will need an envelope, transformirovalsya in overalls and a warm hat. Maybe you are interested in buying full set for the discharge, which has everything you need. Released ready summer and winter sets.
  4. Prepare yourself for beautiful and comfortable clothing, e.g. dress, shoes without a heel.
  5. Cosmetics. Podcasts before discharge from the hospital, at least slightly. No makeup in the photos and videos you may seem too tired.
  6. We will remind dad to relatives or friends that have to bring flowers or other incentives for staff.

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