What to do in decree

Many young mothers on maternity leave, concerned with the question of what to do at home? A lot of free time on vacation will allow you to discover new facets of his personality. Raise the kid, modern women can find lots of additional that will help fill your spare time and even self-actualization.

What to do on maternity leave before the birth

She works at home on maternity leave

Going on vacation for two months until a new family member, mums get a lot of free time. It is worth considering that it is given to women for physical and mental rest and prepare for baby’s arrival. When the holidays, you can buy Souvenirs for friends or relatives. The decree will be plenty of time for walks and visiting friends.

What else to do on maternity leave before the baby is born? Visit the special courses, where expectant mothers are taught the behavior at the time of birth and rules for the care of babies. They are very useful, especially to young girls who are waiting for the firstborn. Regularly visit your gynecologist to monitor the development of the fetus and their own health. If you want you can visit the hospital and meet the medical staff.

Preparing for the birth of a child

Great importance for the expectant mother and create good conditions for baby is preparation. On maternity leave before the birth, you will have the opportunity. If you are among superstitious people, then I introduce you with the list of important purchases and preferences of men, which you will need during pregnancy and after childbirth. You can also involve your parents and best friends.

Walks in the fresh air

The couple in the Park

The first thing is to do in decree – take a walk. This is a very useful pastime, because pregnant it is important to move and fresh air. Chat with friends, visit friends, take a trip to the country. After the appearance of the baby walking will be difficult, because you will need to take it with you, but it is not always convenient. Heavy strollers, slings, things for baby and a special mode of the day – all it can make frequent forays out of the house.

Home improvement

What to do in the decree, until you have else in the house got a new resident? Customize your apartment to reflect changes in your life. Do arrangement of children’s room, redecorating, buying nice things in the house is very exciting. There are a large number of special sites and programs to create an interior that will help you to create an environment to suit their own preferences. If this is not an option, make graphic sketches on paper, which will discuss the evening with her husband.


What to do on maternity leave before the birth? You can start to learn foreign languages, go on courses web design or photography. There are many special benefits and video tutorials. In addition, do not forget about the literature, read classics from different countries or find a fiction book for everyone. Don’t forget to read books about pregnancy and babies.

Watching movies and TV series

What to do in your free time while you wait for the birth of a child? View your favorite movies or good TV shows. Many modern women work so much that time that they have not left, and in the decree it will be possible to enjoy a good movie. However, it is not recommended to choose the horror movies or psychological thrillers, they affect the emotional state.

Fitness classes, yoga or swimming

Pregnant girl doing yoga

Not worth it in the decree a lot of time in bed, because the physical activity of the expectant mother is important for the health of the woman and her child. Start your day with a charge that can be repeated throughout the day several times. Very beneficial for your body will have a yoga class or a swim. Don’t forget that physical activity, the birthing process will be easier. However, you should not perform exercises that cause you discomfort or pain.

Needlework and creativity

A decree is a perfect time for their Hobbies. A lot of free time will allow a young mother to find a new interesting hobby, like to do crafts. Knitting, sewing or braiding will definitely blow you away, because to create something with their hands is very nice! To learn a new craft is not difficult, and the time you will have plenty!

What to do with themselves after birth

Mother with a child in the decree

With a new baby in women, the question of what to do in your free time arises. However, after a few months the child grows up, and mom will start to think about themselves and personal time. First of all, it is necessary to rebuild health, especially shape. This issue concerns many women after having children. Even if in the gym to go do not succeed you can learn some exercises that are easy to do at home. If you want you can get a simulator and practice on it.

The decree may be for the family a difficult period financially. To help the father with money, a woman can consider remote employment. From modern women is very popular work on maternity leave. It can be work at home or online. For those who after release from the decree wants to change the profession, there remains the option with training. Perhaps a young mother decides to re-qualification courses or the development of additional occupations.

How to earn on maternity leave at home

Mom on maternity leave works at home

For women after child birth, the decree can be a difficult time, because modern ladies are not only important to have your own income, but also self-realization. If you have the desire, then a suitable alternative will be found. Many companies of Moscow are ready to take on the work of remote accountants, document specialists or advertising agents. You can also start your business: create a website, open online shop or translating for me.

Part time job on maternity leave can bring not only benefits to the budget, but also fun. For example:

  1. Continue to work at home, if you’re an accountant, a programmer or a translator. Look for the right job on the sites-the employment exchange.
  2. Crafts can also become a profitable business, after all, a knitted product or pattern beaded handmade is sold.
  3. Network marketing is another option earnings in the decree for those who are successful in sales.
  4. Lunches for offices is that the decree can engage women who are well prepared.
  5. If you have not first child and taking care of kids brings joy, you can in decree to open a small kindergarten.
  6. You can also earn by writing reviews or articles on the Internet. It needs to be able to process large amounts of information and be proficient in the Russian language.

Video example: work from home for moms in the decree

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