What protein is best for muscle gain

Hard workouts at the gym require an integrated approach, so in addition effective programs need proper diet and nutritional supplements. To increase muscle mass best choice would be protein. Beginners buy first, not understanding which types of protein cocktail better.

How to choose sports nutrition for muscle growth

Shakes for muscle gain

Muscles grow when under several conditions: proper nutrition, optimal load, proper rest. Sports nutrition for muscle growth can vary in composition, nutrient elements. Protein has several finishes:

  1. Isolate is pure protein. This powder contains high protein, low impurities, the body quickly metabolizes it. The price for this protein is the highest. Taken isolate after a workout immediately to replenish the spent energy, rebuild muscle fibers.
  2. Concentrate protein with less deep cleaning. There will be traces of carbohydrates. All dry weight and can contain 20-60%.
  3. The hydrolysate is partially fermented, purified protein. Such processing ensures the fastest possible uptake of the element in the body is in the form of peptides. To get involved in the hydrolysate is impossible, because it reduces the number of enzymes to break down normal proteins, which would complicate further processing of the latter.

What kind of protein is best for muscle gain, is determined individually based on the needs of the athlete. As a rule, the vast majority of men and women drink concentrate for a low cost. There are two kind of popular among the bodybuilders before the show, when it is necessary to increase muscle mass during drying.

What is better for muscle mass or protein to buy

Sports nutrition lot, sometimes you can get confused which is best suitable for your goals. For example, for a set of weights should I buy creatine or protein? They both help to gain weight, but the quality will differ according to their parameters. Protein but muscle, increases body fat, choose this option only has a very thin man. If the goal is to set lean muscle, you should only drink protein shakes that contain protein for muscle growth and lacks the carbohydrates to form body fat.

Which is better to buy protein

To buy protein shop

Protein is included in many products we consume every day. Enhanced muscle growth occurs due to the low concentration compared to other elements. Production of protein sports supplements are based on getting protein from food and its treatment. Protein for muscle growth can be extracted from eggs, soybean, meat, rice etc. the Quality of each of these variants differs, as a rule, use different types if you are hypersensitive to any products (eggs or soya). What protein is best for muscle gain, can be determined only by personal experienced.


It is separately necessary to stop on such sportpit as casein protein. It has a complex structure that is produced by the method of milk has been curdled and strained, for this purpose use special enzymes. This species has a complex structure, which is absorbed by the body much longer than usual. This effect can be used to obtain protein for a longer period of time. Casein protein has the following positive properties:

  • provides the body with energy for a long time;
  • during sleep provides the necessary supply of protein to avoid breakdown of muscle fibers;
  • ensures the supply of essential acids.

Casein protein

Whey protein isolate

Most valuable when you need to support lean muscle mass – isolate. It costs dearly, so use it usually before a performance or photo shoot. Contains a number of amino acids. It has a very high fission rate, provides the body with energy, restores muscle. Better to take it after a workout or in the morning when you need to fill in after a dream energy supply.


Is produced by drying and processing of proteins are eggs, the yolks are excluded. Absorbed almost 100%, great for increasing muscle mass. The disadvantages include the high cost, the specific taste that not everyone likes. In the composition are essential amino acids and, generally, 17% of the mixture falls on BCAAs. Sometimes the composition of egg protein leave yolks, which are not useful for the athlete. Search for the title of the word «Albumin», it will point to their absence.

Soy protein

This option may be advisable for people with high cholesterol in the blood. This protein is also called «slimming». Opting soy kind to do to people who have lactose intolerance or supporters of the vegetarian diet. In some cases, due to his admission had problems with the gastrointestinal tract, so when using soy protein carefully study the dosage.


Another form of protein for vegetarians, it turns out a method of processing brown rice, separation of carbohydrates, fiber. The protein content in the powder is 90%, the absorption rate is above average. No advantage in relation to other types of protein, so its purchase can be justified only personal preference.

How to take protein for muscle gain

A girl drinks protein for muscle gain

Protein powder is not the only source of protein, because a certain amount comes with the usual food. Many athletes necessary to calculate the required daily intake of protein in the following way:

  • for girls – 1-1. 5 g per kg weight;
  • for guys – 2 g per kg of body weight.

You need to find out how much protein comes along with the food and insufficient quantity to be split into two reception cocktail. The mixture is best diluted in juice, milk or plain water, but never use boiling water. It protein just roll up and turn into a useless mass. The first portion is better to drink in the morning and the second before or after a workout. When there are no classes, drink a cocktail before dinner. If desired, you can split the daily dose into 3-5 receptions, but never take in all at once.

Periods of protein intake to gain muscle mass during drying should not be combined with the basic diet. Cocktails to drink instead of meals, for example, replace the usual dinner or snacking between meals. So you don’t reduce the amount of incoming protein on a background of overall reduction of caloric intake. Contraindications to such a diet has kidney disease, liver.

The rating proteins

Protein Isolate

On the shelves you can meet Russian, American, German options. What is better to choose? Often the cost depends on the knowledge of the company, the brand recognition for which you should not pay. Every athlete has his personal TOP what brand of protein is best for muscle growth. Based on the findings, we can advise:

  1. Platinum Isolate Supreme SAN. Processed to peptides quickly and easily digested, dissolves easily, not break lumps.
  2. Allmax ISOFLEX. Protein Supplement is quickly absorbed, easily tolerated by the body. The protein content is 90%, based on milk serum, belongs to the class of isolates. Well suited for those who are on a diet.
  3. Zero Carb Protein VPX. Protein powder, which in addition to the high protein content has the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone muscle.
  4. 100% Whey Gold Standard – the most popular kind of protein from Optimum nutrition. Has best relation price–quality, the composition has isolates, concentrates.

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Andrew, 27 years:not Yet started taking multicomponent protein, very long hovered at the same weight. The results stood on one indicator. Tried to get the right amount of protein with food, but to consume that amount of food just was not able. I use the Whey protein from.

Elena, 26 years old:Always thought that protein for girls is harmful and this kind of «chemistry». When I read about its production, I realized that the fears were unfounded. I bought a jar and drink 2 times a day. Scored for a month 2 pounds of muscle, but the fat layer become smaller, the body began to look more «appetizing».

Cristina, 20 years:Girls, use protein drinks carefully. Remember that without the intense training, the protein won’t digest correctly, can cause kidney problems or even obesity. The desired result will only be a 3 one visit to the gym or fitness. What protein is best for muscle gain, tell the coach.

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