UPS for computer

Each modern house has a personal computer, which requires electricity. Network frequent power surges or sudden blackouts. Such cases can result in damage to equipment or loss of data, but this can be avoided if you use UPS for your computer.

What is an uninterruptible power supply for computer

Uninterruptible power supply for computer

The working principle of the UPS is based on the use of relays and Autonomous power supply. They ensure reliable operation of your PC when you connect to the network. The device accumulates energy, and when you turn off the light UPS for a computer includes an emergency unit and shifts the whole chain on him. The time a UPS will be enough to save data and PC safe shutdown. UPS acts as a stabilizer, smoothing out power surges to protect the equipment from breakage and need to buy new items.

What would be the uninterruptible power supply unit

Manufacturers produce several varieties bespereboynik for computers that differ in their capacity and functionality. This is done to clear segmentation of the product cost and the needs of customers. There are three main types of modern UPS:

  • interactive UPS;
  • standby UPS switch;
  • industrial online UPS.

Interactive uninterruptible power supply

Such a battery backup for your computer is in the medium price zone. Used in home and office local networks. Stabilization of the AC voltage through autotransformers will take place gradually. They have more range than standby UPS. Line –interactive UPS can withstand large input voltage and switching to batteries is not necessary. The disadvantages include a higher cost.

Uninterruptible power supply


Backup a UPS or switching. The most popular type amongst home PC users. These models have a simple feature set, small dimensions, low cost. The disadvantages include the fact that they are able to stabilize the voltage only for small drops, as the battery does not last more than 7 minutes. If you have any issues with the power supply, the UPS starts beeping and transfer to PC powered by rechargeable batteries.

Online UPS for computer

For large networks used in industrial options bespereboynik, which are used on a large scale – On-Line UPS. Such models have modern technology dual voltage conversion, providing a maximum level of protection. For personal computers this option would be too cumbersome and expensive, it is used to maintain the health of servers, workstations, requires high network quality.

How to choose a UPS for your computer

UPS for computer

Before connecting the UPS to the computer, you should figure out which model to buy. For UPS selection, there are certain parameters and criteria that it must meet. The main features include:

  • output power;
  • cost;
  • Google;
  • dimensions.

In most cases, regular users buy the UPS for the opportunity to safely shut down the computer and save all data. Protection from power surges and is now missing in the parts of the PC, and some even has a special relay on the meter. Not to say that some specific models should be preferred because for the same characteristics, they are in the same price segment.

UPS for computer

Purchase it is better to make in the shop where give a guarantee on the device for at least a year. This duration associated with the service life of the battery, which generates half the cost of just a battery backup for your computer. Before purchasing a UPS, you should calculate how much power your system requires to maintain health. After that you can look at the review on the device with the appropriate parameters online. An example of the selection of UPS for your home computer:

  1. For example, the total power PC is 440 watts, which includes a system unit and monitor. Minimum UPS capacity is equal to 630 VA (volt-amps).
  2. Manufacturers recommend to take model with a margin of 20%, for the possibility of increasing the load during upgrade components, so the right option 800ВА.
  3. Keep in mind that VA does not equal watts. To get watts, you need to multiply VA by 0.6. It turns out that VA is equal to 880 480 watts that are needed for your computer.
  4. In some cases, the device immediately indicates the power in watts, we can only purchase the option stock by 20-30%.

UPS for computer

UPS for computer price manufacturers

Find quality UPS in supermarkets of household appliances, specialized computer stores or on Internet sites. It is not recommended to use this technique on natural markets. Today, digital technology for home users recommend the following manufacturers:

  1. Ippon. Model 800 VA is from 5 600 to 7000 p 1000 VA from 11000 to 12000 g.
  2. APC. Model 700 VA offer from 3000 to 9000 R. Options 1100 VA 8000 to 10,000 B.
  3. Powercom. For options on 1100 VA please from 8500 to 12000 g. the Model 800 VA from 3000 to 5000 n

You may notice that the pricing for the same power in almost all top firms is the same. If the choice is to rely on the existence of guarantees, the size and the design of the device is not distracting from the overall picture of your interior. If you notice the price is much lower than that offered by other shops, so either UPS has already been used, or its quality can not be guaranteed.

Video: how to choose the right UPS for your home


Oleg, 26 years:My first UPS was bought in 2000, when the light was turned off every few hours. The decision came after the burned video card. I am now back to this unit because all my work is on the computer and, if you do not have time to save documents, you will have to redo a lot of work. I use APC UPS.

Anton, 22 years:At work, always something to repair the building, and the computer often restarts. It’s not so bad for PC, but for my work, so purchased for myself in the office UPS 900 watts, turning off the lights any more are not afraid. Seller recommended Powercom, yet all happy.

Eugene, 40 years: there was a period when constantly switched off the light, close to home was a construction site. After the next turn on the computer made a strange sound, and no longer involved. It turned out that burned down the power unit and the motherboard. After this incident, bought UPS Ippon to protect your PC. The costs are much lower than buying a new PSU and motherboard.

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