The tracks on the dacha with his hands

Who does not want the country to equip the area? Imagine a well-groomed paths, create comfort and harmony. You don’t have to walk on the paths, making his way deeper into the suburban area. From the outside it looks aesthetically pleasing and noble. The vacationers is not necessary to spend money on it. You need can be found under the hand and show imagination, to create beauty.

Garden paths with his hands and at low cost

The path to the pond

To create in the country a beautiful winding alleys, not necessarily to spend a lot of effort on the design. You can do without a landscape designer without spending the money to develop the project. Such a specialist would greatly facilitate your life. However, if you have free time to build, to construct trails in the country just. Should show imagination. Importantly, paths on the site be interesting and decorative.

From what we can make tracks in the country

Thanks to a breakthrough in the construction industry, equip the Hacienda is no longer difficult. Vacationers can plunge into the boundless range of materials that would reflect their style of area:

  1. The tree allows you to create a harmonious duet of nature and buildings. Covering the tracks to give a varnish, you will get the beauty and durability of the boards.
  2. Natural stone. Is the most durable material. Providing a solid panorama, he casts aside doubts about what to do track in the country. However, it is worth the pleasure is not cheap.
  3. Pavers – beautiful design tracks. You can not just pave the path with their hands, but also draw a diagram with a unique mosaic.
  4. Gravel. Who is puzzled by the question of how to make a garden path with your own hands, will get a decent answer. It is economical and practical material. The gravel was more impressed with the wild, it is appropriate to use near the beds in the SPA area.
  5. Brick. In harmony with most of the buildings. Only for durability use special paving. Brick tracks in the country with their hands will be well to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  6. Concrete. Ideal material for weed control. The specialty store sells cheap all sizes. You can make the country a decorative walkway with their hands out squares, triangles and other shapes.
  7. Plastic. Convenient and affordable option for people who value their time. In the plastic durable service life. The material has a rough surface, which prevents people from falling in the country.

How to make garden paths with his hands

Country garden path

Decorating paths is an important and crucial moment. Best of all the device paths in the country to design in advance. This is necessary to ensure that the flooring connected key objects: house, bath, garden, summer kitchen, garden, pool. If you have a small cottage, then put the tube from the winding narrow lanes of small width passing through the beds.

Living in an area with high humidity, where from time to time it rains, it is important to calculate that the drainage system has protected the trail from stagnant water. Small holes along the edges of the border will not only keep your works, but also to direct precipitation in the right direction. The same applies to the arrangement of tracks at the cottage near vegetation. The roots of trees can break the limestone and spoil the whole picture. Styling depends on the type of material.


The tracks in the country to lay their hands is not very difficult. With this handle even a woman! The main thing – to master the technique and be ahead of the game:

  1. Indicated by means of wooden pegs and rope border of the track.
  2. Pulls smooth a ditch depth of about 5-10 cm.
  3. To track over time, not usela, be sure to do the flooring of flat stones.
  4. Lay out the roofing felt for waterproofing.
  5. Formwork is an important device for concrete walkways. From of the flooring depends on the shape and structure of the surface of the trail. Lay out the formwork immediately after the roofing material.
  6. Do the concrete pouring area of the track. Level it with special spade (Masterok, kelma). Better to pave the track at the cottage with their hands in small pieces that the surface is smooth.
  7. After a couple of hours you can do the decorations of the platform. After 2-3 days, the concrete the track is ready.


Creating a plastic track in the country with your own hands, you must decide on the material. It is worth to buy ready-made modules in the store. They are on the back side is provided with special teeth, which is good interlock with the soil. For plastic tracks you will need:

  1. Dig under the scheme of the trench at least 5 cm.
  2. Set on the edge of the formwork, backfill the hole with drainage material.
  3. Making the soil layer of the track should be well compacted.
  4. After applying the sand, you need to level it assistant tool.
  5. In the end, checking with a level to mount the plastic.

Wooden walkway in the country


How to make tracks in the country? But somehow, if you have the wood! The plot will sparkle in a new light, if you order a stump of wood of different diameter and thickness. So the track lasts longer, you need to adhere to certain rules of installation:

  1. Do the right clean cut.
  2. Will chalk down the track, and then remove a small layer of soil.
  3. The bottom groove is filled with a thin layer of sand (5 cm).
  4. Compacted layer is coated by a saw cut using a level.
  5. Asleep slit. Suitable sand or earth.


Paving the path requires more attention than wood or plastic. Adhering to clear instructions, you can transform the terrain in the country in two accounts:

  1. Tearing a trench to a depth of 10-30 cm, considering the area under curbs and drain.
  2. Evenly spread the soil drainage for the track.
  3. Fill the surface with a mixture of cement and sand (1:5), utaplivaet her.
  4. Make a four-centimeter cement-sand mound and gently level it without compacting.
  5. Once the tiles are in the right place with light taps of a hammer, stamps the flooring track.
  6. The slits between the platforms covered with sand, and sweep away excess with brush.

From rubble

The variant track from rubble

A stone version of the track has a number of advantages. This is a cheap way to create a vast network of trails at the cottage with his own hands. It looks very natural and beautiful. However, you have to create a track with curbs so the gravel was not spread. In such places it is possible to transport heavy loads via a low threshold of durability of the flooring. To craft you will need:

  1. To dig a small trench to a depth of about 20 cm.
  2. To expose the edges of the curb.
  3. Tamping and leveling the bottom.
  4. To fill a layer 15 cm coarse fraction of gravel mixed with clay.
  5. Cover track small stones 3-5 cm and sealed.


This stone can put a variety of mosaic with his own hands. Material durable and nice to walk around. If you have additional funds, you can purchase ready-made patterns and just pave their path. This will save you time and allow you to hide the roughness of the landscape. In conclusion, we can distinguish several stages:

  1. To dig a ditch with a depth up to 40 cm
  2. Cover the bottom with sand with a thickness of 10 cm.
  3. The necessary layer of gravel up to 15 cm.
  4. Lay steel mesh.
  5. Pour concrete mixture of cement and sand in the ratio of 1 to 4.
  6. Wet coating build pebbles.
  7. To fill the void with mortar of cement.
  8. Let dry a couple of days, covering the film.

Of brick or stone

Track at the cottage of tiles

This material makes a durable and long lasting trail. Brick or Sandstone has excellent structure and will fit perfectly in any garden. The technology is simple:

  1. Prepare a recess under the track.
  2. Pour and tamp gravel under the base.
  3. Do the same with the sand.
  4. Put a brick in the small holes, evening the position of the rubber mallet.
  5. Pour into the voids of the sand and pour water.

Photo: self-made paths in the garden

Makeshift track in the garden

Options of tracks at the cottage

Trails in a landscaped garden are more a decoration piece for the garden than road for the transport of various vegetables and fruits. Every lover of landscape design will be able to appreciate the tracks made by your own hands. No matter what they are constructed: wood, concrete, brick, gravel or brick. It is important that they are pleasing to the eye, to create the country comfort and inspire other gardeners to comfortably equip your garden.

Video: wooden garden paths


Anastasia, 42 years: I on the site did everything with their hands. It is important for me to direct participation in the process. Along the main trails are paved, the paving is multicolored and near shower and bath pristella wood saw cut. However, the idea came to me not from the head, and from the Internet. What’s the difference? The main thing that turned out nice!

Veronica, 45 years: At the time, I got the idea of the plastic lids from under the bottles. I have collected it all! Today my dream has come true: the main Avenue that leads from the house to the garden, paved with colored mosaics. A miracle! Helped children, husband, grandparents, even neighbors! So, joint efforts ennobled suburban area.

Dmitry, 39 years: at his dacha paved slab of concrete with cracks of 5 cm to subsequently grow green grass. I have to say that you need to buy quality materials and follow all the steps, not looking ahead! A year after the installation of stoves began at the edges to crumble. When I went to the market, said that it was necessary a special cement to take to track the device.

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