The footrest on the stroller for a second child

A young mother with two small children it is hard to travel long distances. Until the youngest child during the walk is in a wheelchair, the senior is tired and requires attention. In this case, it comes to help stand for a second baby. This device saves time and effort of parents, helps you get to your destination.

What is a footrest on the stroller for a second child

Mother walking with children

Stand for a second baby is a platform on wheels, made of durable materials. Design easily attached using simple fixtures, creating additional space. Accessory installed or removed without much effort. The compact model can be put in the trunk if not in use. The fixture surface is not moving, the product is equipped with dampers, the movement on it safely and comfortably.

Universal footboard for a second child

Universal platform (for example, Bumprider, Lascal, etc) suitable to various trucks. The manufacturer of this product, as a rule, making a list of models that can be mounted accessory. Footrest for stroller universal is easy to be fixed on the frame legs or vertical with the chassis width from 31 to 54 cm Fastening device to suit oval, round, square pipes. The presence of the axle between the wheels does not matter.

Stand for a second child to the stroller particular model

The original footrests are designed by manufacturers (Bugabu, Peg-Perego, Stokke, etc.) for certain patterns that fit exclusively to them. The advantage of «native» prefix is that it is compared to the universal fixture is attached is always better and more reliable to use. The original kickstand on the stroller for a second child may be on the side, right or left of center, has a proprietary cushioning to soften the course.

What should be of high quality footrest for wheelchairs

Looks like console

In commercially available devices. When selecting the accessory should consider the following:

  • Secure mounting guarantees a long operation.
  • Good maneuverability of the wheels footrests simplifies management.
  • Comfortable non-slip platform surface safe for the baby, makes the journey comfortable.

Stand for a second child from the best manufacturers

Stand-seat for a second baby

Popular models of foot pegs from the Swedish company Lascal perfectly attach to various strollers. BuggyBoardMini – miniature kind of device is compact. The optimal height of the model KiddyBoard makes travel comfortable, best walking options. Footrest for stroller for the second child BuggyBoardMaxi has a stylish design, excellent technical characteristics. Design end mounted to the upright and easy to fold if necessary.

Israeli manufacturer of Litaf offers a convenient set-top boxes. Option Seat2Go is compatible with all pushchairs – strollers, cradles, walking sticks. Stand not only used as a footrest, but as a second seat. Platform E. Z. Step calculated on the weight of a baby up to 22 lbs. Fixture is high, does not interfere with free movement. Model Pick-Up has a couple of steps, one of which a toddler can sit, and another stand. In addition, the appliance is fitted with comfortable handles to hold.

Footrest-scooter Freerider from Mountain Buggy made in New Zealand, you’ll be a partial universality. The fixture can be mounted with three types of adapters, is not for everyone. The accessory looks like a scooter, riding it like a sports activity. Most is a built-in scooter like the boys.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The child sits on the console

The footrest on the stroller for a second child can be found in children’s products stores or ordered online. To choose among the variety of models the one that suits you best, read specifications, reviews buyers, ask the seller about the certificate of quality. The price of consoles – from 3200 rubles.

Video: stroller with step for older child


Christina, 26 years: When there was a second daughter, the eldest had a two-year-old girl, and she went very quickly, often distracted by the parties. Bought a stand Lascal used, because I didn’t know whether it will be comfortable. My daughter loved to drive it. Although maneuverability with the console is reduced, it’s still better than dragging the daughter by the hand.

Catherine, 32 years: When she was born the third girl, decided to purchase such a device. Purchased the stand BuggyBoard Maxi and for me it was a relief. Such a thing prevents to walk, but not too much. Permeability is not deteriorated. In three years of use the surface has scratches, the wheels are a little worn. This is the only thing that happened to her.

Angelica, 30 years: Stand helps out when you need somewhere quick to walk. This stand climbs easily up onto the curb and carefully jumps down. The mud goes well. Only manage heavier to handle and it’s awkward for me to reach (I have short stature). But in the essential thing. I like this arrangement.

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