The fattest man in the world

Obesity is not a few extra pounds, but deadly condition that may at any time allow the fat person to death. But the problem of this disease is not confined to modern humans, the archaeological survey of India indicate that fat people existed in the stone age, and that 30-50 thousand years BC. Let’s talk about the fat people of the world who were officially registered.

What is the weight of the fattest man on the planet

Most fat people of the world gain weight because of a sedentary lifestyle, insatiable in appetite and multiple stresses. It was always considered that the most obese citizens of the United States of America, but a few years ago in the first place by the number of fatties out Mexico. According to the UN, thick Mexicans take 70% of the total population of the country.

But if to speak about the record for obesity, Americans are still ahead of the rest. So, according to unofficial data, the U.S. citizen Carol Yeager were the fattest man in the world. His maximum weight reached up to 727 kg, although was not officially confirmed. As for was the thickest person in the world, the American John Minnoch, which weighed 630 kg. his Name inscribed in the Guinness Book of records.

Top 10 most fat people in history

The problem of fat people is occurring in all countries of the world. But the most prone to obesity in developed countries, where the lifestyle is «sedentary», and available products is very high in energy. In addition, the fat person is constantly gaining weight, it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the kidneys, liver, occurrence of diabetes, cancer of digestive organs and other diseases. Here are the stories of the thickest people in the world.

Carol Yeager

Carol Yeager – the fattest woman on the planet

According to Wikipedia, the thick American Carol Yeager was born 26 January 1960, and since childhood suffered from eating disorder. Starting torque for obesity, according to the Carol, became sexual aggression in her family. As a young girl, Yeager could not walk and stand, as the muscles could not withstand such weight. Fat girl was in the hospital 2 times a year, and each hospitalization took place with the participation of firefighters. In everyday life, Carol served come nurses, her family and friends.

The fat American tried several times to treat nutritionists, but it never led to positive results. Yeager suffered from immunodeficiency, various infections of the skin and permanent edema. In 1993, the fat American was hospitalized, and she was prescribed a daily diet of 1200 calories, which is a girl alone lost 236 lbs. However, after discharge lost weight again were recruited. The fattest woman in the world died in 1994 (34 years old) of kidney failure.

John Brauer Minnoch

The heaviest man in the world – John Minnoch

One fat man was born in USA on 29 September 1941 John Minnoch was obese from childhood, and at age 12 already weighed 132 kg. the Fat guy constantly gaining weight, while at the age of 37 was not admitted to the hospital with respiratory and heart failure. At that time Minnoch weighed 634 lbs. For hospitalization fat guy needed help more than 10 firefighters, a special stretcher and steam for delivery to a patient in the Washington medical center.

Fat Minnoch was in the hospital for 16 months, during which he lost 419 kg, which was the highest weight loss among all men in the world. But a year fat American was again taken to the medical center during this period, John gained more than 432 kg. Doctors recognized the obesity of this person with an incurable disease and discontinued treatment fat. In September 1983, 362 kg weight (41 g.) John Brauer Minnoch died.

Manuel Uribe Garza

Uribe is one of the most fat people

Mexican citizen Manuel Uribe born June 11, 1965, weighing 2.7 kg, which is normal for the average newborn. As they grow older because of appetite more fat Manuel are constantly gaining pounds and to adulthood already weighed 121 kg. To 25 years weight young man was 184 pounds and 30 – 245. Realizing the magnitude of your problem, Uribe appealed for help to the surgeons who did the fat Mexican plastic surgery of the abdomen by removing excess fat, after which the man managed to lose 160 lbs.

However, during surgery, doctors injured Manuel lymph nodes, which subsequently caused the appearance on the thighs large tumors that have not given the already fat person to move freely. With such problems the man was bedridden for three years scored 342 kg. In 1999, the bulk of the body fat Manuel Uribe was 502 kg. But this was not a record weight of fat. In 2004, the Mexican became the fattest man in the world, and its weight amounted to 597 kg. Manuel died in may 2014(48 years old) from complications that gave obesity.

Walter Hudson

Walter Hudson the owner of the thickest waist in the world

New York the fat man Walter Hudson was born 20 July 1944 and as a child differed from peers excess weight. But a famous personality fat man was 43 years after birth, when stuck in the doorway of his house. Freed fat person 9 fire, which required to be done in the wall hole and to pull the man through a fire hydrant. At that time, Walter’s weight was 217 lbs. But Hudson was listed in the Guinness Book of records is not the heaviest man in the world, but as a fat man with a very broad waist – 3 m 02 see

Fat American almost came out of his house, and his business was connected with trade on the Internet, that allowed very quickly to gain weight. For many years Hudson was pleased with his appearance, although obesity was not getting out of bed. But one doctor was persuaded fat go on a diet, after which the man lost 90 pounds. the Death of a weightlifter in a dream in December 1991 (age 47), when he weighed 510 kg.

Michael Edelman

Michael Adelman – samiy Tosti Americanize

Another famous fat man of the world Mike Edelman was born in the United States in 1964, and began to recover in early childhood. At the age of 7 years old boy weighed 70 kg, and in 10 years have stopped going to school, because the fat kid didn’t even fit in the Desk. Michael from school to death, he spent his life lying in bed, and his family was unable to withstand the excessive appetite of a weightlifter. For example, for Breakfast this fat man ate:

  • 4 plates of porridge;
  • toast;
  • a few cakes;
  • wafer;
  • large pizza;
  • 1 liter of sparkling water.

Michael Edelman several times started a diet, but all restrictions ended the call in a pizza delivery and a piece of chocolate cake. Fat some time corresponded with one of the thickest man in the world by Walter Hudson. After his death Michael feared for his health, and almost completely refused to eat, fast losing tens of pounds. But that he helped, and in 1992 (28 years), practically starve themselves, weighing 272 kg, a fat American Edelman died.

Francis John Lang (Michael Walker)

Michael Walker, whose enormous body is a source of income

American Michael Walker was born in 1934. The young man did not have problems with obesity while serving in the army, the future fat man weighed only 68 kg. After the army, the husband began to rapidly gain weight, and uncontrolled appetite explained side effects of medications prescribed by your doctor. When the fat American could no longer get out of bed, quickly realized that this can make money.

Walker bought a mobile home and traveled across America, exposing its huge body for money. He was lying on the big bed, talking, wishing about the dangers of modern medicine. Maximum Michael weighed in the summer of 1971 (538 kg), and six months fat American was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack. After the hospital, Walker began to lose weight, and 1980, dropped 180 pounds.

Paul Mason

The fattest man in the world before and after weight loss

The fattest man in Britain Paul Mason was born in 1961, Is one of the few fat people in the world who was able to overcome his disease and become a full member of society. From earliest virginity Paul suffered uncontrolled appetite and until 2007, weighed in at 444 lbs. Stomach fat consumed up to 20,000 calories a day, but didn’t feel saturated. When extra pounds very thick British did not allow him to move, he was transferred under the care of the national Health Service.

The doctors told us that Mason has not long to live, then fate has decided to conduct a gastric bypass, resulting in a stomach shrunk to the size of chicken eggs. As a result of this surgical intervention Paul was able to lose weight, because the saturation occurs much earlier. The operation gave the fat man the world hope for a normal existence and long years of life.

Cat Martin

The heaviest man in the world – cat Martin

Another famous fat man of the world – the UK citizen Keith Martin. When the boy was 16 years old, he began to gain weight after the death of his mother. Up to 25 years, thick British had already does not fit in the clothes even the largest size, but a lot to eat didn’t stop. To 32 years Keith ordered clothing only in specialty stores, and by 2008 had ceased to climb the stairs of his house and settled on the ground floor.

The fattest Briton in 42 years suffered from severe asthma, arrhythmia, horrible migraines and constant pain in the joints. With a weight of 358 kg husband of 10 years never left the house, and the last 7 years did not get out of bed. Martin served 7 physicians who daily visited it. One of the thickest men in the world tried several times to kill himself, but died after pneumonia in 44 years.

Suzanne Amann

Suzanne Eman – the fattest woman in the world

The fattest woman in the world, American Susan Amann was born in 1979. But the story of her obesity started in adolescence, when the girl came across an article about fat people in the world. In that period, Suzanne worked as a model for fatties, but a little reflection, decided to break all records to achieve fame in this field. Amann calculated that to achieve the title of fattest women in the world she needs to eat every day, more than 20,000 calories, but for her appetite it was not a problem.

Although doctors warned Susan that obesity can lead to dangerous health consequences, and fat continues to gain weight, claiming that every kilo is feeling better. In the period from 20 to 30 years, Amann gained 225 pounds, and is now confidently going to his dream – to become the fattest woman in the world, not only today but at all times. Posting their photos and videos in YouTube, fatty has a big army of fans.

Jessica Leonard

Jessica Leonard is the fattest child in the world

The fattest kid in the world called the 7 year resident of Chicago Jessica Leonard. Upon reaching 7 years of age the girl weighed 222 pounds. Fat Jessica could not sit, to walk, to roll over on its side. To move a fat child helped the mother and daughter fattened to enormous size, constantly feed grilled meat, French fries, chips and other junk food.

When the news of fat girl spread through the whole America, it was decided to put the baby to the clinic where she was put on a diet and forced to exercise. After 1.5 year, Jessica lost 140 pounds, but there was still another problem – excess skin. After several operations the fattest girl in the world turned into an ordinary child, he began to attend school, to socialize with peers.

Video selection of the very thick and heavy people of the world

As can be seen, to be the fattest man in the world very difficult. All fat people suffer from a variety of illnesses and do not live long. If obesity is not caused by a constant desire to fill the stomach, and any disease, the fat person to return to a normal weight possible. But if increased appetite caused by mental disorders, the problem of obesity is difficult to remove, and to treat the patient has a very long time not only nutritionists, but also psychotherapists. Look at the video, look like the fat people in the world:

Photos of the most fat people in the world 2015

Why do people become fat? This is due, primarily, to improve the quality of life in which a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, eating poor quality food. Particularly serious was the problem of childhood obesity, which occurs for several reasons:

  1. Heredity.
  2. Psychological factors.
  3. The lack of physical activity.
  4. An improper diet.

That man was fat from childhood, parents need to monitor his diet, to limit the time of stay of the child at the computer and TV, to make him move more, more often to talk to him about emotional problems. Fat people are sick, because food is a kind of drug that destroys not only human health, but also life.

Most fat people in the world 2015

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