The chain weave how to choose

Chain of precious metal known since ancient times. Even then, they were a symbol of wealth, power and might. Currently, these ornaments, even with their high cost, is very popular among men and women.

Types of weaving chains

The kind of connection links is an important criterion for the selection of chains made of precious metal. The shape of the elements and method of weaving depends on the appearance of the product. Impact option for durability, comfort to wear. A variety of jewelry forces you to figure out the chain with some netting to choose from. Jewelry will last longer if done correctly.

There are different types of weaving gold chains and silver jewelry, among which you can select the optimal modification. Produce a lot of connection types from simple and sleek to intricate, with links special, complex configurations. Basic knitting technology circuits:

  • Bismarck;
  • anchor;
  • testaceous;
  • twisted;
  • fantasy.

Binding Bismarck and her kind - Python

Netting Bismarck

Binding Bismarck (other names – Cardinal, Kaiser) – a continuous series of links composed of several elements located close to each other. This chain looks massive, voluminous, at the same time elegant and not a bit pretentious. Durable links of rectangular shape don’t give the chain to stretch, deform, make it practical to use. The only drawback of the product is that when wearing between the two links becomes clogged with dust and dirt.

A kind of Bismarck is Python. This connection technology chain got its name due to the characteristics of their appearance:

  1. The decoration is reminiscent of Python skin and looks very impressive.
  2. Jewelry is a different thickness and volume.
  3. You can select it for any person. Suitable solid Python and men.

Venetian binding

Anchor the netting

The perpendicular arrangement of the parts to each other differs anchor system. There are several ways of such connection elements. In the marine embodiment, each link is in the middle of the jumper. Anchor stranded binding involves a little twisted elements, gives the decoration an elegant and original look. Rings have a classic round or elongated shape. Anchor option chains made of gold are durable. Such jewelry is comfortable to wear, they require minimal care.

Venetian binding, as a variation of this method of joining the elements, is durable. To these decorations, you can choose any pendant shape. Another type of anchor knitting technology circuits is called Garibaldi. The links of this connection have a rounded forked shape. Binding is named in honor of the wife of Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi, heroes of the Italian revolutionary movement which was United in its political views.

Tubular connection elements

Shell beads

The kind of anchor – tubular connection elements – differs from it externally. The elements are slightly twisted, like an unfinished eight, located in the same plane. The product looks as if it is totally flat and polished. Armoured version of gold looks simple and elegant. Model comfortable to wear, has a high strength.

The product of this kind is considered for men, but this decoration with subtle elements to choose for women. Binding of Figaro, in the opinion of jewelers, is the most durable among all types of tubular connections. These models are very popular among men. Other options are tubular knit, Nonna, Diamond, snake, or another Snake.

Knit twisted rope

Twisted wire netting

The spiral form of decoration suggest a twisted wire types of weaving chains of silver. These products play, shimmering in the light of different facets. For example, binding a twisted rope is a common and durable type of connection of the circuit elements. Decoration not deform thanks to the proven rolling method of the connection links. Examined the chain which modification to choose:

  • thick suitable for wearing men;
  • more subtle female look great with dainty pendants.

Byzantine ornament

Fancy weave

If a chain of seemingly not similar to these types, it can be called fantasy. Such jewelry is best to choose for men and women who have exquisite taste. It is of irregular shape parts, unusual ways of their connection, unexpected combinations of metals. These products are made by hand, despite the complexity of jewelry. Examples of fancy knit – the Byzantine, the Royal, the so-called Bicycle chain.

What kind of beads to choose

In a situation when the question arises, the chain of which weave to choose, you should consider a number of nuances, one of which is the complexion of man:

  1. Slim people fit a narrow chain with thin elements.
  2. Men of large stature it is recommended to select three-dimensional decorations with wide links.
  3. The elongated neck look good short articles consisting of subtle elements, for short – long chain.
  4. For a child, the best option is qualitative light decoration. Pick up the model anchor or armored type of connection.

Looking for chain netting which is the best? Keep in mind, is whether it is to wear the pendant, medallion and cross. Things hanging on the chain, increase its weight, the product wears out faster and may rupture. Importantly, some weave gold chain is the most durable. It is undesirable to choose a twisted wire or a thin, lightweight product. For wearing crosses or charms are perfect chain brigandine or anchor of the type having a greater strength.

Video: Types of jewelry weaving

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