Tattoo on shoulder blade for girls

The attitude towards tattoos, especially on the female body, is still ambiguous, so not everyone will do the drawing in the open. From the point of view of practicality of a good plot are the blades, most of the time inaccessible to other people’s views. What might be appropriate and beautiful tattoo on her back and how to find your drawing?

How to choose a tattoo designs for girls

Sketch tattoo Dreamcatcher

The tattoo is not as easy as I would like, so it is recommended to take an idea like a baby for a long time and with love. Womens tattoos on back are considered very practical because of the possibility to hide them, if required by the dress code, show only the closest, tease a piece of the picture when you wear a certain style of clothing. For this reason, you need to select images based on whether you want the tattoo can be seen all, or it must be your secret, which is devoted to only the elect.

There are a few General selection rules tattoo on shoulder blade for girls:

  • Think about what you want to say. It should not be displaying instant desire, born under the influence of fashion trends or subcultures to which you belong now. To keep a tattoo from my shoulder-blade, especially the larger sizes, it hurts, and it is not always possible to do successfully.
  • Consider their social position. Strict office blouse will hide the pattern of the tattoo, if the fabric is dense, but some styles of clothing exposes the back, shoulder, etc. If prior to your appearance are very strict requirements, consider a small tattoo, which fits on the middle or lower part of the blade.
  • Be sure to discuss with the master the idea, bring pictures that accurately’ll bet. Explain the kind of tattoo vague phrases: «delicate butterfly», «cool and the terrible tiger», etc. – the client’s vision and the vision, who will do the work often do not coincide.
  • Keep in mind that a small tattoo between his shoulder blades the girls should not have too complex performance, especially if you plan on scattering of individual elements: for example, the milky way. The smaller the tattoo, the easier it is in its implementation.
  • If you have a color tattoo, the image should be outlined with black outline. Otherwise, the form will quickly melt.

Don’t sign up to the salon until you decide what you want to see on my back. The wizard can offer you any options tattoo on shoulder blade for girls – large color drawings during the entire back to small single items, but your choices at this point will be carried out in the absence of time for reflection. In 80% of cases the girl is not defined with the image of the tattoo prior to the visit to the salon, sorry about the result.

What tattoos for girls are most popular

Tattoo butterfly girl

Most of the ladies with tattoos even wants to stay feminine and tender, so much demand small petite womens tattoos on shoulder blade, which are not evident. The desire to maintain a bit of mystery leads to that girls choose tattoo, the value of which is not easy to solve. Phrase in a foreign language, complex characters. This blade is a perfect canvas on which to place even a very large figure than used by those who want to Express their style completely.


Sign of innocence, bright light of the pure soul, the desire to protect loved ones, elevated strength. The angel between the shoulder blades is not always about the lightness of character of a girl who wears a tattoo, but evidence of her kindness, sympathy, spirituality. From a religious point of view, tattoo of an angel can be a talisman, especially if he’s holding the cross. Often this image comes from those who have experienced a serious tragedy or other event that divided his life into «before» and «after».

The angel on the shoulder of the girl


The variant with the same frequency is possible in both men and women:

  • Barely visible contours of seagulls – the desire for freedom.
  • Great colored head of the Raven, the eagle or hawk was the symbol of vigilance and intelligence.
  • Spreading his wide tail on the blade, the peacock may indicate a generous nature and desire to show itself in all its glory.
  • The humble swallow – the desire to return home, to warmth and joy.


The most beautiful tattoos for girls that underline the femininity, grace and tenderness – flowers. These tattoos are often small in size, are executed in color or represent only the outline of the flower:

  • Proud rose on the shoulder – a sign of Regal, who knows her own worth nature.
  • Fluffy dandelion tells about the helpfulness and responsiveness.
  • Fragile violet peculiar to owners of timid and sensitive souls.


Beautiful tattoo of a swallow on a shoulder blade

A very popular edgy tattoo on the shoulder blade for girls since that area is perfectly suited for applying such a drawing. The value of the ink depends on the appearance of wings, which form and color are the feathers, size:

  • Stuffed on both blades, clearly on their silhouette, symbolizing the willingness of the girls to protect what they love.
  • Little wings divorced between the shoulder blades – a burning desire to soar above the mediocrity of life, to freedom from all that oppresses.


Sign romantic nature choose girls who want to Express their feelings to a partner or not be able to forget about love, even if she was unhappy. Not excluded the option of creating such a tattoo as a sign brought vows of love and fidelity – most often the heart is accompanied by the date of marriage and names of spouses. In rare cases, the tattoo heart speaks of courage, care for others.


Absolutely any – from the terrible wolf to the wise dragon – they best give an idea of the character of its owner. Women’s tattoo on the back in the form of animals, fishes and insects are very popular, to unravel their meaning without prompting difficult. Dolphin is not always about the nobility and serenity, but also can be a symbol that brings good luck, and Scorpio may indicate the desire for revenge or sacrifice girls.

Musical notes

Tattoo with peacock feather

Not the most popular option tattoo on shoulder blade for girls, but very original. A scattering of round music speaks of a creative nature, easy attitude to life, aesthetic taste. If the picture is complemented by the image of a musical instrument, it can be a sign of inner harmony, desire to create a destiny of their love to creative solutions.

Tattoos with inscriptions

The dimensions of the blade allow you to not just fill in the brief phrase, but also to reproduce a piece of text. Analysis of reviews of girls allowed to understand that most popular tattoo quotes stay in English or Latin, slightly less common are Italian, French and Spanish. Attract attention and the characters, but with them it is important not to make mistakes in writing, otherwise the meaning may change dramatically.

Photoidea tattoo on back for girls

A tattoo between the shoulder blades of the girl

Tattoo on back girls

Good tattoo idea for girls

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