Sun blinds for car

Summer heat – the eternal problem of motorists. Bright sunlight warms the interior of the car, dazzle the eye, causing accidents. To avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the inner lining, to reduce the temperature inside make special sun screen for the car. Kind of design, it is advisable that the ratio of «price-quality» justified?

What are the benefits of installing blinds in the car

As an alternative to prohibited SDA tint film, sun blinds have many advantages:

Sun blinds for car

  • easily removed and installed;
  • protect panel, upholstery of the car, in the cabin passengers from direct sunrays;
  • bring a cozy feel to interior, protecting from the views of the uninvited guests;
  • with lowered Windows on speed protect against ingress of dust, reducing noise, biting gusts of wind.

The lack of sun blinds for the car will lead to the wasting of fuel for efficient operation, whereas qualitative models help to reduce the temperature inside car 5-9⁰ C. the Presence/absence of vacant Parking places in the shade will not be a significant problem with the existing protection on the Windows of your car.

Cars with sun blinds on the rear Windows

A long road for her journey, stay will be pleasant and comfortable, as easy dimming, the ability to hide from the UV rays, fresh air through open Windows without the bugs and insects will help to provide sun blinds. In the moments of departure on holiday at the weekend they will serve in good stead when you have to change clothes or relax.

Sun blinds in the car and temperature control

Temperature inside the car depends on the quality of the coating of the body, surface roughness and color of the car. Ideal – carefully washed the car, covered with a protective layer of Polish or special wax tint «metallic». In the summer the owners of cars with dark colours often better to go to the sink to improve the sun-protection properties «horses» to reflect the light.

Design roller blind

Opted for a sun blind for car, look at the options of designs. When deciding, consider the following options:

  • the ease of installation;
  • the ability to quickly assemble/disassemble;
  • light transmission and protection from UV radiation;
  • quality indicators.

All models cancerprotective curtains for car are divided into:

  • Fabric.
  • Screen protective.
  • Frame.
  • Plastic.

For the manufacture of used rolling mechanism that allows to collapse/expand curtains as needed. Of the minuses are: the fragility of material; interference with the design of the car (attached to door with screws); release of harmful substances.


A thin metal mesh, covered with a rubberized cloth – the basis for the production of this type of protecting your car from ultraviolet radiation. Sunglasses frame blinds have a lot of advantages and very often are put in luxury cars and the middle class. They are:

  • Easily installed and removed. According to user reviews, independent process takes less than five minutes.
  • Mounted with corners placed on the frame of the window.
  • Durable in use, easy in maintenance.
  • Serve as a perfect protection against insects, acting as mosquito nets.
  • Carried out in order accurately repeating the dimensions of the glass opening of your brand of car.

Frame sun blinds on rear window car

Sliding of fabric

People who prefer the comfort, convenience and warm, suitable in salon fabric sunshades. For sewing used is resistant to UV rays fabric with reflective particles. Set the model on the rear side Windows and the glass of vision behind the car. Attach sunscreen fabric roller blind rails made of aluminum or plastic.

Fabric roller blind in the car

In vehicles of class b With more commonly used fabric without decor collected from the top and bottom of the pintucks. On cars of class E, F are used to protect expensive fabrics, in perfect harmony with upholstery that is located a uniform vertical pleats. Often, these sun blinds are automatically adjusted using the sliding/the sliding mechanism, electric drive and remote control.

Removable magnets and suction cups (screens)

The most budget option. Special plates are easy for self-placement on the windshield of my car. Due to the rubberized, Velcro suction cups easily attached to the glass surface. Great offer on the market a variety of curtains with children’s drawings and even toys, which is convenient for travelling young families with young kids.

Sun shields for car

Mount blinds inside the car

Stringent requirements of the SDA to the light transmittance of the salon lead to the failure of most motorists from the usual tinting. Even leaving darkened rear glass, the driver under the burning rays of discomfort, and with long traffic jams want to hide from prying eyes and heat. Installing sun blinds, you create your own microclimate in the car.

On the rear window

The rear windscreen is large in size, the area of penetration of UV rays through it are considerable. Worrying about rear seat passengers, especially children, the majority of motorists choose quality protection blackout fabric roller blind, fine-meshed frame. If possible limit your choices, try to install self-adhesive screens.

Car sun blinds on the rear window

On the front glass

The same protector is good to use for the windshield at a long stop or the vehicle is under the scorching sun. In accordance with clause 7.3 SDA RF level Svetozara front Windows shall not exceed 25%. «Hide» from the UV light will help the driver frame or plastic screens placed on the front doors of the car.

Sun screen on the windshield

On the side of the glass

Simple blinds on the stickers with baby pictures, expensive curtains luxury, standard frame products – all perfect for protection from the sun side rear window of your car. The law does not prohibit to create a «hindrance» to the bright lights in a variety of options for sun blinds when compulsory both side mirrors.

Sun blinds on the side Windows of the car

What is the difference inexpensive blinds from the premium class

Improvised protection for the Windows of the car, inexpensive generic world manufacturers short-lived, though, and are much cheaper than the original. Often unscrupulous manufacturers use substandard materials to reduce the cost of sunscreen blinds. The distortion of the outlines of objects, low/high light transmittance, the inability to read the inscription – «dignity» cheap screens.

Inexpensive protection of the Windows of the car vs the premium class blinds

The fabrics used for homemade fabric curtains, inexpensive, and factory counterparts sometimes don’t have anti-sun properties, ability to reflect light. Therefore, those and others at high temperatures do not cope well with the protective function. In the manufacture of protection for your premium car with high quality materials, the parameters of the transmission are exactly the same as described in the specifications.

Is a car blind

In accordance with the existing traffic REGULATIONS of the Russian Federation, paragraph 3 of article 7 States that the use of protective coatings that limit the visibility of the driver of the car allowed with a transmission rate:

  • 75% for front Windows;
  • 70% remaining within the scope of the review.

Rules of light transmission glass of the car according to traffic rules of the Russian Federation

Materials used for protection from UV, should not distort colors like red, green, yellow, white, blue. Other glass surfaces can be covered/obscured in any way: from the dark curtains in the tinted glass with a light transmission capacity of 5%. A mandatory safety condition is the presence of side mirrors on both sides of the car.

Where to buy and how much are automobile blinds

Want to buy sunshades for the car? Official dealers of automobile brands in the salons of Moscow will offer a variety of price accessories high quality. Also on the market of transport services, represented by the German manufacturers of sunscreen blinds: Laitovo, Spezo, Rӧmer with locations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and official sites:,

Huge selection of online stores provides you the ability to order any model of sun blinds of different price categories:,,

  • Frame cost within 3900-15000 rubles depending on configuration.
  • Fabric: price from 550 to 1600 rubles. the Cost in order for the premium car starts from 2500 RUB.
  • Plastic, screen Velcro – cheapest option: 250-350 RUB.

Video review of frame blinds Laitovo

The latest fastening technology, soft frame, a small mosquito net is a small list of the advantages of sunscreen blinds Light. The clips used to install screens do not prevent a free movement of the glass of the car. Comfort and protection from prying eyes in long hours of traffic jams, concern for children’s comfort, the convenience of the passengers was the starting point for the manufacturer in the innovation of screens. What other advantages distinguish the model of this company, you can see by watching our video:

Photo blinds various designs

In deciding to purchase sun blinds, don’t forget about the requirements of light transmission of the SDA. Guided by their own preferences, financial capabilities, desire to protect yourself and passengers of your car from the sunlight, stop the choice on any version. And our photos will help you understand the variety of proposals:

Photo sun blinds for the car

Sun blinds on windscreens

Sun blinds on the side Windows

Sliding car sun blinds

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