Stain wood

Stain (known as pickle) – the composition with which wood can be purchased completely different colors. Often used to modify the appearance of the wood, and not only to his painting. Applied to wooden furniture, the stain gives it a well-groomed appearance. What to choose – classic, acrylic, alcohol?

What is impregnation for wood

The palette of shades

Liquid impregnation for wood can be divided into three groups – a stain on alcohol, water and oil. They differ depending on the framework that is used to manufacture them. In the construction market appeared the latest developments – acrylic and wax stains. Thanks to new varieties of tinting material wood is painted without smudges and does not rise its fibers. What are the properties of each of the existing types?

Stain on wood alcohol

Alcohol stain is also known as the dye solution in denatured alcohol. Held in two States – ready to use and powder. The disadvantages of the impregnation belongs to its rapid drying, which can lead to staining. To spray the composition from a container manually is almost impossible, it is recommended to use a manual or pneumatic spray gun.


Stain water-based selling in a ready state or in the form of powder, soluble in water. Is popular among those who wish to radically change the wood color – from light to dark red. The disadvantage of water of impregnation is its tendency to raise wood fibres. This allows you to dedicate a tree structure, but makes it less resistant to moisture. To protect the surface before using the stain must be wet, wait a bit and sanded, then coated.


Thanks to an oil stain wood products acquire any color from various shades of diversity. The desired color is obtained by mixing the dyes, oil-soluble. The composition of this type is diluted with a solvent – white spirit. Material unpretentious work – it is applied evenly, without raising thus the grain of the wood and dries quickly.


Acrylic stain is a new kind of tinting material. At the opening of the tree penetrates completely and evenly covers the entire surface and forms a protective film on the surface of the wood thereby protecting it from moisture. For example, if on a floor to pour the water, it will shatter into droplets – this is the hallmark of protection. The tape on the floor covering, too, is to protect – lacquering, it is better to use water lacquer for wood. Acrylic stains are good highlight the structure of the tree and paint it in any color.

Husband is finishing

How is the wood stain

Before staining exterior and interior wood surface must be carefully treated – sanded, clean and timber must obessmolit. Further all is simple:

  • Depending on the texture, the stain is applied with a swab, brush, spray gun or roller.
  • The application to be carried out continuously over the entire surface, otherwise there will be smudges.
  • After drying, one coat, apply another one.
  • For the topcoat is better to use special varnish on wood – it gives a finished look to the wood and does not allow moisture to penetrate under the coating

Than a good wood preservative

Man treats the surface of the chair

Impregnation of demand, because it does not hide the structure of the tree. The paint removes from the drawing, the lacquer hides the natural look, stain emphasizes all fibers, strips, rings of wood. Such impregnation has a robust protective properties, making the surface resistant to scratches and other destructive environmental factors. Stained wood will serve not one десятилетие1

Colored and white stain for wood

Having dealt with that stain, is to figure out how its wide range of colors. The range is wide – from white to black. If you wish, by mixing different colors you can paint the furniture even green. White stain is used as a bleach. After it dries you can apply the desired color. The most popular, yet there are gamma-coloured wood.

Coating of wood

Stain wood with their hands

To give a new look to the wooden floor or any wood surface easily and with his own hands. You don’t have to buy expensive materials or chemically harmful substances. To change the color of a product is possible with natural herbal ingredients. For this you need to make great broth:

  • The husk of the onions will impart a reddish shade of blond wood.
  • A decoction of the bark of the larch birch will stain red.
  • Walnut shell makes the wood different shades. Dry grind the shells into powder, boil it in water. Filter the resulting solution through a strainer, add a little soda (food grade). To obtain a red color necessary after drying, to impregnate the shells with a solution of potassium dichromate. To get gray, impregnate the already processed surface with a solution of acetic acid diluted with water.
  • A strong decoction of alder and oak will provide the ebony wood effect.
  • Oak, nut shell, bark of willow and alder catkins in equal proportions will give the tree almost a natural brown color. Components fill with cold water and bring to a boil, then add 0.5 tsp. of baking soda and leave to boil for another 10 minutes.
  • The bark of the Apple and walnut shells will stain the furniture in brown color. For more saturated color in the solution is to add alum.
  • The bark of willow and alder is perfect for making homemade stain wood black.
  • A decoction of the unripe fruit of the buckthorn gives the wood a Golden-yellow color.

Video: stain wood water-based furniture coatings


Anatoly, 38 years:Made with their own hands bath in a country house. Bought impregnation mahogany for exterior painting of my wife like this color the most. Acrylic impregnated – is not a budget option, but the colors are all perfect! It dries quickly, and the walls look like unpainted. While the choice of firms did not regret – bath nearly two years.

Tatyana, 40 years:the Desire to change the color of the kitchen made of wood was huge! Young professionals in the construction supermarket, advised what better to choose a stain that at one time to paint everything. An important selection criterion was the price, as furniture all made of wood. The kitchen itself does not know, one day rejoice in the change!!!

Vladimir, 28 years Practice in the construction business. Impregnation for wood I use often and have tried different foundations from different manufacturers. The price is always different – from cheap to very expensive. Stopped by far on oil impregnation – the optimal price, the quality is also everything for a great option. Acrylic is more expensive but also good!

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