Soundproof materials for walls and ceilings

If the bustle of the city or loud neighbors are not saving your own walls, it’s time to think about soundproofing. From the noise included drills, loud music, or a showdown with the wall, high-rise residents will save only the special construction materials that prevent the penetration of unwanted sounds in dwellings.

What are the materials for soundproofing

Materials for sound insulation

Thin walls, through which pass various noise and an undesirable acoustic effect, forced to use a sound-absorbing and soundproofing material. The choice of insulation determines the nature of noise, which can be of the following types:

  • Air (operates appliances, dogs barking, cars passing outside the window of the car) is the most common type of noises that cause discomfort. Help solve the problem of materials with an index of Rw.
  • Percussion (drilling, nailing, banging the heel) occurs when struck by construction, causing the sound vibrations, which can far be distributed on the adjoining elements. When selecting materials to solve it is necessary to focus on the index Lnw.
  • Structural (roaring water, the sound of batteries, the noise of the ventilation shaft) is formed due to the vibration of communication, and is transmitted through the structural components of the building.

Tasks for materials for soundproofing is to create a reliable barrier to any kind of noise, not to allow them to enter premises or to absorb. A good solution suggests that it is best to use various materials such as mineral wool, fibreboard, laminated panels, cork sealant, but there is a risk of creating a large structure or large financial expenditures. When choosing the right material, one should give preference to those that have a high index of sound insulation, sound absorption, minimum thickness, easy installation.

Soundproof materials for walls

Why concrete, brick or walls of foam blocks does not always save you from noisy neighbors? They are «rigid» structure, and therefore reflect sound vibrations. Soft insulating materials for walls with cellular, fibrous, granular structure absorbs them while representatives of the new generation, such as Tecsound, PhoneStar, Sonoplat do it at the highest level and without loss of useful area. High coefficient of sound insulation (70 dB) is achieved thanks to the innovative polymer and complex with the function of sound absorption and provide maximum comfort.

Materials for ceiling

It’s one more thing on the way to a quiet life and a comfortable atmosphere in the apartment. Selecting sound insulation materials for walls, one should not ignore the ceilings. The ideal variant is when the upstairs neighbors would make sure that the floor slab, where the floor was Soundproofed. Less than best solution to a complex problem provides for the creation of timber frame construction with plasterboard and mineral wool inside. More for soundproofing the ceiling, use termozulia or ZIPS, but they are unpopular because of the high cost.

How to choose materials for soundproofing walls and ceiling

Installation of sound insulation for ceiling

Search of insulation materials for walls and ceilings will not cause much trouble, but the choice in favor of either option will be difficult. That will help to reduce the level of noise does not cause fears about harm to health? When choosing have to consider not only the price, quality but also important factors to choose the right sound insulation materials for walls and ceilings.

  1. The thickness of the material.
  2. The efficiency ratio, while the figure was closer to 1, the better the insulation of unwanted sounds will become the selected material. For example, brick has a coefficient of 0.05, carpet with a NAP and tube – 0,2, soundproof panels for walls and 0.7.
  3. The level of combustibility of the material, how it will be toxic in case of fire. Environmentally friendly and non-flammable materials such as mineral wool, cork, sealing adhesive tape, foam, vinyl in combustion will produce harmful substances.

The best materials for sound insulation of ceiling

Alternative to the skin of the drywall sheets, as better insulating material for the ceiling will be difficult to find, because no suspended acoustical design, nor the ceilings do not possess such qualities. But for noise absorption, sound will have to find a suitable option among the soft, semi-rigid or rigid materials:

  • Soft (jute, felt, fiberglass, acoustic insulation membranes). ACOUSTIC BATTS, TOPSILENT BITEX, Termozulia, Teksaund 70 are lightweight and high degree of sound absorption up to 70%.
  • Semi-rigid (extruded plate based on glass fibers, mineral wool with polyurethane foam). SoundGuard Basalt, Vladtel-Ecoacoustic, Somanet have a porous structure, and the degree of absorption varies in the range of 50-70%.
  • Hard (granular mineral wool, pumice, vermiculite). IZOVOL, Rockwool, Knauf have a porous structure and is able to absorb sound at 50%.

The apartment is Soundproofed

Where to buy and how much it cost

Building materials market is no shortage of proposals for selection as on the properties and price of products, which acts as the sound insulator. Foreign or domestic manufacturers offer their products directly, through Resellers, retailers or Internet. Often soundproof materials for walls and ceilings have to choose among the huge number of proposals, with the average price range is very wide – from 150 to 1300 rubles per 1 sq. m.

The minimum value of insulation materials according to the thickness following:

Thickness (mm) Price (in rubles)
5 900
10 175
12 230
15 280

Video: suspended ceiling with insulation


Vyacheslav, 38 years:In a small room decided to make a bedroom, but one wall borders the driveway and the sound was still the same. Had to do a cover with drywall, inside padded layer of cotton wool. Excellent work: no extra sounds, and the loss of nearly 10 cm due to the frame not considered to be critical when it is about to go to sleep in silence.

Maksim, 29 years:I would instead of mineral wool for sound insulation recommended foam termokom. There is less harmful substances, thin, to put it simply. For homes with brick walls or plasterboard walls, you can choose Ekaterino. This sound-proof material can be used as a filler, and as a layer.

Vadim, 41 years:If you need to make a good someblock against the not-too-quiet neighbors, only the frame profile, drywall, special tape and mineral wool. Heat insulation material is laid is not giving a good effect, extinguishes the minimum and has little effect on the noise level. Tube or other sound insulation boards for walls – not a panacea, although it would absorb sound, but at a cost – a waste of money.

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