Baking tray for oven

Every woman would like to have in your kitchen everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable cooking process. In specialized stores sold crockery for any occasion. However, to choose, for example, a baking tray, must be based on certain rules.

Varieties GEK

Sheet for the oven

That you liked to cook a variety of pies, baked dishes and much more, is very important to have in the Arsenal of high-quality pan in the oven. This versatile piece will help to prepare a huge number of tasty dishes for the whole family. It is worth noting that the dishes from the oven relate to healthy food, so the baking dish should be in every home. Modern drip pans for ovens equipped with a non-stick layer that greatly simplifies the process of cooking and oil consumed quite a bit.

In the store you can find a huge number of different types of letters for baking:

  • with bumpers or flat;
  • perforated or solid;
  • enameled;
  • tin;
  • stainless steel;
  • silicone;
  • ceramic;
  • cast iron.

Silicone mold

A real discovery for cooks was the silicone sheet has a lot of advantages:

  • the ability to withstand temperatures from – 55 to +280 degrees;
  • does not occupy much space;
  • not burn fingers when removing from the oven;
  • when using do not require regular lubrication.

Silicone sheets

Baking in such forms does not stick, well drawn. Silicone sheets can be used in microwave ovens or ovens. They are easy to wash and convenient to store. Even after prolonged use your mold not saturated by extraneous smells, so it can be used for making sweet and savoury dishes. However, it is worth noting that the softness of the silicone mold can be attributed to the shortcomings, because if you fill it with batter, then transfer to a brass Cabinet will be problematic. The producers took care of that and some models already have a metal frame.

Glass Deco

Many Housewives consider as the most safe, convenient and attractive kitchen baking tray for ovens glass. Due to the transparency of the product, you can observe the baking process. Glass gives the food odors or flavors, long keeps the temperature of ready meals. You can buy an oval, round or rectangular with cap and without it. If you purchased a model before you place the pan in the oven, it is recommended to warm her. Otherwise, the form may crack, since glass does not tolerate temperature changes.

Glass baking dish for the oven


The peculiarity of this letter is unique in durability, because some of the hosts there is such a thing, who inherited from her grandmother. While it is perfectly used and does not lose its quality and performance characteristics. Among the disadvantages of this type it is possible to note considerable weight. In addition, the product is very fragile, so you should be careful with the letter in order not to break.


Feature of this model are unique «breathable» wall. This allows you to bake different products, preserving all useful properties, because the food will be stuffed in the oven, not to cook. Ceramic does not emit harmful substances when heated, which is another advantage of the model. Among the disadvantages of ceramic DECA – porosity material, which can lead to the destruction of the forms due to liquid penetration into the cracks. Wash this mail is hard: you have to pre-soak with detergent.


Aluminum sheet

This form has excellent heat, thereby reducing the time in cooking. Light weight dishes another advantage by which you can prepare cakes and take it with you when you go to visit. Aluminum sheet for the oven is perfect for you if you decide to bake cookies, baskets, tarts or cakes. Cakes, big cakes requires a different fixture.

Carbon steel

The choice in favor of steel tanks is to make those who are planning to use a baking sheet with the oven regularly. This is the most popular and cheapest option, which you can use to cook a variety of dishes. Use heat-resistant steel sheet easily. It is well to clean, does not change the smell and taste of the dish, saves you time. However, it is important to choose durable metal that does not bend.

How to choose a baking tray and bake in the oven

When choosing a pan for the oven in the store, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Buy a model with a lid. Without it, the dish will be heated unevenly, and may burn on the edges and not grilled in the middle.
  2. Pay attention not only to the presence of a nonstick surface, but also on its resistance to scratches.
  3. If you love to cook homemade biscuits and rolls, choose a pan with low sides.
  4. For making sponge cakes, choose sheets with a wall height of 2.5 cm
  5. Do not save money by buying low-quality utensils, which looks bad. It will last long.
  6. The perforated pan helps to get a faster baking, while it does not burn, and the excess moisture evaporates easily.
  7. For cooking chicken, fish or vegetables in the «grill» choose a model with grids or perforated bottom.

Baking trays for the oven

Where to buy and how much it cost

The budget option the pan in the oven – this is a model of aluminum. The cost of such devices starts from 300 rubles. Models of carbon steel depending on size, availability, cover or silicone handles are from 400 to 1500 rubles. Ceramic, glass or cast iron will cost 1500-2000 rubles. To by choice in commercial malls or online stores with delivery, but before that, view photos, features, materials used for its production.


Marina, 32 years:Colleagues at work gave me the glass sheet, since I use it regularly. It is easy to clean, compact, fireproof, with a capacity of 2.3 liters. Suitable for electric, gas ovens and microwave ovens. In addition, it is possible to freeze the food, because it can withstand temperatures from -40 to +300 degrees.

Zarina, 42 years:complete with a gas stove was a standard sheet that I am absolutely not satisfied. Purchased a convenient baking pan with Teflon coating and lattice Rondell. With his help, I was able to cook meats with a small amount of fat, due to this they are delicious, juicy, useful. No problems with wash not, the main thing – not to scratch the non-stick layer.

Anna, 45 years:One day I decided to try to cook in silicone cups and was pleasantly surprised. Great tool for perfect baking! No foreign odors, durable, convenient to clean, does not occupy much space in the closet. Now I have a few different silicone moulds for cakes, muffins, baby muffins-bears.

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