Scholl nail file for nails

Every woman loves to take care of herself so she is not done. Beautiful hair, smooth skin, perfect nails – that’s what I want all women. Today’s look came from the cover of a magazine, every girl with cosmetic preparations and devices, such as a nail file Scholl.

Instructions for use electric nail Scholl

Packaging nail file Scholl

Use nail file Scholl nail can afford almost every. With it you can without leaving home to do a manicure or pedicure, which can be compared only with the interior treatments of the highest quality. With all this, the statement contains several paragraphs, and the procedure can overpower any person. Handle nails this device is a pleasure.

How to use a nail file

In the process of caring for your hands is very important to follow the rules and sequence of each stage:

  1. Take the right nozzle. Begin to gently give your nails the desired shape.
  2. Adjust the nozzle, align the surface of the nail so that it became perfectly smooth.
  3. A third nozzle will allow you to Polish the nail plate to give it a natural Shine.
  4. Treat the skin around the nails and moisturizing, restorative creams, or oils.

The types of nozzles

Variety of nozzles

Due to the varieties of tips nail file Scholl nail you will be able to complete all phases of the manicure or pedicure, and the result will correspond to salon procedures. It is important not to confuse the order of use, otherwise you will not get the desired effect. Thus, the nozzle polishing smooths out the bumps, and shaping of the nails, it is impossible to carry out the leveling attachment.

How to distinguish a fake

Scholl nail Polish is a product of the British company, but produce it as well, as many goods in the world – in China. When buying a saw in non-specialized departments should pay attention to the packaging that it was sealed. Text and application instructions on the original packaging must be in Russian. Check the set: nozzle, the device itself. Buying a fake, you risk not only throwing money to the wind, but to pay for poor quality products can ruin your nails and skin.

Price nail file Scholl Velvet

Girl sawed a nail

Given that the instrument Scholl is a product of a foreign manufacturer, the price will be 100% depend on the dollar. In the Internet you can find quite obscene suggestions and to buy very cheap saw – 890 RUB the seller However the quality is not responding. The average price for nail care – 1500-1800 rubles. For that price you can buy or order online the real nail file Scholl of good quality.

Where to buy roller nail file Scholl

The easiest way to purchase products Scholl is to find deals online, to choose the most attractive price for you and click the «Buy» button. In this case, there is a possibility to purchase a fake product, so you should pay attention to the choice of website to buy and to avoid the advertising slogans, to buy with a huge discount.

The most popular way to get a manicure remain assistant pharmacies, specialty stores beauty products and waste departments with household cleaning products. There you will be able to see your future purchase, to compare with pictures from the Internet and check a complete set and then buy. Ask whether you will have the opportunity to exchange the goods in case of malfunction.


Elena, 25 years: I have been using the products Scholl: Yes, I have an Arsenal of nail file for toe nails. This company is happy with their inventions, because I can easily produce the proper care for those body parts that most need it. My nails always look flawless, soft leather, pink as a baby.

Maria, 34 years: We purchased the firm with colleagues nail files wholesale School and congratulated all women on March 8. Their happiness knew no bounds! Now, the talk about who and how made himself a manicure. Girls endlessly show pictures of the results. While a single negative review we have not heard, and I myself enjoy using the electronic reference.

Victoria, 47 years: I was always interested in professional brands that produce tools for manicure and pedicure. I have an Arsenal of saws Landebert, Rigla and recently appeared Scholl. Nail file helps me to cope with all the challenges that removes my manicure. Now I’m often thinking about to stop visiting the salon.

Catherine, 33 years: I travel a lot and nail file Scholl is my indispensable companion. I can’t afford to go to salons in search of a good manicure in different countries, so once I myself have become a master. Additional attachments sold around the world, so that this difficulty does not arise. Use the nail file Scholl – a pleasure!

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