Room for teenage girls

The interior decoration of the room of a teenage girl requires an individual approach. However, adults should focus on improvement of the premises not their own, and to consider the wishes of his daughter. Must seeks to make a bedroom girls is comfortable, beautiful, stylish and fits her taste.

Room design for teenage girls

Room design for girls

Rare teenage girl dreams of a pink room in Barbie style. Teenage girls want to make personal space for more severe colours to show whose turf it is. Room design for teenager must first be discussed with the child, and then you can begin to repair. If the vision of the parents differs from the desires and tastes of girls, it is better to give. So you can save your daughter a good relationship of trust.

The color of the interior

Room for teenage girls should be made in such colors that she likes. It is better to discuss the issue in advance and work together to find a suitable range, try to convince the child from too gloomy or, conversely, bright bedrooms. This is an important choice because the color will affect the emotional state of the girl. The classic design of children’s room is:

  • the combination of different shades of beige and white;
  • green, deep pink, crimson or purple, blue, orange;
  • the combination of milk, white or Burgundy, dusky red;
  • the combination of different prints and styles (eclecticism);
  • cool tones of purple or pink type.

Furniture for teen room for girl

Furniture for teen room

Bedroom for girls should contain all the necessary furniture – a bookshelf, closet, bed, table, dressing table, mirror. For small spaces optimal sleeping place will be the sofa, which can sit friends. To complement a sofa can be a couple of chairs in matching color. If the room is not enough, the perfect solution is bags or large cushions on the floor.

Room of a teenage girl should be equipped with working area with Desk and shelf with books. To save space in a small room, use for storing books or hanging shelves replacing paper copies with electronic reader. Dimensions of the Desk and chair should match the age and growth of the baby, otherwise the girl will not develop the correct posture.

Wardrobe it is advisable to buy a large, as teenage girls often have a lot of clothes and shoes. To save space you can order the wardrobe-compartment to a ceiling or to distribute clothes for the seasons: the actual left in the locker, and it is unnecessary to lay down in the sofa drawers (beds can purchase the drawers separately). Compact bookcase with drawers can serve as a replacement for the wardrobe.

The room for teenage girls should be a mirror and a dressing table, which should be chosen to match the rest of the furniture. The first can be made retractable to save living space. The girl most likely will want to have appropriate furniture to relax with friends, so it is better to add a small interior room coffee table.

The Wallpaper in the room of a teenage girl

Interior room for teenage girls

The children’s room design starts with the selection of finishing materials for walls. This element reveals the maximum of the personality of the hostess, so it is important to listen to the tastes of teenage girls. As a rule, youth bedroom is not the usual pasted colored Wallpaper. Teenagers prefer to combine different colors and prints on the walls of his room.

The optimal solution will be a combination of calming neutral base color with bright decorative inserts. For example, you can paste/paint the room in white, and in the area of the headboard to make the wall of bright purple, turquoise or purple. The Wallpaper can be textured or flat – the choice of girls. At least a good solution would be lining the walls of solid material and embed everywhere photos, posters, paintings or drawings.

The creative child can offer to perform the painting room alone. The girl definitely like to create the interior of your bedroom with textured plaster or other materials. Enliven the room by using Wallpaper, which are glued zonal. Make the ceiling so that it blends seamlessly with the walls in style, but it can be done completely independent, original – paint a starry sky or clouds.

How to choose curtains

Room for teenage girls will be uncomfortable and incomplete without textiles. There are two options how to choose curtains to match the color of upholstery, carpets and other items of the premises or contrasting colors. If the interior room for a teenager discreet, plain, you should add colors to it with bright curtains. When the saturation of the colors, the bedroom is better, on the contrary, to make a more calm, hang curtains in a neutral hue.

Room decor for teenage girls

Room for teenage girl

Elements of decor give the bedroom of a teenage girl personality. Ideas for a stylish decoration of modern youth room set:

  1. Decorations for the walls. They can be decorated with large colorful stickers, photos of friends and family, posters of idols, reproductions of the favorite painters. If you wish girls to decorate the walls of graffiti street artists. The original decision is decorating walls with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Lighting. An unusual chandelier, floor or wall lamps will bring zest to the interior of the nursery for girls. Lighting can provide color support to the room.
  3. Useful and stylish things. These include wall boards for recording desires, pots and pots with houseplants, organizer for utensils – all these things will create the overall mood of the girl’s bedroom.
  4. Other decorative elements. Don’t limit a teenager in a selection of different trinkets that she likes. Fluffy carpets, pillows, striking wall clocks, photo frames, soft toys and other knickknacks create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.

Modern room for teenage girls

Room for teenage girls can be created on the project of its owner. The main idea for its design may be taken from music or any other subject that fits her tastes and interests – the Gothic, romance, sport. A lover of travel, it should make a showcase, where it will store the Souvenirs brought back from different countries. Don’t be afraid to trust bedroom decoration teenager, he will pick up decorative items that will help reveal her identity.

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