Pregnant photo shoot with husband

It is known that pregnancy is a brief, exciting, but a happy period in the life of a girl. To preserve the memory of this time is to do a family photo shoot. The images can be placed in a special album or to put in a nice frame, when you look at that will be remembered the pleasant moments out of the child.

Ideas for a photo shoot pregnant

Enjoys great popularity photography during pregnancy, and, if before the men were reluctant to participate, but more and more future popes are themselves the initiators of such events. The hours you spend together will be a pleasant and unusual experience, which not only remain in memory but captured on wonderful pictures. Pregnant woman much more comfortable and feels freer at the photo shoot with the husband, so the pictures are more original and interesting.

Place for a photoset, you should choose based on the season and plot/theme. As a rule, pregnant photo shoot with husband date:

  • in the conditions of the photo Studio;
  • in nature;
  • home.

To choose the optimal locations for a photo shoot pregnant, check with your photographer that will photograph you. Beautiful work photos taken indoors with light walls and large window openings. If the choice of the Studio fell on your shoulders, better first yourself to see the situation and consider what decorative items can be appropriate in a particular interior. In addition, given the design space, we can think in advance appropriate posture for pregnant women.

Pregnant woman with clothes for the baby

Pregnant photo session in nature

The most beautiful natural photos moms-to-be out in nature. An assistant of the photo shoot serve as daytime sunlight and vivid landscapes. Pregnant girl with her husband unable to find an appropriate place for professional photography. Lovely photo of pregnant nature can be obtained from the river/lake, flower meadow, forest, green meadow, Park, field of corn, etc. the Advantage of such images is the beauty of nature that is impossible to reproduce in the Studio.

Photo shoot outdoors can do with minimal props and without serious makeup – frames and so will be alive, vibrant, creative and very beautiful. The main drawback of this kind of photoset is the unpredictability of weather conditions, so sometimes a session has to move. Best of all, if you and your husband will take pictures in the summer on a background of flowering plants or with a bunch of beautiful wild flowers. Other ideas for a photo session for pregnant in nature:

  • on the sea shore;
  • in the field where the sunflowers bloom;
  • under the fructifying Apple-tree;
  • against the background of an ancient castle;
  • on a beautiful forest trail.

Pregnant woman with her husband outdoors

Studio photo session for pregnant women with husband

Photoset in terms of a professionally equipped Studio with pre-prepared decorations and good lighting will help to embody creative, bold, original ideas. No weather conditions or other external factors we need to do photography. As a rule, to choose the appropriate subjects for pictures photographers help themselves, given the preferences of the future parents.

To photoshoot pregnant, my husband was unusual and original, you should use various accessories for example the UZI, booties, tiny dresses, Romper or other clothing for a newborn. In addition, photos of garland-labels, colorful balloons, books, stuffed animals, basket with vegetables and fruits, colorful candies and other colorful attributes.

Home photoshoot with her husband

Very cozy and warm out of photosets, as at home pregnant girls feel the most comfortable. Extra props dwelling house does not require, with ideas for photos, there are many:

  • a tea party with her husband;
  • unpacking gifts under the Christmas tree;
  • watching football (and you can wear a t-shirt fans);
  • playing with a pet;
  • the process of decorating the belly.

Photos taken at home can be funny and humorous or touching, tender. A big plus for such a photo shoot is that it is cheap, but, unlike Studio or shooting outdoors, at home there is no proper lighting. If your family already has a child or children, be sure to recruit them to the process of photography. It is possible to dress kids in white costumes angels or fairy tale characters. Kiddies, you can also make signs «Waiting for baby brother/sister», «waiting for the little miracle», etc.

Home photoshoot with her husband

Creative ideas for pregnant photo shoot with husband

Late-term (after 20 weeks) pregnant you can draw on the tummy. Such body art is called gestational painting, where the canvas is the girl’s body. No less creative idea is photographing expectant parents with Pets: dogs, horses, dolphins, etc. Animals will bring flavor to your photos, make them more interesting and unusual. Another original idea for a photoset during pregnancy – the plot under water, but it is suitable only for the brave moms. The subjects for photography can be taken from life: draw inspiration from your Hobbies, family traditions, and the like

Accessories type pacifiers, booties and toys are a great addition, but you should choose only quality items that complement the song, and did not spoil her. The perfect solution is to use during the photo shoot, hand-made items, such as volume letters-pillows, with which you can make the name of the expected baby or the intended date of his birth.

The image on the photo for pregnant

Advantageous in the photos look suits in a single color or style, in addition, it allows you to emphasize your intimacy. The image of a pregnant, its smooth and rounded lines have to emphasize clothing. Photographers are advised to form several different images for the photoshoot. Examples of successful solutions for pregnant women:

  1. The elegant look. Plain beautiful evening long dress, elegant hair style, suitable makeup. In winter, the way will be fur Cape.
  2. A gentle way. Free haircut (better flowing, smoothly flowing curls), light dress chiffon pastel colors, decorated with lace. You can do without make-up and clothing, covering the wavy material hips and chest.
  3. Casual look. Thus it is necessary to make a discreet makeup, wear comfortable stylish clothes that will not restrict movement.

The image of a pregnant is to complement a floral wreath or a bouquet of tender buds. Perfectly, harmoniously in the girl’s hands look like peonies and Ranunculus. If you’re staying at the bright image, for example, wearing a red dress and dissolved dark hair, use large accessories – decorate hair with glittery hair clip or wear on the arm a solid bracelet, but stick to measures.

Pregnant woman with flowers

Poses for photo shoot of a pregnant husband

There are no restrictions when selecting a suitable for the photo shoot poses. The parents will look in this location:

  • the husband sits back, one hand hugging a pregnant woman, the other the belly;
  • the husband puts his ear to the tummy of a pregnant;
  • future parents sitting side by side, the woman placed her head on the shoulder of her husband, PR.

Pictures of pregnant women on the nature

Very natural, harmonious and beautiful work pictures of pregnant women with their husbands, made in the lap of nature. A married couple can blow bubbles, ride the boat, have a picnic or just lie on the bright green lawn. Optionally, take for photo shoot accessories/props, which will serve as the pillow, bright bedding or hammocks, swings, etc. Below are a good options of pictures of pregnant women.

Video: maternity photo shoot on the nature

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