Prayer guardian angel

Regardless of skin color, education, religion, people believe in the existence of a Higher power who save, protect, keep from harm, to help you find your way in life. In the difficult moments, moments of happiness in our hearts, we shall turn to the Lord God, thank you for the help and donated fortune. Reached the present day verbal codes – Orthodox prayer is a powerful protective message. Tested for centuries, repeated many times, it establishes the connection of the soul to Heaven. Spiritual fathers emphasize that the prayer of the guardian angel is one of the strongest amulets in life.

Prayer Guardian Angel

Have you ever thought about what prayer? The diversity of religions, sects, faiths are unanimous about the great power of thought, «movements of the soul» clothed in words, which we call prayer. This concept is as old as the world. Our distant ancestors of the Slavs-pagans prayed to Perun, Yarila, Dazhdbog, Veles asking them to protect, help, thanks, and praise, believed that heavenly patrons will hear their emotional outbursts.

Man praying

Orthodoxy calls prayer the conversation of man with the Living God. The impulses of the soul, its aspirations, our actions, reactions to world events are happening – a reason to communicate with the Almighty. Through prayer we come to know His essence, touching the sacrament and feeling the presence of God. He sees us from the inside out, therefore meaning not the obligation, custom to pray, asking for blessings for themselves. This is a conversation of souls, the ability to experience His love, forgiveness, to understand their purpose.

Not daring to go in the Church to come to the service because of ignorance of the words of the prayer, the people make a huge mistake. The Lord listens and hears our heart and soul, and spoken words are only «intermediaries». The strength of the canonical prayer is great, but without feelings, «needs» people, referring to God, is aware of the existence of a barrier. And well, if you know the reason why.

However, believers and unbelievers, we recognize, rely on and BELIEVE in patron saints, some personal guards, who represent the Higher power, calling guardian Angels. In the material world the knowledge that heavenly patrons take care of someone, give strength, desire to follow the difficult journey through life. No wonder there are many beautiful legends and parables:

«One day, talking with Angel, the soul of man was asked to show his earthly journey. Chain steps covered half the world. It was near the visible light traces of a companion. Through joy, victory, success, defeat, the angel was accompanied by a man. But the soul suddenly saw the lonely traces and indignant: «it was difficult for Me, where were You then?». To which the angel answered sadly: «I have carried you…»

The angel man

Who are these warriors of Light and why the prayer of the guardian angel not only saves our souls, and sometimes lives? This light of the soul, when lived in the flesh on Earth, still have not received absolute or did not fulfill God-given purpose. Sometimes, they become the souls of our loved ones, departed to the other world and very much loved us. Being intermediaries between God and man, the guardian Angels:

  • Help to pass the person way of life, «right»: less to do misdeeds, to do sin, to learn to live with Love and God in the soul.
  • Are the defenders of the shower, broke the commandments before God, prompting, helping to realize the unrighteousness of the way.
  • Protect from harm, evil, misfortune. Many are familiar with the premonitions, obscure predictions on the eve of important, key events. This is one of the ways to communicate with your guardian Angel.
  • Lead the human soul from karmic way, guiding and helping to complete assignments.
  • Help the communication of man with God in charge of the energy, spiritual connection. Calling to prayers guardian angel, addressing him as soon spiritual patrons, we their mouths ask God for help, and thank you.

So the angel has heard our prayers, they should go «from the heart». Selfless, pure thoughts, please «… anything according to His will» (1 John 5:14) bring blessings, harmony and happiness to the souls. Selfish or evil intentions, the desire to obtain «everything and more» from the evil one, and therefore will not reach heaven, but still upset, distract heavenly protector. How to pray to his patron what is the strength of the canonical texts of references to the guardian angel?

Every day

Daily referring to guardian angel in prayer, you will establish, build and maintain a relationship with the Lord in the face of Light of the spirit. Good intentions, thanks for existing requests to help in the implementation of good deeds will necessarily be heard. Prayers needed this morning, after waking up. Morning prayer guardian angel will protect your house, «enveloping» the positive energy field of unkind words, actions. In the evening, before bedtime, turn to Heavenly protector with words of gratitude.

About the help

Most people in life face challenges, difficulties, problems, troubles when you need help angel. A stressful situation, experiences time «dim eyes, the human soul, depriving of ability to find a way out of difficult situations, to understand yourself. Request for assistance personal Deputy to God will help you to feel neodinium, to feel much needed support. Relax, calm down, close your eyes and read a small but very effective prayer, after which tell us about the problem, ask for help of the Almighty.

Good luck in the work

Want to attract good luck? Changed employment, dreaming of a friendly team, fair, good boss? Turn to the Lord asking for help. It is not necessary to request money from nowhere and «doing nothing» — you will not hear. Prayer guardian angel will bring good luck, if you ask an interesting job, assistance in complex tasks, the solution of problematic issues.

For success in your personal life

Years pass, friends of a friend babysit the children and your personal life is not formed? Think about it, why is this happening and turn with a sincere plea to God to attract good luck in personal life. Canonical Church appeals to guardian angel you can read any day at home, at Church service, before sleep or after waking up.

Prayer in the birthday Guardian angel

Birthday is a very important holiday with a spiritual component. When a person is born is a «program of life». Prayer in the hour of his birth the guardian angel you will iprosite blessing for the whole year, protection, assistance. That the Lord God helped us to change their fate, tune in bright and warm feeling, desire to help others and ask for help in your endeavors.

Prayer Guardian angel

Do not cease to give gratitude to God for all that you have. Because, most importantly, you are alive. Thank God for the test of kindness, challenges, triumphs. Thank you for the material: the spiritual development, new horizons and success come to people with pure soul. Then pray with gratitude to the guardian angel for your attention, participation, support when you needed it; for taking care of loved ones, relatives.

Angels fly near the tree

Prayer for health

Prayer for health is a powerful energy message that helps the patient to recover. If the family had the disease, turn to the Lord, the blessed virgin Mary, guardian angel with a request to send healing to the suffering. Order a prayer for the health of the Church, after all, repeated many times, prayer is enhanced, helping to gain health.


Beseeching guardian angel of love, people sometimes forget how multi-faceted this concept is. Love should come into your heart – love for all living things, to others, to those in need. And the celestial defender will lead you at the right time in the place where you will meet your love. Do not rush things, everything happens when and how it pleases God.

For children

The most valuable thing in the world – our children. We all wish them joy, happiness, prosperity. Trust God and guardian angel care about them magical cocoon to hide from the troubles and misfortunes will help to find a way in difficult situations, will save, will save the child. Don’t forget about the godchildren and crestico, after all, before the Lord, they are your children.

Prayer before sleep

In the evening, before bedtime, please contact the guardian angel with words of gratitude for the previous day. Tell us about what’s bothering you about the thoughts and actions of the dying day, ask mentally advice, assistance for the coming. Try to understand not «why?» and why have I lived this day. Pray for the forgiveness of injuries inflicted by enemies; welfare and health; the harmony of the soul.

Prayer for protection

Invisibly guarding us, the guardian Angels protect the soul, heart and body… trusted people. The more we pray, the more power of our Heavenly patrons, the stronger energy relationship with God. Try to pay attention to their own feelings, dreams, premonitions, intuition, through them, with the man talking to the angel.

About marriage

A good marriage, strong family, children – this is the dream of every woman. Prayers about marriage guardian angel, do not forget that it is God’s will and wait as the store «immediate purchase» is silly. And it’s not a purchase at all. Boundless devotion to each other, the love and generosity of spirit will be key to the answer to your prayers.

About the financial well-being

If you are in difficult life circumstances, financial problems, ask your guardian angel to help in solving problems. The answer will not necessarily be wealth nowhere the Lord knows that it is better to give a fishing rod than to throw the fish. And never assume that not enough money or not listening to your thoughts, heavenly helper can perform the desire.

From the evil eye and spoilage

Sometimes in life there are unexplained events: the crumbling of a happy family, material well-being disappears, there are problems with health. The reason may be deliberate damage, evil eye, the impure thoughts of others. Motives of such actions is the set of events, but to protect ourselves from the negative would help the prayers of Jesus Christ for deliverance from spoiling the Song of the blessed virgin Mary, prayer guardian angel from the curse, witchcraft, evil spirits.

Before surgery

Have major surgery? Pray to God about your health, read the Orthodox prayer. To the angel not lowered her wings, releasing fears, completely rely on God’s will. Forgive all wrongs, repent of sins, ask for forgiveness for the actions before the Lord. Free from emotional problems and concerns, directing thoughts to the bright side.

Before the exam

In order to successfully pass the exams, one prayer to the Almighty can not do. It is pointless to hope for a miracle, not having learned a single line of a given material. So knowledge will have to somehow absorb. Prayer guardian angel before the exam assumes other functions: it helps to calm down, get over it, to give confidence in their own abilities and knowledge.

Video: Prayer to guardian angel

In our prayers we may make asylum or blagodarstvuju. Believers understand that the events that happen in life, data is not just. They are the result of our thoughts, actions, relationships. Angels accompanying man through life, help, protect and keep from harm. But they are not required to do so. After all, if impure thoughts, and ward, praying, wishing only to get, God remains deaf to the requests. After watching our videos you will see how to request the support of our Lord and guardian angel:

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