Photo shoot love story

Every couple wants to impress on the memory of your love story, so it requires a special photo shoot. Having it, you can reveal its potential of posing to take a fresh look at the beauty of his half and prepare for the next photo shoot, if this is held before the wedding.

Why you need a professional photo shoot of the pair in the style of love story

Photographers often face the situation when the photo shoot love story is up until the wedding celebration. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the official event, where the couple will be subjected to the views of many guests. For this measure the bride and groom will be just the two of us, so will be able to Express all their feelings, to Express them naturally and with love.

Also holding a love story shooting of a need for grinding to the photographer – he’ll know the best angles for the pair, will know how they show emotions and feelings. The lovers will feel relaxed, will not be camera shy, you will understand for yourself the winning poses and emotions. Then at the wedding would make the perfect pictures that will be a reflection of love between two people.

Photoshoot for two is a Prime opportunity to show respect to each other about – it can be a birthday partner, wedding anniversary or Dating. Romantic motives at every step, so why not mark them with a share of fantasy, then to look at the pictures and admire them. Memorable shots with moments of romance will help to fall in love with a partner again.

Loving couple on nature

Ideas for a photo shoot love story in nature

The best choice will be the photo shoot love story with natural light outdoors. The surrounding vegetation and landscapes are the ideal backdrop, and the light will turn soft and diffused, which will affect the style of the photo. It is possible to survey at sea, in the forest, in the beautiful places of the city or in the Park –any time of the year ideal for creating beautiful pictures.

A romantic photoshoot for two at sea

The atmosphere of the resort, the noisy waves, the sea breeze, the summer – will make frames for your love story is unique and romantic. The sea is good to take pictures in the rays of the dawn or sunset to get a spectacular photo. Will look good frames in light clothing on a sandy beach, where romance and fills everything. Lovers necessarily need to do only romantic frames – suitable funny interesting poses that Express the brightness of the emotions and the game. The price of the shoot will depend on how well known and popular photographer.

Autumn photo shoot for the couple in the woods

When the leaves on the trees begin to turn yellow and blush, time to start love story shooting in the autumn forest. Bright environment and the picture will attract attention that will make the shots more expressive. You can experiment with the accessories to shoot an impromptu picnic, to organize mystery of history with the hide and seek between the trees. Good ideas will be a contrast in light or dark clothes with the colors of the leaves.

Autumn photo shoot for couples in love

Pre-wedding photo shoot lovers in the city

If I flee to nature for the shooting of love story fails, it is possible to spend it within the city. Urban style never goes out of fashion, so even against the gray of the historic buildings turn out beautiful shots. Ideas for pre-wedding photo shoot will be pictures on the background of bright urban graffiti, walking, public transport or iconic places of the city – the monuments are a spectacular reflection of the mood of the couple.

If funds allow, you can arrange shooting on the highest point of the city, overlooking the magnificent panorama. A good background will be the city of fountains, flowering trees in the Park or a Ferris wheel. The latest version will have to try that the shot did not hit passers-by, but if you shoot in a crowd, in tribute to the skill of the photographer get amazing pictures.

Survey of love story in spring in Park or Botanical garden

Tenderness and romance of the spring-soaked photo shoot in a Park or Botanical garden. You should choose a flowering time of Apple trees, cherry or other trees to serve as the perfect backdrop. Frames with flowers always turn out bright and saturated the colours, but if this is no longer an option, you can simply take a picture between the trees, which are beautiful in their spring pale green frame.

Looks spectacular love story photos taken in the rain or just on the grass. In the Park you can find fountains, boats, hidden from human eyes the secret corners. Additional decorations will be a hit the shot ducks, squirrels, balloons, remarkable buildings. Should consider in advance the outfits for the photo shoot, so they look a gentle, air and reflects the feelings of the couple.

Couple under the branch of the cherry blossoms

Ideas for love story in the Studio

When the weather makes shooting outdoors impossible, rescue photo shoot for lovers in the Studio. Here a limited number of frames, the price is more expensive, but with proper expression of imagination you can get dramatic photos. It is important to choose the right environment, to surround yourself with romantic accessories, to bring a few sets of clothes for changing.

Features photo shoot couples in love

The secrets of photography and love story are unusual, eye-catching poses for a photo session together, appropriate clothing, mood, and interesting surroundings. Photograph should have a share of training – for this you need to think carefully about the script, filming, learn the best angles to choose for yourself special liked the style. Then the effect will certainly please the partners.

Clothes and makeup

For the photo shoot in the Studio will need a few sets of clothes to get different shots. You can bring regular clothes in a festive style, but it is better to stylize the photos to hold them in retro style, vintage, rock, or any other. Male suit formal suits or casual relaxed style, in which he will feel comfortable.

Important for girls makeup – make up is stronger, because the camera «eats» part of the colors, making a face paler. Special attention should be paid to the makeup face – it must be carefully aligned, thereby ensuring a color match with the skin of the neck. The hairstyle is better to make simple, but good – look great soft curls, straightened strands.

Art photography couples outdoors

The entourage for a photo

Without cute accessories will not do any one shot love story. Use is the attributes of wedding romance – hearts, flowers, candles. Very beautiful bright eye-catching accessories – baskets, fruit, Antiques. To come up with a selection of attributes with respect to the direction pictures – you can surround yourself with gifts in beautiful wrapping wrapping, balloons, musical instruments, inscriptions, invitations.

What poses for love story-the most beautiful

Individual attention, poses for a photo session love story in which boy and girl will feel comfortable. The most beautiful romantic theme options are:

  • face-to-face;
  • the girl puts her head on his shoulder to the man;
  • hugs from behind;
  • beloved at the hands of a strong partner;
  • lying on the back (in the letter on the shag carpet, etc.).

On the background of ivy

How to shoot photos for lovers

When you first access the photographer for shooting the love story the couple will be a little pinched, so remove the photographer has a lot to had plenty to choose from. Sometimes there are unique shots made by accident. Stages of a photo shoot are:

  • meeting, agreement on the price;
  • the first test shots;
  • portrait photo;
  • themed photo with a good mood.

The price of the photo shoot love story

The cost of shooting for the lovers depends on the duration, level of fame of the photographer. Cheap price photoshoot is the one that costs 2000 rubles for 1 hour with a small package of processed images. If you enjoy working with the famous photographer, his prices are 1.5 hours starts from 10 thousand rubles from processing 20 thousand for the creation of photobooks.

Video: new photo shoot for lovers in the Studio

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