Photo shoot with horses

Professional photo shoot is becoming very popular. Everyone is trying to make the pictures extraordinary. Posing with horses – a win-win for this, because to find a person indifferent to these animals is impossible, and it fits this theme and loving couples, and families with children. Learn what you need to get the best photo.

How to prepare for photos with horses

The person who has no experience with horses, at the first meeting it is difficult to contact with animals. This is especially true because of the size of the pet. The nature of the horses too skittish. To implement the plans of the story need to advance mentally prepare: get rid of the fear that the horse will bite or kick. Very often you get that feeling on the eve of the photo shoot. It threatens the fact that the model’s smile is insincere, the eyes will see fear. To hide the dislike for the animal you are unlikely, so it is best to meet with him in advance.

Remember that to pose the horse as you need it, will not. Even testirovanie animal will not freeze and stand to attention on command anyway, but the movement in the frame to avoid will not work. Possible swings tail, pristupanja from foot to foot. The horse wants to eat, if the photo session is held in the summer outdoors. Another tip that will help avoid excesses in the process of shooting: take Care of the availability of funds against insects, if the photo shoot with horses is planned in nature, then inflamed places from the bites of mosquitoes do not have to remove in photoshop.

Girl with horse

Ideas for photography with horses

This activity can be enjoyed at any time of the year, although most people prefer summer. During this period all participants of the photo shoot feel more comfortable. As to the venue of shooting, there were no restrictions there is little, if these are not made by the owner of the animal. As a rule, conduct the event away from the equestrian club, if finances allow and weather conditions.

Winter photo shoot on horseback

Shooting in winter has some limitations territorial location. Will have to choose between the snow-covered pasture and another similar site which is close to the equestrian club. Winter landscapes are very attractive, so an experienced photographer will not be difficult to find the right background and props, such as capes with hood or the image of a Russian aristocrat.

Winter photo shoot of a girl with a horse

Couples photoshoot with a horse

To come up with a story for romantic photos of couples in love with a horse is very difficult. Often the guy with the girl are on horseback or around them. However, to save the situation, a special arrangement of models. For example, the girl and the guy to pick up horses of different colors, to hold a photo shoot in the West, and the pair may simply hold the animal by the bridle and nice to hug each other. Looks good in the frame with the lovers, and horse-drawn carriage. The walk is decorated in a retro style, will undoubtedly become unforgettable event in your life, strengthen relationships.

Girl with horse

A man will look better on horseback, but not everyone is trained in horsemanship. Most of the photos you can see a girl with a horse, even a pregnant model it is possible to participate in the process. To organize the survey at any time, without waiting for special or commemorative date. The result will be photos that the girl and her family will enjoy for many years. Particularly beautiful images are those that can be traced to the close relationship between horse and man, but only on the condition that it will with attention to every detail.

The photo of the girl with the horse

Wedding photo shoot

Always current wedding photography with horses. The pictures are taken outdoors regardless of the time of year. Often, in the event the couple is willing to spend a significant amount of money. Especially great if you can hold a costume photo shoot. For example, in the Russian style of the 17th century. The main rule – you should only invite a professional photographer with experience in shooting and knowledge of the characteristics of horses. If horse club will offer a specialist out of state, to abandon this service is not worth it.

Such photography requires a mandatory setting. This will significantly transform and fill with the goodness. Successfully chosen place for the photo shoot will only emphasize the solemnity of the event. It is worth remembering about the weather, think about a fallback in the case of strong wind or rain. Although most often in this case it is better to postpone the event.

Pictures of horses with children

Special preparation and a special setting for a photo shoot is not necessary. The child may like a beautiful costume or Princess (for girls). An experienced photographer without props is able to convey the joy of children in the selected plot. A child can be put on a horse riding and to give up the reins. Bright and unforgettable will be a moment where a small model feeding the animal with his hands. If your child feels anxious in front of the camera, the horse in the frame will help to cope with this problem.

Girl with horse

Poses for photo shoots with horses

The event can be a source of positive emotions. In addition to receiving beautiful and original photos of the equestrian club you can learn horse riding and to spend an unforgettable walk on the training ground. Do not be afraid that you do not get along with the horse, so as to conduct photo shoots are only calm and obedient animals. An experienced photographer will always listen to ideas of the future model will offer their own vision of the image. There are certain postures that will help to create a winning composition in the picture:

  • Wedding photoshoot: the couple are a couple of the stallion’s bridle, the bride sits down and the groom leads the horse, the girl looks into the distance, waiting for her Prince on horseback, posing in the carriage themed photo session with the horses.
  • Family photo, where you can be both adults and children riding during the walk (for safety you need to care about the appearance of child: helmet, gloves, high boots, accessories).
  • Shooting in nature: on the background of haystack, near the water, on the edge of the forest, in birch forest (the clothes we need to think ahead, girl fits a light dress and a male cowboy costume).

You don’t always need to be photographed on horseback. A person can be around, for example, take a rest or just his cheek. In any case, to think about composition beforehand, because in some cases, need the presence of special props. The presence of small details in the pictures always makes it more filled and alive.

Video: girl on the horse during a photo shoot

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