Underarm pads

These hygienic products have become known to Russian consumers recently. The quality of the product so well satisfies the query, the popularity of such strips is growing rapidly. Such a seemingly little thing to solve serious problems faced daily by thousands of men and women.

What is ear from sweat for the underarms

Liners from sweat for the underarms

We can safely say that it is an indispensable means of personal hygiene necessary representatives of any gender and age with maturity. Such spacers eliminate the mass unpleasant effects of sweating and help to look neat during the day:

  • save from perspiration stains on clothing;
  • prevent bad smell from the armpits;
  • retain a sense of freshness.

It is important to note that strip sweat from the armpits are hypoallergenic. This can be called a real salvation for those who do not fit many deodorants because of the presence in their composition of certain stimuli. In essence these tools to remind underarm pads daily feminine intimate care, but they are designed specifically to deal with then, have a different shape and composition.

How to choose and use

Shape, size and color strips for the underarms are varied. They can pick up on all occasions (small, medium, large), to any outfit (black, white, Nude). The materials of construction for pads for armpits are different, but all natural – cotton, wool, cellulose. The pads can be attached to clothing or on the body surface (directly on the arm). Method of application:

1) remove one of the protective pieces of paper to attach to wrong side of sleeve along the fold seam;

2) remove the second protective paper, to fix the gasket on the clothes of the opposite side;

3) method of application on the body is similar, only instead of a sleeve sealed to the skin in the armpit;

4) re-use of gaskets is unacceptable: unstuck – throw away.

A review of the popular manufacturers

Strip for POV

Quality products released by different companies:

  1. Viola is most known in our country, production in Finland. Correspond to GOST standards do not contain fragrances, 1 pack – 6 pairs of pads. The Foundation pads – cellulose, is also present polypropylene nonwoven material and a polyethylene protective film.
  2. Dry-Dry is a reliable product Swedish production. Positioned as «long lasting» (over 7 days), but the best use of 1 set is no longer a day. Pack of 10 wipes.
  3. «Stop Agent» – the Russian ear. Are adding to the base material – cellulose ions of silver (a natural antibiotic). The simultaneous application of deodorant. Pack of 10 pairs of pads with reliable labels.

Where to buy and how much are refills for underarms

Among an impressive list of advantages of these sanitary napkins, there is one drawback. In our country they are still not so common, so finding them on sale is difficult. Retail pads for underarms are found in the chemists, that offer, in addition to medicines, cosmetic products. The main method of acquisition among Russian consumers remains the order through the Internet. Depending on the number of pads in the original packaging and composition, their price in an average range between 70 and 800 rubles.Liners for your underarms

How to make underarm sweat pads from your hands

In an attempt to save money on this effective method of hygienic protection, some are trying to use «daily» instead of strips for the underarms. This path is about. Gaskets thicker, less ergonomic, their adhesive is not as reliable. It is better to make special shim with your hands. You will need:

  • cotton fabric;
  • sewing supplies;
  • wide double sided tape.

Underarm pads sweat

It is worth noting that the ability to absorb abundantly have only pads, manufactured by factory. Homemade wipes will only help to reduce discomfort and keep them away from pollution favorite thing out of the closet. The algorithm of production is simple:

  1. Cut blanks for plates in the shape of a Crescent (pick the size based on his physique). One pad or two items (they will be double for greater absorption).
  2. Stitch together about the details of each of the pads (manually or on a typewriter.
  3. Attach the tape on one side of the lining.

Video: how to get rid of wet underarms

Customer reviews

Tatiana, 21 years:Started using these strips this spring. Pharmacies not yet found the book on a special website. Fast shipping (3 days), you can pick up at the post office or to home (but more will come, and they are not cheap – from 600). For such as can pay, well protected from odors and stains of sweat, chosen the right color and size.

Irina, 37 years:If you hear that the gaskets Dry Dry hazardous to health (can cause cancer), do not believe. I’ve avoided using them, and then consulted with a doctor-mammalogy. He said that it is quite possible to use. Wear in hot weather with your favorite blouses (1,5 years!) and remain fresh, the clothes are not spoiled.

Maria, 18 years old:These pads I advised a friend when he saw the stains from deodorant on my shirt. Don’t know how I ever lived without them! Sweating, antiperspirant never defended well, and all the clothes sleeve, it was becoming unsightly. It is a pity that they are so expensive. And more difficult to find on sale. I hope they will soon appear in all pharmacies!

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