Prior to the completion of 2016, the citizens of Russia have the right to become homeowners on the mortgage, in the framework of state support. The initiative will facilitate the acquisition of real estate for the socially vulnerable categories of citizens. Mortgage loan at the best rate can be obtained in the offices of several banks, each of which has its own terms.

What is mortgage with state support


The essence of the program of mortgage with state support revealed that the government allocates to the banks the means to assist citizens in obtaining a home loan at a reduced rate. The organizations received money from the Pension Fund. State support of mortgage makes it possible for the purchase of residential area for many citizens. In addition, the government is pursuing measures to stimulate the construction, since the loan is made mortgage only if you have selected buildings. You can make the purchase of apartments in under construction or ready home.

Who is

State the mortgage is calculated by categories of the population, belong to the least protected, but financial institutions to a borrower are requirements:

  • The man who takes a Bank loan, must be at least 21 year or more. The upper threshold of the age limit in different banks is 65-75 years.
  • The borrower must be a Russian citizenship, prescribed in the same area, where the branch of the Bank.
  • Buyer must have a steady income, working at least six months in one company.
  • Monthly loan payment should not exceed 45% of borrowers ‘ income.
  • Many banks check the credit history of your client. If it is not in the best condition, the mortgage may be banned.

Mortgage may involve up to 4 people who are co-borrowers. The husband and wife are by default, even if a person takes a loan is not suitable under the defined conditions. This applies, for example, women who stay home with the kids, or do not have the necessary experience for office. Purchased apartment becomes the property of both spouses.

How to get a mortgage with the state support in 2016

To take advantage of the possibility of obtaining a mortgage with the state support need to collect documents:

  • the passport of the citizen, who wishes to buy an apartment, and borrowers;
  • paper, confirming the presence of stable income;
  • individual tax number;
  • a document that sets out the amount of income;
  • reference from the place where the citizen, taken in the personnel Department;
  • the draft Treaty, which regulates the purchase;
  • maternity certificate (if needed);
  • SNILS;
  • driver’s license (if any);
  • military ID (for men);
  • help, where are the members of the family;
  • paper containing information about the organization-Builder.

The family draws up the mortgage with state support

The steps required for getting loans with state support:

  1. Gather the necessary documents.
  2. Complete the application form, which can be obtained from a financial institution or do it online on the official Internet website of the Bank, you can use a special calculator to calculate the amount of the mortgage.
  3. Feed materials in the Bank so they treated workers.
  4. Negotiate loan terms with the employees of the Bank.
  5. Consider the housing options that offers a Bank employee, select the appropriate for you, inspect it.
  6. Signature on the mortgage contract.
  7. If the registration of the pledge occurs prior to the purchase of an apartment, put the collateral agreement.
  8. Sign the contract of purchase and sale.
  9. Register the property in Rosreestra.
  10. Having the right of ownership, notify the Bank, you may offer refinancing, lower rate.
  11. When the rent you owe will be paid to take off her burdens, by visiting the office of the credit institution.

Terms of mortgage loans

Mortgage provides for the following terms of use:

  • To buy affordable housing program is only allowed from construction companies, which received accreditation.
  • Must have the means of initial payment in the amount of not less than 1/5 of the cost (depending on the Bank).
  • Interest rate under the program is 11.4%.
  • The loan is for a longer period (limited to 30 years).
  • A loan is possible only in rubles.
  • The maximum size of loan in each Russian region is determined individually. For example, in St. Petersburg it amounts to 8 million roubles, in Moscow – 3 million rubles.
  • For the subsequent tax deduction you need to have a stable place to work.
  • To obtain a loan from the state support necessary to issue the insurance policy on the life of the citizen and of the housing.

To confirm the income you can use the following documents:

  • help 2-NDFL;
  • an extract made from the personal account, which is used for the transfer of subsidies, allowances, alimony and other payments;
  • the inventory owned by you property, securities, plots of land.

Program banks

The keys to the apartment

State initiative responded to several financial institutions, a very popular credit proposals, presented in the table:

Name of the Bank The conditions of the program of mortgage with state support
Sberbank Of Russia
  • the interest rate is 11.4% (with property valuation and insurance) to 12.4% (if insurance has not been renewed);
  • the age limit is from 21 to 75 years (at the time of termination of the agreement);
  • to bring the mortgage can be no more than 3 borrowers;
  • the credit for new buildings;
  • the term of the mortgage: from 1 year to 30 years.
  • the apartment is bought under construction or the finished house;
  • carry out comprehensive event insurance;
  • interest rate: 11,4%;
  • to obtain a mortgage only to accredited housing;
  • an approved application is valid for 4 months;
  • the period for which a loan is from 1 year to 30 years.
The program AHML
  • the interest rate is 10.9 to 13%, set depending on the value of the object;
  • the term of the mortgage: from 3 to 30 years;
  • the borrower’s age 18-65 years;
  • allowed to have no more than 3 borrowers.
  • the annual rate of 11%;
  • maximum loan amount: 2 million rubles;
  • issue occurs only on real estate accredited developers;
  • the maximum duration of mortgage: 25 years.
The Bank Of Moscow
  • provided the objects of the primary market;
  • allowed payment of the parent capital;
  • the down payment is 20%;
  • annual interest rate: 11,75%;
  • the loan shall be repaid in equal monthly installments;
  • the required borrower’s age 21-75 years.
  • the ability to get a mortgage on the new and secondary housing;
  • the loan maturity on state: up to 25 years;
  • rate: 10,9% per annum;
  • downpayment: 20%;
  • required to insure the purchased object;
  • age limit from 21 to 75 years.

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