Midlife crisis in men

Strange longing, dissatisfaction and others, things that defy logical explanation – is that the male midlife crisis. The transition from one life period to another is given sometimes difficult, accompanied by psychological problems.

What is a midlife crisis

Male depressed

The crisis of the middle years is a long emotionally depressed state of the person associated with the coming reassessment of the past vital stage. Many dreams of childhood and youth remained unfulfilled, seem irretrievably lost. In addition, the onset of his old age is evaluated as a phenomenon is real and imminent, not remote. A midlife crisis does not have a genetic predisposition, does not depend on the financial viability of the person.

Why come to the age crises

Growing up is not only a physiological transformation of the body. People in the course of its life goes through various stages of psychological development. During the crisis period, important changes just on the soul level. If the person overcomes the psychological difficulties, he rises to the next stage of formation of the person in front of him opened the prospects of spiritual growth.

Middle-aged men and their problems

My husband's midlife crisis

Midlife crisis in men it happens after 30 years when there is a revision of their attitudes and motivations, the analysis and the comparison of their achievements and success with other people. Occurs because of this dissatisfaction with social life pushes people to the unexpected. Man is trying to catch up, to make what in my youth was not enough time and effort. This explains the new interest, a sudden change in paid work and activities in General.

The fear of approaching old age – another reason emotionally unstable condition. Midlife crisis in men is associated with physiological changes that appear with age (excess weight, baldness, sagging of muscles). Many in this period becoming a chronic illness experience fatigue, which is also reminiscent of the aging. The man starts to think that a few years, and it will become a useless man.

The third cause of midlife crisis in men first signs of erectile dysfunction, the extinction of sexual desire. In addition to natural factors, this contributes to unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes in the body, adverse environmental conditions. Fear of the weakening of erection, a decrease of potency makes a man suffer, to seek out new sexual experiences. This explains the adultery that occur during fracture.

How does the mid-life crisis

In times of crisis, human nature expresses a protest needs to change. Because of the psychological dissatisfaction a person becomes capable of things that seem to be from the unpredictable, erratic. The desire to realize the dream of youth about bright, filled with emotions of life pushes for achievements and heroic deeds. The crisis of a middle-aged man manifests itself in different ways. One finds another woman and leaves his family, the second one starts to get involved in extreme sports, the third becomes unnecessary stable, high-paying job.

Relationship problems couples

Crisis 30 years

In 30 years the man becomes aware of his perfection and independence. A sense of unlimited freedom often turns into irresponsibility and permissiveness. Morals are loose, and not all go through this period without losses, loneliness. Selfish emotions get my husband to take my own family as an irritant, an obstacle to his will. From him starts to come cold towards his wife and children, there is a desire for solitude, peace.

Crisis 40 years

Paradoxically, the more in life has made man to 40 years, the more he is disappointed. Housing is, career is done, children grow up. What’s next? And here, seemingly, out of nowhere arise sentimentality, irritability at the slightest provocation, isolation, and dissatisfaction with oneself and others. The crisis in men 40 years old is that Mature people can suddenly get involved in a youth music or fashion, reminding his language and manners typical of a teenager. Emotional state while under the influence of male menopause, loses stability.

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Is there a link between age-related crises in men

The tendency of men to age-related crises depends on his attitude, self-esteem, ability to accept a situation in which it is located. A warm and trusting family relationships between spouses contribute to a resolution of any contradiction. Psychological crisis – a turning point in consciousness at which we need to learn something new, add variety to your life. How well will manage to make it, depends on the duration of this difficult period.

How to overcome the crisis 40 years for men

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Approaching middle age should not be scary. This is the next stage of growing up, the period of formation of personality, where the correlation of the youthful dreams that had been fulfilled. You should not focus on their mistakes. Thoughts about the failures involved in depression. During this period, it is important to make peace with what happened as a positive life experience contributes to building up the future happy life, full of love, mutual support.

The man better focus on the really important things for him, try not to react painfully to unfulfilled dreams. Life goes on, it begins another period, waiting for you ahead, new frontiers. It is important at this difficult time, not to dwell on his inner feelings, to be open, sociable. Willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with loved ones, positive perception of the world lead to emotional balance.

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