Lamp for drying nails at home

Women who pay attention to their appearance, strive to be perfect to the fingertips. Doing manicure in the salon is expensive, so many do the procedure at home. The desired coatings can be ordered in the online store. The main thing – to have a reliable and convenient apparatus for the polymerization of the varnish.

Types of lamps for manicure

Device for drying nail Polish

More recently, to consolidate the paint, used oil or spray drying. Now for this purpose there are special devices. They help to quickly dry nail Polish to make a beautiful manicure. There are several varieties of devices that are easy to use at home. They differ in design, capacity and price.

What are the devices for fastening nails, and which one is better? Popular:

  • Ultraviolet. Equipped with luminescent elements, has a low power consumption, low price. Serves up to 10 thousand hours, easy to work at home. Disadvantages – need frequent replacement items, special disposal as they contain mercury vapor.
  • Fluorescent CCFL. Works by the gas glow. The development time up to 80 thousand hours. Energy saving device does not harm the skin and eyes, but has a high price.

There are machines, capable of quickly dry the nail, they are not heated, but are more expensive. These include:

  • LED-lamp. Heating element LEDs. Devices safe, do not contain harmful substances. Work for 100 thousand hours. Have a high price. You can’t use for solid acrylic varnishes.
  • The hybrid vehicles. They both operate CCFL and LED bulbs. With their help, dry any kinds of varnishes. Durable, save electric energy.

UV lamp for nails

UV lamp Top

When choosing, it is important to understand the difference between the UV bulb from the ICE-lamp. Due to the low price, the devices with luminescent elements are the most popular. They have power from 9W to 54W, therefore, suitable for use at home, nail salons. Of the shortcomings can be noted that over time power is lost, replacement is required approximately every six months. During operation the intense heat. But there are pros:

  • affordable price;
  • a wide variety of models;
  • germicidal action of ultraviolet radiation on the skin.

9 watt

Apparatus for drying nail Polish UV lamp 9W is lightweight, small in size. It is convenient to carry, it is inexpensive. This dryer is popular with those who do manicure at home. In the device, only one luminous element, so you need more time to Polish could dry. The feature of the dryer – it can only keep 4 fingers.


Lamp for drying nails at home with a power of 36W fluorescent is already 4 element. In the dryer there is a special timer to control the time of polymerization. Due to the size of the device, it is possible to perform the procedure on both hands to do a pedicure. It is used for nail extension, shellac manicure, gel Polish in nail salons and at home. It is very popular, because at an affordable price and a reliable quality.

The ice lamp for gel Polish

LED lamp for selaku

The new technology accelerates the polymerization process several times, involves the use of LEDs. Modern LED devices are equipped with a timer, you can have a fan, touch control. Unless one led, it will not affect the quality of the manicure. The devices have the following advantages:

  • compact, have the dryer on 1 finger;
  • long time work;
  • do not overheat;
  • economic;
  • you may need to change elements;
  • do not harm the varnish and the skin;
  • safe.

How to choose a lamp for shellac

On what device to stay if you want to do a manicure at home? Company CND, which produces shellac, recommends its own apparatus for the drying, order them on the official website. It is possible to buy appliances in special shops or online stores. When choosing a lamp for shellac you need to consider:

  • Power. The higher it is, the faster the polymerization process.
  • The presence of a timer. Facilitates the work – base of drying is 10 seconds, a simple stopwatch is inconvenient to use.
  • Built-in fan reduces the time of polymerization.

Aparat BKE

If you need to purchase apparatus for the drying of shellac, listen to this advice:

  • When choosing inexpensive device buy quality brands tested.
  • Preferably the presence of the mirror surface inside the device. It helps to conduct deep qualitative polymerization.
  • The device must have a retractable bottom. In this case it is convenient to clean.

The price of lamps for drying nails at home

Through comparative analysis, we can evaluate how much a lamp for drying gel nails in Moscow.

Model Lamp type Power Price, R.
36W-818 UV 36 1050,0
RZ-174 9 1500,0
Jess Nail (JN2000) 36 1800,0
FROM 09-1 36 3000,0
RuNail LED 9W LED 9 2000,0
LED bulb 9W 9 2500,0
Correct 7 2600,0
LED4 13 3200,0
RuNail LED 18 W 18 6500,0
Touch LED+CCFL LED+CCFL 36 3200,0
Touch LED+CCFL 48 5300,0

Video about nail art dryer for drying


Svetlana, 21 years: Like to change the design of nails. Each event – your outfit and manicure. In the salons you can splurge. Decided to do a manicure yourself, at home. Internet-shop «Runal» found materials, UV light. She’s not powerful, but cheap. Think, you need to hold a little longer. Now girlfriends are jealous of me, and I advise them to buy the same!

Barbara, 36 years: I was fired from work. What to do? I remembered that I wanted to learn a shellac manicure. The technology is simple, the materials are available. Just need a good lamp for shellac. Such a strong and inexpensive. Bought the UV Nail lamp Jess capacity of 36 watts. Works quickly and efficiently. Start to earn. Excellent device, I advise!

Nina, 19 years old: Learning design at the University to earn some money, decided to make original nails the girls in the Dorm. I bought lucky’s «Sally Hansen», machine for nail Polish and the lamp LED+CCFL 36 watt. Those wishing to make a beautiful manicure a lot – I was generous, prices are reasonable. A device with a timer, the coating dries quickly. Very good purchase, I recommend!

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