Juicer for apples great performance

It is known that apples contain lots of vitamins and minerals, thanks to which the human body recovers quickly after disease and physical activity. All the goodness of fruit maintained in fresh juice. The article will look at what are the types of juicers for processing a large volume of apples.

Screw extractor

Freshly squeezed fruit nectar

To get the maximum benefits from apples, you can use an auger juicer. This type of equipment draws out the juice from the fruit automatically using a special pressing mechanism. The principle of operation is similar to a meat grinder. In the hole lay the prepared berries, fruits, vegetables, then grasps the auger grinds, squeezing the juice, and the meal deserves.

The advantage of this technique is that it runs almost silently, with a big performance, and energy consumption is negligible. Such a device can handle vegetables, fruits, berries and even grass. With the help of a screw twisted cake several times, giving the maximum amount of juice from the product. The negative side of the device – the high cost, and the fact that the neck for the products is very small, so before cooking fresh products must be crushed.

Hydraulic press for juicing

Press for squeezing juice from apples is a good alternative to regular electric juicers. Doing fruit first, thoroughly crushed, and then an Apple press with a drainage system squeezes the juice from them. This device is relatively inexpensive you can make a homemade apparatus. Hydraulic press has great performance and produces the maximum amount of useful product, it is often used in industrial scale.

Manual juicer

Manual camera

Among hand equipment for squeezing juice meet screw and pressing machines. They are very similar to their electric counterparts. But the devices work against mechanical impact a person, then you need to twist the knob. So there is no manual juicer for apples great performance. Plus such devices is their low cost and ease of use, such a device is suitable for any vegetables and fruit, grass. The downside is that you need to make great efforts to distort the fruit and extracting the juice.

Centrifugal juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Traditional device for extracting the juice at home is the centrifuge technique, which consists of a centrifugal design. With the pusher, the fruit or vegetable falls on a rotating disk in the form of floats, which grinds the fruit to a pulp, which then squeezed out the juice. Cake is sent in a special container, and the juice is poured through a hole in a Cup.

Due to the significant power this technique has great performance. It is perfect for hard vegetables and fruits but, unfortunately, completely unable to cope with mild berries, grass, which is a disadvantage for this phone. Because of imperfect structures, often the cake is hammered to the Department of a rotating disk, then you have to disassemble the unit to clean it up. The technique works noisy and vibrates. Another disadvantage is that the process of cooking fresh lost part of useful vitamins.

What should be a good juicer for apples

The device from Maxwell

When you select should pay attention to the power of the device, because the bigger it is, the more performance you can squeeze out more juice with less time. The device must be equipped with rubber feet that protect the equipment from moving during operation. And if the device will be wide mouth for dipping fruits and vegetables, you will easily be able to shred the apples, carrots and other fruits without preparation.

A good device has a speed controller, through which you can increase your productivity while using a different hardness of fruits and vegetables. A big plus would be if the Cup for collecting the juice features preseparator, which separates the liquid from the foam, because many do not like to drink, especially fresh drink.

Juicer for fruits and vegetables from the best manufacturers

Device company salute

Today juicer for apples great performance is available in the CIS countries, Russia and Belarus. Below is an overview of the most popular vehicles with high performance:

  1. Rossoshany. Many consumers claim that Belarusian «Rossoshany» is very similar to a juicer «salute». This device has great performance – about 70 kg of apples per hour, the cycle is 10 minutes. Lay the fruit whole, which really helps.
  2. Is that woman. Trim the instrument of Russian production similar to the «Rossoshansky»: a cylindrical shape with the centrifuge. The efficiency of the apparatus is higher than that of the previous device, and the operation cycle is increased to 20 minutes. Apples can be laid entirely.
  3. Neptune. This device takes the first place in ranking performance because it can process about 120 kg of apples per hour. The phone is available in Russia. The work cycle is long, so this machine can operate, without stopping, all day.
  4. Salute. Equipment is produced in Russia. Like previous devices, it has a cylindrical shape with a centrifugal extraction system. This device can process 60 kg of apples per hour.
  5. Angel. Auger juicer for apples great performance, made of steel, has a three-tier degree spin, that allows to obtain fruit maximum amount of juice. This device can easily cope not only with fruits and vegetables, but also berries, grass.

Where to buy and how much it cost

A large selection of devices for squeezing juice available in shops household appliances and online stores. When you determine for what purpose you need the device and how often you will use it, then you can safely proceed to the selection of the model with the desired features. In online shops you will find a detailed description, prices start from 4000 b. In specialized shops of home appliances you will get professional advice of the seller, the warranty on the product, but the price will differ by 500-1000 UAH. and above, depending on the model.

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Maxim, 35 years:we in the country a large number of Apple trees. In the autumn, gathering the harvest, we always puzzled over where to put it. Juicer garden has become a great option for processing apples. Spent the entire winter with the vitamins that are so necessary in the cold season, and we don’t need to buy juices in the shops.

Olga, 46 years:When I had my grandson, I began to pay great attention to his diet and proper nutrition. It depends on if he gets all the necessary beneficial minerals, nutrients and vitamins I was convinced that natural fresh child just need. Therefore, a universal juicer «that Woman» occupied a special place in our kitchen.

Ekaterina, 27 years:I am for eating healthy and watching my figure, so I really need natural juice every day. I never buy unnecessary equipment or thing, before purchase to assess its necessity. Juicer professional «Neptune» was my choice for a reason. Now my body gets all the necessary vitamins and energy for the whole day.

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