Is it possible to baptize the child in the post

Even before the baby is born, parents are thinking about whether to baptize him, and when to do it. The Church allows the sacrament to draw near to God and take communion to the Faith. Many moms and dads believe that the procedure protects against the evil eye and evil. The child can be baptized at any age or leave him a choice.

When to baptize the child

The rite of baptism

Specific time to perform spiritual ordinances no. When can we baptize a child? Most parents carry out the ritual of approach to God your child until they reach one year. In Russia the baby baptized on the 8th day after the birth of the modern moms and dads organize this action after 40 days of life. Before this age the new mother is considered unclean, so she is not allowed to be in a Church. If a baby is born with severe complications or diseases, then the ritual may be performed a few hours after the appearance of a baby into the world.

Baptized children in the post

The ceremony

More and more parents, the question arises whether it is possible to baptize a child in the post. The priests give an affirmative answer, it is never too late to bring man to God. However, there may be a number of technical difficulties. The first is that of baptize during lent, and the Church bans it either. At this time there are frequent and long worship between which remain short intervals of time. Weekend service shorter, so priests can focus more parishioners.

You need to know in advance whether you can baptize a child in a post in a particular Church. Bans on some days of the week also does not exist. The second subtlety: for christenings, which have at this time, it is necessary to organize fast table. Do not eat foods of animal origin to consume alcohol. Ask advice from the priest, he will tell you that you can put on the table.

Rules of baptism

Pop keeps baby

How is the sacrament according to the Orthodox canons? This centuries-old ritual has become a tradition. It has the following rules:

  • At least one of the biological parents must profess Orthodox Christianity.
  • Age godmother and father – at least 16 years of age, it is desirable that they were not married and did not plan to marry each other. Both recipients must be Orthodox believers.
  • The child must be at least one godfather. For the son is godfather to daughter’s godmother.
  • In some churches the priests before the sacrament is carried out a unique test for the godfather. They find out how much the godparents know the religious rites, prayers, honor religious holidays.
  • When the priest gives the signal, godparents carry the baby to Church (boy’s godmother, the girl’s godfather). Baby while wrapped in a white cloth.
  • Godfather recite prayers to obeying the commandments. Then, in several stages of the sacrament of baptism. Final – dive of the baby in the font, laying a cross on the chest and lift the baby to the altar (for a boy) or prisloneniya to the icon of the Mother of God (for the girls). The child is given the name of one of the saints.

What you need to know godfather

The godfather holds the baby

They bear responsibility for the spiritual education of his godson. The heirs are responsible for the reunification of the little man with God, and if the biological parents of a baby something happens, godparents take their role. These people close to you should not only know whether you can baptize a child in the post, but occasionally go to Church services to know the laws of God, to live by them.

If we talk about the organizational aspects, the cross goes sale cross, white towels with embroidery baptismal dress for the baby. The godfather agrees with the priest about having a Church and organize a feast. Everyone should tune in a positive way, not to think about prejudice and to conduct christenings in accordance with Church canons.

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