How to unlink apple id from iphone

The manufacturer makes every effort to reduce the number of phone thefts. For owners of iPhone and iPads from Apple security became a special ID account, which helps to locate or lock your device. Sometimes people forget the password from the service or re-sell the phone, so you should know how to remove the Apple ID.

What is the Apple ID


An Apple ID is a special user account, which opens up full access to all services and functions of the iPhone. Generally create and activate immediately upon purchase and the password communicated to the user by the seller. Binds the account to the mailbox that needs to be accessed. System iCloud will store information from your device, so it is important to protect it from breaking. For this reason, to erase, to clear or reset the uchetku extremely difficult. Knowledge about how to unlink Apple ID from iPhone you may need in several cases:

  • when they sell an iPhone and are going to remove personal information;
  • you bought the phone with the owner, and the previous owner did not come out of the Apple ID password you have provided;
  • just forgot password;
  • replaced an older model iPhone for a new one and want to rebind your account.

The latest version of the operating system of the phones support the service «Find my iPhone», which was created in order to find the device in case of theft. If the device is stolen, then upon request the operator can provide location data to the apparatus. If it is impossible to return the iPhone you can remotely erase all the personal data that the attacker got access to them. For those who are looking for how to disable find IPhone it’s important to figure out how to decouple the ID.

How to delete account on the IPhone

Those who are looking for how to decouple the ID from the iPhone, you should know that no flashing will not reset the account. If you reset or reformat the device to factory settings, it generally turns into a high-tech «brick» because when you turn on the system immediately ask for a password. To decouple the ID in several ways, which should be depending on the situation. The owner can do the following:

  • to request the password by email, which is indicated when activated;
  • to decouple uchetku through the support;
  • you can modify data through the program ITunes.

To change the data account settings

Most apps in the AppStore are paid, and when changing the device will have to buy them again. You can save money if you know how to unlink Apple ID from the old iPhone. The account can be used on a new phone, and all your purchased apps will stay with you. Unbind and bind the device you can use iTunes for this you will need:

  1. Computer.
  2. The phone, which is necessary to untie.
  3. Access to the Internet.


It is important to know the password to the account, otherwise nothing happens. If you bought the phone to find out the data from the previous owner. To decouple the iPhone:

  1. Open the program, log in with your Apple ID.
  2. Go to the Store.
  3. In the bottom of the window (need to flip) is «Account».
  4. Click on «Manage devices», then click on «Delete», «Done».
  5. This is the whole procedure how to unlink Apple ID from iPhone. If you want to bind it to another phone then you need to click on the link «to read».

Contact support

This method is a little more complicated, a good choice if there is no access to the iTunes application. This method provides the ability to delete the account forever without possibility to restore (useful when selling the phone). You must perform the following steps:

  • browse;
  • fill in all fields marked as mandatory (required);
  • send the request (Submit Suggestion).

To increase the likelihood of a positive response from technical support, which should reset the account, should fill in an application form. When assembling, pay attention to the following points:

  1. The e-mail must be specified the one for which the registration was conducted ID.
  2. In the subject line (Subject) precisely specify the purpose of the treatment, such as «delete my Apple ID.
  3. In the field «Comment» to accurately describe the reason you want to disable uchetku. No description support do nothing, so this is important. If difficulties with English, use an online translator. Feel free to write why you want to disable ID (for sale, to give to his brother, etc.).

You should not write in the comments what you want to change the account, because the company does not welcome such actions. Personal reasons are approved more often. The writing in the Comment should not be written, enough dry prepared several phrases that will be understandable to the moderators. The answer may come in 3-4 days or 2-3 weeks, some regularity in the duration of consideration of applications is still not detected. Link for Mac will be sent to your email.

How to unlink IPhone from Ayklauda if forgot password


Above are a few ways how to remove Icloud with the IPhone, but there are times when the password ID lost. Further actions depend on situation: for example, if you are the first and direct owner of the phone, then you can try to contact the company. For a positive answer (the company is not obliged to do this, but can go to meet the buyer) should collect «evidence» that the device belongs to you:

  1. The photo of the box from the iPhone, showing your IMEI, there should be a phone with the same number, check out of the store.
  2. If there are apps, they should be placed on that photo.

If all this is not, and the phone is bought with it, then you should contact the seller to grant you all the necessary information (or password the documents box). If this is not possible (the husband himself is forgotten, and the check is not preserved), to circumvent the protection, you can order the password recovery e-mail. You need to do the following:

  1. Log out of the iTunes app store, but you log in to the client.
  2. Try again to log in to your account.
  3. Select «Forgot password?» then «Send mail».
  4. Login to your ID. You must enter the password which came by e-mail.

It is not recommended to reset the device to factory settings, the phone automatically turns off and then immediately requires you to log in. To use iPhone generally will not be able to know the access methods listed above will no longer be possible. If communication with the seller no email specified stranger, and the check box is not available, unlink Apple ID will not work in any way.

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