How to transfer money Beeline, MTS

Some people use multiple cards of different operators. Sometimes the need arises to send money from your account to another, for example, MTS, Beeline. This possibility exists, the subscribers of different companies can replenish the balance of another account. Below are given ways to transfer money from Beeline, MTS.

How to transfer money from Beeline MTS via SMS

To stretch my funds to a customer of another mobile operator, you need only your mobile plus the phone number of the recipient. Simple way how to translate the Beeline on MTS payment via SMS. To recharge you must do the following:

  1. Open the form and create a new SMS.
  2. In the box type the number 7878.
  3. In the message text, enter the recipient’s phone, the amount that you want to transfer separated by spaces. For example, sms may look like this (without the quotes): «9123456789 500». So will pay on 500 roubles.
  4. Click on the labels «Send».

When entering amounts, do not forget that the account will be retained by the Commission. Next, you will be notified of the transfer of funds, you must confirm the operation. In a few minutes the other party will find recharge. The service is available to all users of Beeline, activate it is not necessary. Remember that the fee is charged in excess of the amount of shipping, rather than subtracted from it.

Transfer money via SMS

How to transfer money from Beeline for MTS at the operator’s website

Those who are confident using access to the world network, the operator has proposed another method, how to transfer money Beeline, MTS. Use a special service: it is available via the service on the website of the company. Send funds remain the same, only changes the method of transmission. Instruction:

  1. Open the resource operator.
  2. Click on the «Finance and payments».
  3. Select «All services».
  4. You will be prompted captivates the account of another subscriber. You need to put a mark on the line «Another operator».
  5. Before you will appear immediately shipping terms: Commission, minimum payment, delivery time.
  6. Click the words «translate a website». You will see a list of companies that are available the ability to transfer money. Click on MTS.
  7. A form will appear where you have to specify a number, enter the recipient’s phone, the amount of the transaction.
  8. The system will immediately display information about the amount of Commission total amount of money that will be deducted from your account.
  9. Press «Pay».

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The price of the service to transfer money from Beeline, MTS

Before to transfer money from Beeline, MTS, don’t forget to take into account, this service is free of charge. Or you want to send by sms or via the operator’s website – it does not matter, you always are charged a certain Commission. In addition to the contents of the additional fees there are a number of other restrictions:

  1. You can not transfer less than 10 rubles.
  2. The maximum amount available to send – 15000 p
  3. For 24 hours you can transfer funds no more than 10 times. The total amount of all transactions shall not exceed the limit of the previous paragraph.
  4. A week is allowed to do 20 transactions, which does not exceed the amount of 30,000 UAH.
  5. This month you can send to 30 transactions, which amount shall not exceed 30,000 R.
  6. When you send money to a customer of another operator transaction fee is 4.95%.

The company did not create too many additional conditions, most of them for the average subscriber doesn’t really matter. Not many will want to send your family member or friend payment of more than 15,000 rubles at a time. The website operator posted and shared the offer, which shows all the details of this service from a legal point of view, the user has the opportunity to read it. When sending to MTS delivery time can take up to 5 minutes that you specify in the form when filling out the application. The translation is available for phones in any point of Russia.

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How to perform transfer money from Beeline on MTS for free

Question on how to send money with Beeline, MTS and not pay a Commission, often. The methods described above do not allow operation with such terms. The Commission is charged, so the extra charge will be taken in the prescribed quantity. For the Beeline of companies, it is equal to 4.95%, which is deducted from the balance. The only exception is the virtual card from the operator. If the completion comes from it, the fee for payment is not charged. The operation is performed in the same paragraph, site, and transfer funds from your personal account.

Direct translation from Beeline MTS from the subscriber to the subscriber

Those who are looking for options how to transfer money from Beeline, MTS, know that such a possibility exists. Almost all mobile telecommunications companies allow the exchange of funds between different operators. All the above methods are direct translations from one subscriber to another. The firm’s profit is the Commission charged for the transaction in this format.

What is the limit on disposable mobile transfer with Beeline, MTS

The foregoing limitations apply to all individuals who use the service of the company. As noted earlier, it is impossible to send per day from the same number more than 15,000 rubles. Subscribers who use the services on a contract basis, to perform this operation can not do. The limit on the transfer of money suggests that you can transfer money in one payment or more (but not more than 10 per day).

Video: how to throw the money into the Beeline on MTS modem

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