How to teach baby to crawl

Crawling in child development is an important step that prepares the musculoskeletal system for walking. Scientists have proven that this baby is the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain, contributing to the exclusion of dyslexia and improve coordination.

At what age does a baby starts crawling

Mother playing with baby

The toddler is exploring his own body and its capabilities from the very young age. When the child begins to crawl – it’s the barrier of perception of reality, because the child himself can get what used to be unattainable for it. The child learns to control the body, developing the full brain. It is impossible to answer the question, in how many months the child begins to crawl, because every man is individual. Pediatricians are called abstract figure – 6 months, but sometimes the child begins to master the world bowing the knee in 4 months.

The benefits of crawling

The baby crawls

How to teach a child to crawl, of interest to all parents, for the benefit of independent movement is undeniable. A breakthrough in the development of space is between five and twelve months. The child begins to stand on all fours, then crawling back, then forward with increasing speed. Young mothers are interested in how to teach baby to crawl and why.

Crawling strengthens the muscles of the back, legs, arms, shoulder girdle, improves coordination, helps develop a child’s musculoskeletal system. This activity helps to stimulate the cortex areas responsible for the regulation of movements, improves the interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain, stabilizes the motion coherence cross arms and legs (left arm – right leg).

The importance of crawling is emphasized by the educators, and psychologists. Due to movement on all fours, the child develops tactile sensitivity. Moving on different surfaces, the child passes on the way to many new things (legs of chairs, sofa, chair) and study them. Also improved visual perception, because the panorama of the same object from different sides is different.

How to help baby crawl

Baby crawling

A well-known pediatrician Dr. Komorowski on the question of how to teach your baby to crawl, says that the child will stand, walk, sit and crawl by himself when he wants to. The primary role of parents is to raise him so that all these movements did not become for a child is hard work. The only assistance should be to hardening, muscular development and to prevent rickets.

When the child begins to crawl, parents need to learn not to limit the freedom of movement. In order to protect the child from trouble, the best way is to get on all fours to go back and check the space for sharp corners. If you see dangerous objects, then you need to remove them in order not to turn the study of the world baby in solid bans.

Sometimes, even after 8 months, the child does not want to start to move on their own. In this case, the parents are beginning to turn to pediatricians with the question of how to teach your baby to crawl. Children’s doctors say for sure: do not forcibly encourage the movement of his child, because the baby can be simply weakened body. First you need to pass the examination and to strengthen the musculoskeletal system with the help of special exercises. There are several factors that affect the formation of desire in the child to crawl:

  • personal characteristics;
  • health;
  • the psychological atmosphere in the family;
  • the physical data.

Exercises that the child was crawling

The child does the exercise for crawling

To help learn to crawl by means of exercises possible, lay on the floor, children’s books, bright toys, lids, boxes, to stimulate the interest of the study. But before that we should check is whether the baby in the area of the draft. To avoid colds should be on the floor lay a carpet, lay a mattress or a warm blanket. The lack of restrictions on independent movement will help a lot faster to teach the baby how to crawl. The child will feel more confident if during travel, the mother will stay close.

How to teach baby to crawl with the help of specially developed exercises:

  1. Relying on straight arms. Put the baby on your stomach, hang a favorite toy just above his head. Child to grasp the object, rise up on the handles and will last.
  2. The strengthening of the vestibular apparatus. Learn to work with your hands, making the roll of blanket or quilt that fits under the breast to the child. The head and handle should be hanging, and feet – to be in smooth condition. The child in this position would turn his head in different directions, and take both hands any items.
  3. Kneeling and all fours. Press your baby’s belly, put one hand under the armpits, and the second put on the surface of the knees. Smooth the back of the child needs to stay pressed against you. Once the child has mastered, lower it slowly forward so that the handle rested on the surface.
  4. Learn to rearrange the handles. Classes are best done above the table. With one hand hold the child under the breast, the other – raise the legs. Open palms of the baby should rest on the table surface. Push the child so that the handle began to move forward.

Video: how to help your child learn to crawl

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