How to swaddle a newborn

The diaper is comfortable «outfit» for the baby, which there is not one Millennium. Every young mother needs to master the skills of swaddling your baby, because this process has many nuances. Incorrect methods of wrapping, the violation of hygienic norms can lead to the development of the newborn physiological disorders.

Do I need to swaddle children

Dytyna in paluskar

A lot of controversy right now is the process of changing, because you can dress your baby much easier today. The generation of our mothers and grandmothers insist on it. Children’s pediatricians headed by the famous Dr. Komorowski claim that raping a child is not necessary, because the new man you need to move more quickly to develop. Swaddling a newborn is not harmful and does not inhibit the child’s development, but it has its pros and cons.

The advantages include the fact that after birth, the child quickly adapts to our world, because in the womb, the child took the same position. Also, many of the kids in the dream, jerking arms, legs and can Wake up if they are not to swaddle, so to completely abandon loosely wrapping is not necessary. Cons of changing:

  • diapers do not insure against abrasions, diaper rash, diaper dermatitis;
  • there is a rapid habituation, and then it is difficult to wean the baby to sleep;
  • a newborn baby may overheat due to an unstable body temperature during the first months after birth.

How many diapers you’ll need for a newborn

How to swaddle a newborn step by step

Before you can understand how to learn how to swaddle a newborn, should take care of his «dowry». Parents should know that diapers can be necessary not only in order to wrap the newborn. They need to cover a changing table, changing Mat for crib, stroller, to protect bedding and to cover the baby. About 2-3 pieces additionally need to bathe a newborn, wipe after washing, put on the tummy after feeding.

If the count in the end, it would be about 10 diapers of thin cotton fabric size 90/100 see If you know how to swaddle a baby in the cold season, don’t forget to purchase the same number of thick lengths of fabric for swaddling. Especially popular lately are disposable diapers have excellent leak protection and a pleasant surface to the touch. Bed sheet is ideal to make her bed or changing table.

How to swaddle a baby

That the baby didn’t have a dermatitis on legs or not any diaper rash, moms not only need to know how to swaddle a newborn, but also take into account the quality and purity requirements diaper. Hard, wet, dirty or dry cloth will bring discomfort to the child and parents many sleepless nights. Before swaddling the baby need to wash away, wear a homemade gauze or a ready-made diaper. The napkin must be ironed on both sides, better iron with a steam function, so that the material has retained softness.

Instructions for swaddling baby

The process of swaddling a newborn can be done everywhere. Perform the procedure on a bed, sofa, Desk. A more convenient option – a changing table or a special dresser with a separately attached plaque, which perfectly fit into the nursery when the baby gets older. Before you swaddle a newborn, it put on the vest with the smell on his chest (warm option) or on the back (the light fabric). After veiled a thick diaper, then fine. The procedure is performed only in a warm room.

Free swaddle

Diaper your baby in different ways. Free swaddling involves a certain amount of comfort for the baby, when legs and arms can remain movable. The benefit of this technique: the activity of the newborn, contributes to the study of his own body, studying the surrounding world. Practice step-by-step free baby changing Mat:

  1. On the table lay the diaper.
  2. Position the baby so that the top edge was at the level of the waist.
  3. Next, you should put on a diaper and a jacket.
  4. Wrap baby’s left side of the diaper, secure the edge of the backrest.
  5. Right side secure the crosswise and fold the bottom end up, like put it on my feet.
  6. Fix the edges to the side or rear.


Tight swaddling of the newborn

The standard way of swaddling, used in the hospital – tight. It completely constrains the movement of the baby. How to swaddle a newborn tight method, are taught up to delivery. Seaming to do it:

  1. Put the baby in the center of the diaper so that the top was located near the neck.
  2. Along the body position straight handles.
  3. Obliquely at the back, wrap the edge of the fabric.
  4. The bottom corner of the fold just above the elbows.
  5. The ends wrap around the body and fix it with Velcro or secure with a safety pin.

Wide swaddling method

How to swaddle your baby in other ways? There is still a wide swaddling, free from which is characterized in that the legs of the newborn are recorded in a divorced situation. To this end, the legs should be a pillow or a diaper, causing them to divorce at 60 °C. At the present care for a wide diapering moms use a cover with Velcro on the shoulders, special panties, or a frejka pillow. Wide swaddling is recommended for dysplasia, abnormalities in the development of the musculoskeletal system or pelvis. In other cases, such a method should be abandoned.

Video: how to swaddle a newborn in a diaper

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