How to stop biting fingernails

Most people have the habit of nail biting that occurs usually in the nervous system. The reasons for this are many, and people may not even notice as he starts to do it. Comes to, when it remained gnawed at the root plate. This not only spoils the appearance of the fingers, but also harmful to health.

Why not nail biting

The woman is nervous

This Problem is more common in young children who are trying to get rid of psychological discomfort. However, chew on fingers and adults for the same reasons – neurosis. This phenomenon has the scientific name – onychophagia. In the future, after getting rid of the causes of neurosis, this process becomes habit to quit for many, it becomes a problem.

To get rid of the desire to crunch out a must, because it leads to unpleasant consequences. Under the nail plate of a person accumulates a huge number of microbes per day. Tooth person violates their integrity and all the content beneath them falls directly into the mouth, and then in the digestive system. This can lead to the development of diseases, worms, etc.

It is clear that the appearance of the fingers is extremely unpleasant. To fight onychophagia sometimes difficult due to the fact that the action often occurs unconsciously. So for those who are looking for how to stop biting your fingernails, forever there is a list of tips that will help in this case. Below are the options that you can do to achieve this goal.

How to stop biting your nails at home

The girl is going through

There are many methods how to stop biting your nails. Here are some of the simple options that you can use at home. If you want you can try such maneuvers to nail biting:

  1. Regularly take care of the condition of the nail plate. Time to trim it, women have to cover with varnish. Perhaps it will stop you from the desire to damage them and it’ll be even harder to take care of them.
  2. Girls can use a special bitter nail Polish that instantly remind you of the problem, if the fingers involuntarily pulled in his mouth. Men can use clear nail Polish. Girls can stick the acrylic or build plate from the master. It is not possible to nibble.
  3. If the reason for onychophagia be experiences stress, it is necessary to learn the techniques that will allow you to be able to relax at the right time, avoid experiences.
  4. Sold a special tool, educause nail biting, which by its unpleasant taste will remind that it is necessary to stop.
  5. If onihofagiya – just a habit, try to replace it with something else, for example, drawing. Men well suited expander or a rubber ball, which distracts from bad habits, but also trains the hands.
  6. Try to fix a situation where the unconscious desire to bite the nail plate as strong. Knowing about these dangerous moments, it becomes easier to control, to hold back.
  7. You can create a negative Association during bouts of onychophagia: just in this moment, pinch yourself hard for the tendons in the wrist. The brain will create a negative «anchor,» and a desire to repeat the unpleasant experience will be lost.
  8. The child gets the habit, as a rule, from-for problems at school or with friends. It develops in the nervous system, so you should talk with your child. If you can deal with psychological problems, onihofagiya retreat.

Video: how to wean the child to chew fingernails

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