How to spend bonus Beeline

The life of modern man is hard to imagine without the Internet and television and cell phones. Every major mobile operator is trying to attract new and keep existing subscribers by offering attractive conditions, cheap tariff plan and various loyalty programs. The company «VimpelCom» is no exception – for each replenishment of a subscriber account, customers earn points. Anyone who regularly uses the services of this mobile operator, you need to know how to spend bonus Beeline

How to check bonus points Happy time

Each client Beeline offers to connect incentive program, through which you can accumulate points. All bonuses are credited to your sub-accounts the balance of which is easy to check in several ways:

The entrance to the Personal account Beeline

  • By dialing the combination *767*2# and press «Call». The screen will display information about the current status of the account.
  • Going to the billing office Beeline.
  • Calling the technical support operator.
  • Using the Android app on your smartphone.

Where and when you can spend bonuses Beeline

To participate in the «Bee Happy» can be anyone user, with 1 bonus equal 1 ruble. The accumulation of points is depending on the amount of replenishment of the mobile account and your subscription term:

  • up to 6 months of use of the network – 5%;
  • from 6 to 12 months – 8%;
  • 1 to 2 years – 10%;
  • 2 to 3 years – 12%;
  • more than 3 years – 15%.

Users have the opportunity to decide how to use the bonuses Beeline happy time:

  • pay for mobile communication;
  • to transfer to another client of Beeline;
  • to write off the cost over the Internet;
  • to order additional options.

To Pay For The Internet

Payment Internet bonuses

If your account balance is insufficient amount of funds for the monthly payment of home Internet, you will be able to use points. This is done as follows:

  1. Go to «my account» and select the «Deposit balance».
  2. Select «Other payment methods», then «Other».
  3. Click the tab «Payment of bonuses», key: «Spend bonus» (appears only if lock).

Transfer bonuses

Customers who do not know how to spend bonuses from Beeline, have the opportunity to give their savings to other users. For the transfer:

  • To type on your mobile phone dial *767#, press the call button.
  • To specify the recipient phone number in the format 90ХХХХХХХХ and the necessary amount (not less than 10 and not more than 3000 per day).
  • Receive a TEXT message with a one-time passcode to confirm the operation.
  • Confirm the transfer, putting the resulting code.

Services for bonus rubles

In addition, program members can spend their points to activate the different rewards and services:

The girl connects the paid services bonuses

  • 25 points in 30 calendar days it is possible to include the package «My Country» (reduces the cost of cell phones for calls in Russia). To activate dial *110*0021# and «call».
  • For people making frequent trips abroad for work, study or for travelers cheap roaming will provide the option «My planet». Connection fee for 30 days is 25 points. Activation occurs at room 06740486.
  • Save on long distance calls service will help «My long distance». Its connection for 30 days you will need 55 points. Combination to activate 06740455.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family, even abroad, you can use the package «100 SMS international roaming». The cost of the service for a period of 1 month is 295 points. Payment of bonuses Beeline is the number 06740487.
  • Fans of high-speed Internet can use the options in 1 month «prolong speed 1 GB» for 100 bonus (activation number 06740488) and «prolong speed 3 GB» for 200 points (number 0 to connect 06740489).

How to activate the bonuses Beeline

Before starting to accumulate and use points, you must activate the loyalty program using one of the following methods:

  • To send a USSD request *767#. In response you will receive SMS alert notifying connection.
  • In the salon of mobile communication to arrange a special savings card.
  • Call the customer support service of Beeline and request the operator to connect.
  • To login to your account and to activate the service.

Bonus card

The bonus card from Beeline

The company «Vympelcom» has released a special debit card, which in the office of Beeline can any subscriber of the network. Service free Mastercard for its completion are free of charge and with constant use and making purchases via wire transfer to the account earn points. Many people are interested in how to spend the accumulated bonuses Beeline, collected on the map? Send them to another account is not possible, however, it is possible to spend on:

  • Pay TV, home Internet, mobile communication.
  • Discounts when buying goods in the salons of Beeline and its partners.

To register a payment card from the company «Vympelcom» it is advantageous because of the following positive aspects:

  • To pay for the goods it is possible and in Russia, and abroad.
  • The Commission for transferring funds from other Bank cards missing.
  • Upon the payment in foreign currency conversion at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.
  • For cash withdrawal at any ATM worldwide withdrawn 1% Commission.

Video: how to spend bonus Beeline

Program is «Bee Happy» allows you to save on communications services, up to 15 % monthly. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the following videos, you will learn about the main benefits and features of the loyalty program Beeline how to spend bonuses, you will learn how to view the number of points accumulated on the account and to pay for their Internet services and mobile operator.

Program Happy time

How to pay bonuses Home Internet

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