How to send SMS from PC to phone for free

It is difficult to meet a person who doesn’t know how to send short text messages from a mobile phone. But today many people use laptops, so more and more users, the question arises: how to send SMS from PC to save time and money? Make it easy, if you install on a PC one of the free programs, which we will discuss below.

Bulk email, free SMS via online services

Sending SMS messages can be done from not one, but multiple users. Such services help to maintain continuous contact with relatives, friends, and also can be useful for doing business (advertising, marketing). With the help of mass SMS from your computer, you can simultaneously send an invitation to a wedding, birthday or a visit on the phone all the people you want to see at the party.

To carry out via the Internet, mass sending SMS with the computer, you first need to find web-resources (sites) that provide such services. These programs have rich features, the main ones are:

  1. Mass sending of free SMS.
  2. Sending messages on schedule.
  3. The history of SMS.
  4. Delivery tracking.
  5. The ability to set delays between messages.
  6. The ability to set priority numbers for sending SMS.
  7. Speed automatic sending up to 100 SMS per second.

A special program for sending SMS operators

Free SMS sending from PC to phone will be using a special app you want to download to your computer. The user can send an anonymous message or SMS, which is already in the program – no need to invent anything, and the COMPUTER keyboard to type text much faster. For anonymous sending SMS from a mobile phone there is a unique java application «iSMS», which is compatible with all phone models. It is supported by Russian operators such as MTS, «MOTIVE», «MegaFon», «Tele2», «Beeline» .

Program to send SMS from computer to phone

A small but handy program on your computer will remember the numbers of all the users who will be sent messages, moreover, she is able to go to the sites of mobile operators, sending them via SMS. As a result, you have to choose from the list the number you want to dial on the keyboard the text you want and click on the «Send» button. Let’s find out more about the most popular programs for sending SMS from the computer.

SMS Sender

App SMS Sender is an add-on for Microsoft Windows designed to send text SMS via mobile phone. It’s easy to send free messages in any language supported by the operating system. Watch our instructional video on how to install and use the SMS application Sender:

SMS Free Sender

For the lucky owners of smartphones, which are managed by operating systems Android and IOS (OS for iPhone), developed a special program Free SMS Sender. It works on the same principle as the similar version on the PC: enter the SMS text, select the recipient and sent. Depending on the Internet connection in a few seconds comes in a captcha to confirm sending the message. A great advantage of this app for sending free SMS Free SMS Sender is a complete lack of advertising.

The program interface includes an address book, which displays the name, phone number and email address of the person you want to send a free letter. Easily be displayed and other information, for example, the date all packages, and long ago erased the sent message. The working process is automatic: it determines the operator, creates a list of contacts with whom communication occurs more often.

Program for sending free SMS


Although a free app WebSMS has been created by foreign programmers, it perfectly cooperates with mobile operators of Russia and CIS countries. With its intuitive interface, any user can send a virtual letter, but only its length will be limited. WebSMS interesting feature is the ability to send voice messages and MMS.In addition, the app offers users a variety of templates that can be useful in case of emergency.

The process of sending short emails is totally automatic. The app determines the location and makes the appropriate settings. For example, to write SMS to MTS free computer easily while abroad, only to gain better texts in Latin letters, as not all overseas operators support the Cyrillic alphabet.

Microsoft SMS Sender

This is a very convenient utility to send free short messages to mobile phone from your computer. It only supports standard SMS, provides intuitive interface and uses the symbols of all international alphabets. Transmission of MMS, ringtones and pictures app is not supported. Microsoft SMS Sender is not responsible for the delivery and transmission of SMS is done by connecting the phone to the computer. To connect you need:

  • download the utility from the link and unzip;
  • select the folder where you installed the program;
  • next, she independently established automatically creates a shortcut on the desktop.

Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones

We offer to your attention another popular utility which can send virtual letters from your computer to any mobile operator. It has an intuitive interface and performs its task anywhere you have Internet. If you need to send an SMS to a person who does not know your e-mail address, then add your signature. Utility is compatible with all operating systems of phones, whether Android or any other.

Program for sending free SMS from the computer

How to read messages on the phone via the computer

In order for the computer to read the text, it should be moved to your PC, and it can be done through infrared, Bluetooth or USB cable. To do this, connect your phone in any way, then on the PC screen icon will appear, warning you that the operating system (OS) saw new device. Next, install the combination of using the setup disk that is included with mobile phone, then select «Messages».

Next, locate the folder you want to save, select it and click «File» then «Export», create a folder into which you will copy messages, move the desired information. But if you want to send, for example, Beeline free SMS from computer, you must download and install any of the programs listed above. Data from the phone will sync with the data stored in the memory of the PC each time you connect.

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