How to save money with a small salary

The crisis in the country, forcing most residents to think about how to live frugally with a small salary. A properly planned budget will help not only to get into debt, but continue to live a full life. Will help few tips on how to save money in the family.

How to save money with little income

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The lack of economic stability should not affect the little joys of life. You cannot stop going to the cinema, theatre, shopping. Even if it happens less than before, in the cheaper segment, but it must necessarily be. Planned a nice cost can be the primary motivation for the accumulation of Finance. Here’s how to save money with a small salary and collecting a certain amount:

  • To perform amounts to the basic cost of money in recent months, distributing them to individual groups.
  • To review the priorities of expenditure.
  • Allocate budget in advance. Record major the money spent.
  • If you have any cash to put them on a Bank Deposit. A year may accumulate the amount of money which will help to buy New year gifts or to pay for summer vacation.
  • Find extra money that will not take time, but it will help ease the financial problem.
  • Make it a rule to defer monthly under all conditions a certain percentage of available money, even if it is quite a bit.

How to save money, given income and expenses

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Starting keep records of received and spent money, you can understand at what stage to cut costs. Economical man is not stingy, and rationally distributes your finances and think medium and larger purchases in advance. You may have to change their habits, developed over the years, but when this saves you some money, you should at least try.

  • Refused in full or reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, for a year to raise money, which is enough to purchase gadget.
  • The habit of using a taxi service for any occasion – carries a heavy financial burden.
  • Spent lunchtime at a cafe will cost more than the cost of home-cooked food that you can take with you.
  • The amount of obligatory payments, which takes most of the financial costs can be reduced. Install meters if they do not exist. Don’t forget to unplug any unnecessary appliances, fix leaky plumbing. A new species of electric meters with different rates in night and day consumption can help to save money, putting bread maker, slow cooker, the washing machine on a timer at night.

How to save money on shopping

Steam counts the cost

The habit of making spontaneous, ill-considered purchase would interfere with the fulfillment of such a goal, how to save money with a small salary. Going to the store for food, make a preliminary list of all necessary, with the obligatory indication of the number. Better to do it on a full stomach to prevent yourself from the temptation of unexpected expenses.

To save money, watching promotions, discounts, sales. But you must be careful, believe the mentioned prices only in case you know the real value of the item in other points of sale or some time ago that marketing manipulations forced you to make a purchase, nothing is saving. Spread orders through the sites online stores with fast delivery of items and payment of money upon receipt, provide an opportunity to reduce costs.

Video: how to learn to save money

Important tips on how to save money with a small salary, to help any family that is experiencing the need. The objective of accumulation for a specific purpose, it will be easier to achieve a result. Selection of informative video will tell you how to learn to save money, to save, leading a healthy way of life, not at the expense of family interests. To comply with the rule in a strict sequence: to save money for the purpose, to pay the bills, the rent, then other current expenses – will help to consistently save money.

5 tips from an expert

How to learn how to make money

How to live frugally on a small salary

Saving money on the products


Anatoly, 37 years:my wife calculated how much money I spend per year on harmful cigarettes. Turned out a lot. The son of a teenager in six months birthday. To buy a good phone for a gift, decided to quit. The family budget will save in this way. It is difficult, but a great gift to work, and health.

Veronica, 20 years:Recently attended training on the issues of how to save a young family with a small salary. My husband and I are working students. Want the free time to travel. Useful information how to collect money right, even wrote it down in his notebook. I think we will succeed, because many places would like to visit.

Sofia, 25 years:we Have a young family and expecting a planned baby. Will have high costs and will have to live on the small salary of her husband. I drew a table with income and expenditure, which try to record all amounts. It became easier to regulate the finances and have set aside for the acquisition of dowry to our baby and on hospital costs.

Constantine, 30 years:I always buy vegetables at a market in the same place. For stability I make allowances in money and give the finest products. To save salary to help relatives who have to live abroad, went back to work. Send us the things, the products with the delivery charge cheaper than in any store.

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