How to restore SIM card Beeline

Under such unpleasant phenomena as the loss or theft of a mobile phone, accidental damage to the sim card and other incidents, the subscriber is likely to remain without a cell phone connection that in the modern world equivalent of a small disaster. How to recover a SIM card from Beeline or replace it in case of damage? The answers to these questions, there are several, they are all simple. You can find them by reading our user manual.

How to unlock SIM card Beeline

Beeline is one of the most popular mobile operators of Russia. The company pays attention to customers ‘ needs, so learn how to recover and activate a room is not difficult. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you must lock the SIM card. This service is free. The procedure goes like this:

A customer tries to unlock the SIM card Beeline

  • dial 8800700611;
  • name, patronymic, surname of the card holder;
  • to answer a few clarifying questions of the operator.

To deactivate the card, the subscriber can in online. You need to go to the website go to the section called «My Beeline», where the client has the possibility to manage the locks. Another method to suspend SIM cards — apply with a passport to the office or official representation. During the lock card will be recognized as invalid. Then you can buy a new SIM card, but all contacts will be lost.

To learn how to restore SIM card Beeline, user should see the simple statement that includes a several methods. The first way:

  • dial 88007000611;
  • provide operator with true data about the card holder indicated in the agreement;
  • if all information is correct, seven and the room will be restored.

Another way is to appeal to the representatives of the company over the Internet. The subscriber needs to write an application to the email address indicated in the contacts contract. After reviewing the situation, the company will be made on the recovery, and the subscriber will be able to use the card. Some subscribers may register to the number of the special lock password. To lock and unlock the SIM card with a password you can, by calling 88007000611 and dictated by the operator the code word or combination.

To restore the room

The office of Beeline, where it is possible to recover the SIM card

The recovery room is an important step that allows you to stay in touch with the right contacts. In this case it is recommended to keep important phone numbers on the sim card. This is done as follows:

  • if the cardholder is a natural person, you need to prepare the passport;
  • legal entity other than passports documents of the organization, a letter stamped and signed by the head, the power of attorney form M2 form which is available at;
  • preparing the necessary documents, the subscriber needs to be in one of the offices of the company on the basis of which a decision will be made about the restoration.

How much it costs to restore a SIM card

For those interested in how to recover SIM card of Beeline, quite naturally the question arises: how is it? Recovery phone card in the official representation Beeline is free. If you are unable to come to the office, where support of subscribers and selling packages of mobile communication,, use the paid service — order a new SIM card with delivery to the specified address.

Where it is possible to recover the

Subscribers, the SIM card is ever lost, damaged or for other reasons is absent, is useful information, where it is possible to implement this procedure. The user must be the nearest office of the mobile operator or one of its official representatives. If the card is documented on another person, his presence is mandatory.

The Offices Of Beeline

Employee Beeline helps the user to recover the number

The Beeline has one of the widest networks of offices in the Russian regions. Thanks to this feature to learn where and how you can restore the SIM-card Beeline, you can in many official service centers. The addresses of the locations of the offices, their list is presented on the operator’s website via the link .

Exchange card can be a necessity in other situations. If you purchased a smartphone or tablet supports only micro or nano — SIM, the old one will not work. You can contact Beeline to change an outdated map with a save room on more than meets the requirements of modern gadgets.

Shipping seven

Restoration with delivery in Moscow and beyond MKAD within 1-2 working days will cost you from 180 to 480 rubles. SIM card is restored within 3-4 h. within the ring road will be delivered for 530 rubles. To get a SIM card in the Moscow region, will have to pay 475-1540 rubles, it can take up to 3 days. The price depends on the delivery address, length, the number of ordered cards. The exact price for other regions, the subscriber can find out by phone 8-800-700-0611 or 8 (495) 974-8888.

Restore without a passport

Unfortunately, at the moment, due to the increasing cases of fraud, the company has suspended the process of restoring a SIM card without a passport, power of attorney (in the case of corporate clients) and other necessary documents. Even the photocopy will not serve as a basis in order to provide access to blocked SIM card and to restore its action.

How to activate SIM card Beeline

The Beeline SIM card will not operate correctly without a properly conducted procedure of activation. To do this, the subscriber can in several ways — either manually enter the activation code that is specified in the contract, or to visit the official representation of the mobile operator, where qualified staff will provide you with comprehensive assistance in the activation of the card.

SIM card Beeline

Office Beeline

Finding nearest office Beeline in the table at the link provided above, you can be there with a contract SIM-card, passport and other necessary documents. You will be given all the necessary information and instructions regarding further use of the SIM card. Experts tell you how to disable unnecessary services and enable the necessary.

Activation code

Self-activating SIM cards Beeline you need to follow the contract guidelines. Among them will be entering the individual codes. If you type it incorrectly, you will need to enter the puk code which is also specified in the contract. If done correctly, you can immediately start using your mobile number Beeline.

Video: how to restore SIM card Beeline

To help in the recovery rooms of Beeline and activate the SIM-card able a few detailed tutorials that we have prepared for you. They described in detail each of the procedures by which you’ll quickly find so important in the modern world of mobile communications, not lose touch with friends and loved ones, will be armed with the right information in case of repeated loss.

The recovery room

Activation of SIM card

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