How to remove write protection from USB drive

When you try to enter data on a flash drive, the computer may display the error «the Disk is write-protected». How to remove write protection from USB drive it is important to know any person. The user to check the cause of the phenomenon is difficult, but often this is a warning from the download to the drive of viruses from laptops, desktops, other devices. Clear the stick from them is difficult, it is much easier to protect her, and then remove the tape.

How to unlock USB flash drive write-protected

USB device from Lenovo

Unlocking is carried out by locking the switch in some flash or removable SD cards. If you found the switch, then the method how to remove write protection from usb stick, will be the switch lock lever in the desired direction, the image of the open lock. Then, re-insert the media into the PC port, access will be free, and you will be able to record information. To return to the condition of «Flash write protected», switch the lever to «Protect». The same applies to the implementation of paragraph, how to remove protection from a memory card.

Start the windows registry editor

Registry editor system is a way to return a flash card in a working condition with easy steps. Follow the simple points:

  1. First, you need to click on the icon «start» and type in search box «Regedit», click fresh file, right-click, the resulting menu click on «Run as administrator».
  2. Choose the section «StorageDevicePolicies» command channel «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies». The absence of this partition in your PC requires it to make. To do this, right-click on OU «Control», click «Create», select «Partition». You can then give Department name «StorageDevicePolicies», after removing quotation marks. Being on this registry branch, create a «DWORD (32-bit)» called «WriteProtect».
  3. Make sure that the renamed item WriteProtect to 0. To verify this, click on item, select «Edit», fix the unit to zero, confirming selection of the item is OK. Change may not be necessary if the value is already zero.
  4. To close the program to get the media to reboot your PC. Rebooting will return the inserted card to its original state.

Restoring via the command line

The command line is an alternative method of solving the question of how to remove protection from a flash drive. The process includes the following items:

  1. Click «start» to enter in search box «cmd», click had the program, right-click, find «Run as administrator» and click.
  2. Enter the command «diskpart», press «enter» and then enter «list disk», press again «enter».
  3. To determine the disk number. If he’s the only one, it will be «Disk 1». If you have multiple devices to determine which will help the knowledge of the memory capacity or the USB memory.
  4. Selecting a protected disk that you want to correct by introducing a «select» to carry out the cleaning attributes read-only by typing «attributes disk clear readonly». If desired you can do additional formatting. With this purpose use the input of the command «clean,» create a section «create partition primary» to format the flash drive to the desired format. Ready – disk is working again.

How to unprotect pendrive transcend

Varieties of devices Transcend

Owners flash card «Transcend» unable to use created exclusively for the brand. The file is called «JetFlashRecovery» and download it on the formal web site of the company. Utility is completely free to access, addresses issues of protection of records and other difficulties. To facilitate the search utility use the file name.

In addition to this utility, the brand «Transcend» approach already described methods, command prompt and registry editor. Remedy lock by switching the lock lever will become an alternative method of removing the write protection from this drive. Try the methods that can be everything, because at least one of them needs to step up and help resolve this painful problem.

Video: what to do if USB flash drive write protected

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