How to remove a questionnaire from the Mamba

On the Internet there are many sites for Dating people, but all who are interested in this topic, you know that the most popular system is Mamba. Anyone can create a profile with their photo and a brief description, but each may want to delete the record, so you should know how to remove the questionnaire on the Mamba.

How to remove a page on the website Mamba


Every user profile contains the time a lot of personal information (email, phone) that I would not want to leave. Often it becomes a reason for removal from service. This can be done in several ways, some of them understand that, if desired, the person can restore the profile if the need arises. There are options such as delete page on the Mamba:

  1. To hide the data. If you just want some time not to receive messages or to correspond, you will not need to erase the profile, you can just close the possibility for other members to find you through search.
  2. To close your account. If you need to completely remove all data about yourself on the service, you should use the tab «Personal data», the following will be detailed how to completely remove the form from the Mamba.
  3. During prolonged absence of the men under his login page will be deleted automatically after 6 months.

In manual mode

The fastest way how to get out of Mamba, manually through the settings. The main caveat of this procedure is that completely erased, your profile will be hidden from other users, will not be visible in the finder. This option if you want to stop communicating through the site for a while. Instructions on how to get out of the Mamba:

  1. Go to «My page».
  2. Next, click on «Settings» to the right of the photo.
  3. Scroll down and find «Delete survey», click on this item.
  4. Should appear a new window, select «Disable your profile from search». This will eliminate you from the search, but saves the data on the website. Click «Next» to confirm the action.

Automatic removal

In Dating services are recorded every day a huge number of people who would like to find your soul mate. A large amount of information with pictures will create additional load on server site, so the algorithm of the system provides for automatic profile removal after 6 months, provided that it did not come. If you don’t know how to remove the questionnaire from the Mamba, just forget about her and do not visit your page: it will disappear itself. If you wish to restore it will have to deal with customer service.


How to remove a questionnaire from the mobile version of the Mamba

To increase the usability of the service for today’s smartphones, we developed an application that allows you to use your account from your phone. Many people use it and not even tried to go on the Mamba through the browser. The program’s interface is a little different from the version of the site on the Internet. As a result, the procedure of how to delete a page in Mambo with the phone is somewhat different. You can use the two ways:

  1. Switch the app from the mobile version to full and repeat all the steps that have been described above.
  2. To log in using your username and password in the browser, and swipe all the steps in the section above.

The functionality of the application designed to mobile delete profile, so in any case you will have to choose the full version of the site. The procedure of removing a program from your phone is no different from a standard uninstall other tools. You can continue for 6 months not to go into the profile and it will be erased automatically.

How to get out of Mamba completely

Procedure delete profile Mamba, is very similar to process hiding with the search of your profile. In this case, it will be erased does not just account, and all data along with the username, password. Instructions on how to remove the questionnaire from the Mamba completely:

  1. Go to «My page».
  2. Click on «Settings» and look in the bottom of the page the item «Delete survey».
  3. Double-click the «Next» button, display a message that your mail was sent, it contains a link to confirm your desire to delete the profile.
  4. Go to e-mail, make a hyperlink from a letter from the service Mamba. Answer it is not necessary. If the link does not work, simply copy the link into the address bar of the browser.
  5. In the window that appears click on the words «Delete account».
  6. To you to e-mail you will periodically receive letters with the notification about the possibility to recover the data, do not click on links within a month, the profile will disappear completely.

Video: questionnaire on the website Mamba

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