How to recover SIM card MegaFon

A lot of people use sim cards in the long term. Room know all the friends, colleagues, partners. Sometimes the person may lose the phone along with the SIM card or be stolen. In such cases, you need to know how to recover a room a Megaphone. This will help not to lose not only the convenience, but out of balance, and the thief will not be able to use them.

How to recover lost SIM card

Each subscriber of the mobile company Megafon has the ability to restore control of your phone number. The operator goes towards its customers and provides all services free of charge. First, the user should conduct a voluntary lock the SIM card to the hackers never had the opportunity to spend her money or make expensive calls. Next you need to restore SIM card the Megaphone.

You will receive a duplicate together with the tariff plan bonus points, connected services and options. The subscriber will regain everything except the contacts because this information is stored on the sim card. These data can not be recovered. To card you can the following ways:

  • ordered through the Internet;
  • personally visit the office of the operator;
  • call the support center and place your repair request.

SIM card MegaFon

How to recover a blocked SIM card

In some cases, the phone may lock the operator or accidentally by the subscriber. There are several reasons that lead to blocking:

  • wrong PIN or PUK;
  • for a long period of inactivity (no deposits, calls);
  • voluntary lock if the card is lost.

For each of these cases, using your method, how to recover SIM card the Megaphone. For example, in the first case, when you enter the wrong PIN, you have to find a box from your starter package. It should be written PAK-password that unlocks the phone. Note that after 8 wrong entries of the code the SIM card will be locked permanently and you will have to order it again from the operator.

If the box is not preserved, then the PUK code is also written on the plastic card where the SIM when you purchase. If you have registration in the personal Cabinet on the site operator to find out the password and inside it. The necessary information is located in the section which describes your data plan. If you want you can make a call to customer service center from another mobile with the SIM card MegaFon at number 0500. You should:

  • to prepare the passport data;
  • if the contract to find it;
  • wait for the connection with a specialist;
  • to explain the problem and request the PUK code of your card;
  • called members need your passport number, contract number;
  • after that, you will be issued with PAK password.

The latter method is completely suitable and in case the room block had their own when they lose the phone. To plastic have personally in the office of the company in your region or apply for Express shipping if you live in Moscow or the Moscow region. Your passport details are required to confirm that you are the owner of sevens. Prolonged inaction of the package, recovery is the same, but you need to immediately put money into the account.

Installation of SIM card in mobile device

Is it possible to recover a SIM card MegaFon without the owner

Sometimes there is a situation that the cardholder alone can not rebuild the SIM. For example, the elderly relative who’s been out of the house. Card time issued to the parents, or the subscriber has moved to another city, and SIM is needed urgently. In this case, the official owner shall be furnished a power of attorney, which States the right to receive and order new «plastic». The same applies to lost or locked in the corporate rooms. The document must be issued on the letterhead with the print.

If contact or connection with the person who bought the starter pack, is not, by the rules of the company to obtain again the SIM card is not possible. To order the issuance of a new «plastic» can only be the owner. The exception is cases when you can prove that you already for a long time is the user rooms, for example, will respond to questions will indicate the phones, which are often carried out calls.

Where to restore a SIM card MegaFon

If you decide to make the restoration invalid or lost rooms, it is necessary to know where to turn for help. Pick up plastic directly from the office of the company that operates in your city. If you live in the Moscow region, there is a courier service to deliver packages to customers. There are several options where you can restore SIM card:

  • through online account on the website;
  • in the office of the operator;
  • on the phone.

Office of cellular communication company MegaFon

How to obtain a duplicate SIM card of the Megaphone in the office

Subscribers who are experiencing how much it costs to restore a SIM card MegaFon, unable to calm down. The cost of this service is equal to 0 roubles. The operator across the country, in every city there are offices where you can request to recover SIM card. This applies to all situations: overdue packets, the loss of mobile, incorrect PUK code. For all of these cases, the subscriber needs to do the following:

  • to bring your contract, passport;
  • if the number is registered to another person – the attorney for recovery;
  • come to any branch of MegaFon;
  • to provide the necessary employee data;
  • after 10-15 minutes you’ll get a SIM card with your old number, all the money was on the balance, connected options, amenities, bonuses;
  • the old SIM will cease to work.

Recovery rooms MegaFon by phone

The reasons for blocking SIM cards can be two – loss apparatus is with the card or the situation when subscriber a long time not used it. In the first case you must immediately block the number and do the procedure of recovery. To do this:

  1. To dial a service number 0500.
  2. Press connection with the operator and explain the situation with the loss of the SIM card.
  3. At the request of the employee, provide the passport details or the contract number, you may need to answer questions.
  4. After registration specialist will call you to pick up «plastic» from any branch of the company.

If you are looking for how to recover SIM card MegaFon, which is more than six months been laying idle, the procedure is exactly the same except for one condition. After blocking all numbers are again in a common database and can be sold again. If that happened, then there is a choice of two options:

  1. To try to contact the new owner, explain the situation and ask them to assist in the return of the card.
  2. If the person refuses to meet, then restore the room opportunities no. It only remains to close the old contract and issue a new SIM card.

Girl with mobile phone

How to restore SIM card the Megaphone via the Internet

The Internet has become part of modern life of almost every person. It provides another way to easily restore SIM card the Megaphone. The subscriber can order a new plastic or return the old through the official website of the company. You must do the following:

  1. Go to the Megaphone.
  2. Click in the top menu section «online store».
  3. Select the «Rates and numbers».
  4. The new tab will have two options to choose from: or order to salvage the chip. Choose the second one.
  5. You will see a form fill in all the fields.
  6. After filling, click «Submit».
  7. Soon you will be contacted by an employee of the company.
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