How to put money on KIWI purse

Electronic money takes a firm position in our lives. You can use them to pay bills or make purchases. If you don’t know how to throw money on KIWI purse, the answers can be found below. Find out about some of the ways to replenish the electronic purse from which you can choose the most suitable.

Especially replenishment of QIWI

QIWI terminal

This is a handy resource electronic currency to execute the different purposes. Depositing is easy and fast. A big plus is the wide range of options to make finances on the purse, allowing all users to find a way to his liking. How to put money on KIWI purse? You can load funds via Bank card, terminal, phone or transferred from other electronic money – any method is carried out in a jiffy!

How to Fund QIWI wallet through the terminal

It is important to know how to Fund QIWI wallet without a fee, not to pay the extra. The terminal does not withdraw the interest from the account during the translation. In the terminal you need in the section «Payment services» select «Electronic money or E-Commerce», click on the icon of the purse. Further, according to the instructions of the terminal, you can enter its number or the phone (a cell), then to pay bills.

How to transfer money from phone to KIWI purse

A man performs surgery on the phone

One of the options to recharge – transfer from your mobile phone. Everything is simple: you need to open the official site, login. In the column «Add», select «Online». Among all choose the mobile, the list of operators will stay on your. It is important to remember that during this operation the service takes a Commission of 5 to 10%. In MTS, for example – 9,9% and in the Beeline of 7.95%. In the «Transfer between accounts», you must enter the desired amount, then click on the «Translate» button. SMS will receive a password for the transfer. After entering the code, the funds are transferred.

How to put money on KIWI purse in other ways

When to go to the terminal far away and no money left, there are other options, like putting money on a KIVI-purse. They are all simple: on the screen you need to enter the number of eleven digits and the sum, follow the instructions and then enjoy the finished result. Below you can find out in detail which devices can be added to the electronic wallets without unnecessary problems and costs.

Select actions in the menu

Through Sberbank online

How to Fund QIWI wallet through Sberbank online? The procedure is not difficult:

  • As in other cases, it is necessary to choose among the «fees» we are interested in.
  • In the window to enter digits (phone. purse), the amount to estimate what percent of removes the savings Bank for the transfer.
  • Click «Translate». The amount comes instantly, then you can pay by electronic means.

Through the salons, the offices of the partners

If questions remain at the time of transfer of Finance, you can apply directly to the salons of communication: employees will not only help to translate the desired amount, but will inform all emerging challenges. A list of all items receiving funds is on the official website. When referring to the consultant is necessary to know the number of purse or phone, to dictate it, to give the credited funds.

With a credit card

QIWI wallet

Simple and convenient methods to Deposit to use the terminal, the web pages of the Bank and the official website. In the first two cases it is necessary to choose the service «Replenishment of QIWI wallet» and follow the instructions to enter the number, amount, confirm the operation:

  1. To Fund QIWI wallet, Bank card is not difficult, but some banks off the interest for the implementation of this function, you should carefully examine the terms of financial transactions.
  2. If you decide to use the official site QIWI, it is necessary to tie the card. It is important that this is only possible with Visa and Mastercard. First, you need to stop choosing the option «Registration card». Then in the opened window it is necessary to mention the Bank and enter your Bank card details. The system will check, not if you want to steal other people’s accounts and use the service for criminal fraud. For this test, will be blocked a small amount of money. As soon as the user will call this amount (information can be found on free phone), the map will snap.

Transfers through «Contact», «Leader», etc.

To replenish your money you can use system Contact, LEADER, or similar. First, you need to enter the phone number, must be attached to Visa QIWI Wallet. Then you need to determine the amount and pay it. This procedure is not complicated, nothing extra, everything is the same with other variants, changing only the method of transfer. In the Russian branches of no Commission, and in foreign it is 0.5%.

E-wallet payment systems and exchangers

To make a payment from such e-wallets like WebMoney, QIWI directly will not work. You can use money exchangers that set a good price for their help, or a little more of a challenge and add another element to the schema: for example, first to throw the amount on the phone, and then the purse. The big plus is the fact that mobile phone top-up WebMoney – the process is free of charge.

Videotutorial: how to put money on the KIWIS

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