How to pass a polygraph

The lie detector is used not only in the survey of criminals and witnesses. When a person gets a serious work that is associated with a certain level of privacy and requires the observance of internal security, he is satisfied with the polygraph test. What is the principle of the device, and it really shows the correct information?

What is a polygraph

Validation of a lie on a polygraph

Lie detector is a device that detects the change of several physiological parameters at the time when the surveyed person is asked different questions. How to pass a polygraph right? Need to know what technical means detects the frequency of the pulse, respiration, blood pressure, electrocutaneous activity. Modern device is a mobile personal computer, equipped with touch sensors and blocks. In the study, written polygrams, which are deciphered by a specialist examiner.

The polygraph offered to pass some of the participants in the crime and witnesses. The expert shall reach a conclusion on the results chart, but it is not conclusive evidence of guilt. The second area of application of lie detector – a survey of candidates for certain positions in private business, in closed structures (police, interior Ministry, FSB and other special services). So they know about morally-psychological qualities of the applicant and conduct a routine inspection. To check the procedure is free and the client pays a considerable price for the testing.

How is the polygraph test

The girl passes a polygraph test

On average, the test takes about 2 hours, but in some cases, the procedure requires more time – up to 4 hours. The passage of the polygraph lasts longer, if the test persons have an inadequate response, or you may need to ask a few leading questions to make a complete picture. Before you learn how to pass the polygraph, you should be familiar with the stages of the procedure:

  1. Preparatory. Involves collecting data about potential or current employee.
  2. Pre-test conversation. The person must explain the purpose of the check, to transfer his rights. The specialist should indicate that the procedure is voluntary, to ask about the condition of the candidate. It allows to further adjust the results or reschedule for another time. Examiner clarifies the data collected in the previous step.
  3. The polygraph test. The studied pose a number of questions grouped in blocks. Specialist practice one of the existing techniques developed for different occasions.
  4. Final. Man propose to say anything on the merits of the test if the need arose. When physiological responses are different from the norm, the applicant is asked to explain the reasons for this.

What questions to ask when applying for a job

Those who first have to pass a lie detector, there are some concerns. The polygraph in employment today is used more often than before (especially in Moscow and other large cities), so you should be mentally prepared for the testing procedure. The employer did not violate the law. What questions to ask on a polygraph in this case? The tests are divided into three types: actual, adjust, correction. The question can be answered with «Yes» or «no».

How to successfully pass a polygraph? Be prepared for the fact that in online mode (when you are connected to the device) you will be asked about theft, use of drugs, alcohol, Smoking, gambling. Often the topic of conversation becomes the availability of credit, debt, criminal record, relatives with a criminal record. You will need to answer if you had malicious intentions towards the company.

Is it possible to fool the polygraph

Schedules polygraph

The technology of the lie detector provides for the fixation of any emotional state. The less visible the difference in the responses when replying to normal and very tricky questions, the more benefit for you. Opposition to this device possible. How to cheat a lie detector, you know, pathological liars, actors-professionals and social psychopaths (because it is not always adequately perceived social norms). However, the common man to take the test under force.

How to fool the polygraph? You should throw away all the fears in front of the device and testing procedure, to get rid of feelings of guilt, doubt, stress. Calm, renaissanca self-confidence, attitude to the desired result, will help to circumvent the device. The use of lie detector – probabilistic verification method that does not guarantee 100% reliability.

How to pass a lie detector without any problems

Testing on a polygraph

Main Board – answer the questions truthfully. A few important rules will help you to understand the question as it is trouble-free to take a polygraph:

  • Have a good rest before the test. Stick to your usual regime.
  • Eat to feel full and satisfied, wear comfortable clothing.
  • If you are taking medicines, inform your specialist. Don’t use sedatives and antidepressants.
  • Behave naturally and correctly: not clamped, do not try to hide the emotional reaction (unless you want to cheat the device).
  • Be prepared for tricky questions, read them in advance, if possible.
  • Do not give hasty answers, you will not have to rush. However, do not ponder deeply in the subject matter, otherwise you may have doubts.
  • Do not conceive any information that relates to the question, because this too may affect the test results.

Video: how is the test on the lie detector

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