How to MTS to know the tariff

For any modern man’s cell phone has become an integral part of his life. Many use mobile services without thinking about how much money they have, the operator removes the used minutes, installed options, subscriptions. Some don’t even know how to MTS to find out the rate. This situation turns into the hands of many operators. They, without the knowledge of its customers can connect a lot of paid apps. To avoid this, it is important to always be aware of all the services in your rate plan. How to do it, see below.

What you need to know the tariff

Learn your plan and comparing it with other offers, you will be able to decide for themselves whether to stay on the old terms or go to a new package. For example, you talk on the mobile communication not only in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and other regions of Russia (Krasnodar, Kuban, Crimea), but also in Belarus, Ukraine, so would you like to change the current package on offer international company with free minutes while roaming. In this case, the operator will offer more favorable terms to meet your needs.

Ways to identify your tariff plan MTS

If you do not know about the details of his tariff plan, then it’s probably wasting time and money on unnecessary services. And in order to faster understand, whether so it, use the following methods describe how to MTS to find out the rate assigned to your mobile number. This can greatly reduce your costs and increase the performance of the smartphone.

With the help of USSD-request

A person learns a tariff via USSD-request

To find out the name of the service pack and the rate that is assigned to your number, dial *111*59# plus call button. In response you will receive message with the required information. If you receive strange characters instead (means that the phone does not support Russian language), dial another combination: *111*6*2# and call. So you activate the Latin alphabet on your device, and will continue to receive normal messages.

To contact consultants in the company’s office

The mobile operator has lots of offices located in all cities of Russia. Please contact the nearest branch to obtain the necessary information about the current tariff plan. Here you may need passport information to authenticate your identity. Obtaining information about the tariff does not take much time, and as a result, you will learn many useful things on the proper use of their finances on mobile.

Call the toll free number for hotline support

She learns the tariff on the hot line operator

If you are interested in the question: how to MTS to find out your rate, dial the service numbers to the number 0890. Acting in accordance with the recommendations of the machine, locate the section titled «fees and connection», which is under the figure 1. Next, press 0 to connect with a consultant. Here you will get comprehensive answers on all questions.

To send an SMS to the short number of the operator MTS

If you want to learn and retain information about your service package on the phone, send a message with the number 6 on content, room 111. You will receive a reply with detailed information about what specifically you withdraw money and what services are included in the package. Save this message somewhere in a separate folder so you have it handy when you need to know about the basic terms of your tariff plan.

Take advantage of online service online Assistant

The entrance to the Internet assistant, MTS

Connect the «Internet assistant» to your phone by dialing *111*23# and follow the prompts which will tell you the machine. When connected, you will be able to use the personal account from the official website of the company Here select the tab «Internet assistant» and then «Tariffs and services». So you will find all the information on how to MTS to find out your rate, about the best current offers, and more.

How to get detailed information about tariff plan

To get detailed information about tariff plan, use your account online. To do this, follow the steps in the step-by-step instructions on:

  • To visit the official website In the browser or tablet PC you need to click on the address bar. Then enter the address:
  • Choose section «my account». It is located at the top right. Going into this section, choose «Mobile connection».
  • Follow all the instructions. To register: go to the link below «Get password by SMS». A window will open where you will need to enter the phone number and click «Get password.
  • To enter a phone number and password received in the message. After receiving the code on your phone, click «Back» and enter the data sent to login.
  • Find the right information. In the personal Cabinet the user is able to view information about its tariff plan.

How to check the current rate of the modem of the Internet from MTS

Counseling center MTS

For active users of mobile Internet is a very relevant question about checking the current rate and balance. In this case, you have several opportunities to learn the following information:

  • seek help from a counselor, making a call the toll free number 0890;
  • log in to your personal Cabinet;
  • apply to employees of the company to the nearest dealership.

How to change the rate at MTS

Each user has the right to change your package by selecting another that will fit, especially since mobile services are often updated, and the operator offers customers more favorable terms. If you set out to use the other batch conditions, you can help the recommendations below:

  • take advantage of the personal Cabinet;
  • apply SMS command: 8888 (to establish a «Super MTS»), 1024 (for the package «Smart»), 1025 («Smart+»), 727 (RED Energy), 307 («MTS connect»), 777 (Ultra). Send to 111;
  • enter the phone the following USSD-command: #888# (to set the «Super MTS»), *111*1024# (for Smart), *111*1025# (Smart+), *111*727# (RED Energy), *111*307# («MTS connect»), *111*777# (Ultra).

Video about tariff change and the connection or disconnection of services of MTS

Sometimes the answers to the question how to MTS to find out the tariff, there may not be enough to solve a particular problem in your phone (for example, the ability to speak more sparingly, or the increased use of Internet traffic). For such cases, watch the video that is presented below. She describes in detail how to change the package, as well as to connect or disconnect any other service.

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