How to MTS to disable paid services

Telecom operator MTS is among the most popular mobile operators of Russia. In 2009, the company entered the top 100 world’s largest brands. Many subscribers are interested in how MTS to disable paid services. Getting rid of unnecessary functions, ceasing to pay for them, the user is able to more efficiently allocate their expenditures on mobile communication.

How to know the connected paid services MTS

The majority of subscribers tend to look for the best rates (Super, Ultra, second by Second), regularly changing them. First tariff plan often includes a free function (Goodok, Horoscope, weather, Music, Money, credit), which further requires payment. Users experience confusion, noticing how the money removed from the account with minimum communication. To prevent this from happening, you need to look and see which of the available options is activated.

The first method is the most simple and popular:

The man disables the paid services of MTS

  • dial *152# «Call»;
  • in the interactive dialog menu to choose the category «Your services» by clicking on figure 2;
  • in the next menu choose first item to send the request;
  • after that you will receive a message with the list of activated features that require payment.

The second method is very similar with a few differences:

  • dial *152*2# «Call»;
  • you will see a pop-up menu.
  • select 1 («Options»);
  • wait for a TEXT that lists the names of all connected functions.

The third way is to contact support. The procedure is the following:

  • to make a call to the short number 0890 or 88002500890;
  • using the voice menu select «Manage services and subscriptions,» or contact the service provider to support a request to convert activated services that require payment, then ask to disable unnecessary.

To abandon unnecessary services are useful when using the online function «Personal assistant» on the official website of the mobile operator. To do this:

The entrance to personal Cabinet

  • go to the website;
  • login to your personal Cabinet;
  • if you are not registered-do this by selecting the «Get password by SMS», enter your phone number, wait for sms and enter the combination of numbers or letters in the section «my account»;
  • find the category «services»;
  • it lists all activated services that require payment.

How to disable options and subscriptions to MTS alone

Many mobile users interested in how to MTS to disable paid services. If you do not want to spend your money on a tune instead of the standard signal, it is necessary to cancel roaming, subscribe, turn off the radio and other unnecessary apps thus reducing the amount of your regular payment, you can resort to several ways.

Seek assistance from the office of the company

Effective easy way to find out what options you pay for and how to MTS to disable paid services is to go directly to the official company office with a passport. There are professional managers will inform you about which functions are activated. They will assist in their trip, talk about how to prevent the connection of new options.

Call free technical support operator

A call to tech support – another effective easy way to unsubscribe from services of cellular operator, which you don’t want to pay. The procedure goes like this:

  • call the toll free number 8-800-250-0890. If you are roaming, then you should dial +7-495-766-01-66;
  • after dialing you will be connected with the operator technical support;
  • you need to contact him with a request to remove all unnecessary paid features.

To learn how to MTS to disable unnecessary paid services, you can also use the voice menu. It is necessary to dial the number 0890 and to follow the commands of the informant. Among the items on the menu there is a voice activation or disabling of additional paid functions. With its help you can easily deactivate unnecessary paid services.

Send SMS-message to short number

The girl disables the paid services MTS SMS

Easiest way to know the list of connected paid functions and to choose among them is useful to send SMS with number 1 to number 8111. You will receive a reply SMS with a listing of all the active options. In front of each of them will indicate a combination of numbers, which deactivates unnecessary features. This procedure from the mobile operator free.

To use the Internet assistant portal MTS

To check which services are activated, you can use Internet assistant. To do this, go to the address Finding an «Internet assistant», select the menu item «additional options». Among the categories to find «Manage services», where it is easy to disable any unwanted options set in your room. If you do not find a personal account, you can use the search on the site.

Disable USSD request

Many subscribers who are interested in the question of how to MTS quickly disable paid services, which are functions of USSD-requests. This is a simple command that is sent to a free number automatically deactivates unnecessary services one at a time or a package. USSD-request is a specific combination of symbols that allows you to control your phone, check account balance, find out what services it pays for, disable them, etc.

A list of USSD commands to disable paid services

Here is a list of USSD-requests that disable unnecessary options:

  • *111*29# – function to remove the music GOODok;
  • *111*11# – disable MMS;
  • *111*17# – deactivate the GPRS;
  • *111*39# – removes options from the «missed call»;
  • *111*22# – disable the service «Internet+»;
  • *111*24# – get rid of Internet helper;

The subscriber has paid off MTS services via USSD-request

Dial *111*43#, the subscriber may disable the option «Favorite number». If there is no need of communication with other regions, to disable the «Neighbouring regions», the user can use the query *111*2110#. Those who do not like to waste time on chats, to deactivate this service will help combination *111*12#. Do not trust the weather forecasts? Discard them, send a request *111*4751#. If you’re with skepticism to treat a astrological forecasts, to abandon the annoying horoscopes will allow the team *111*4752#.

Those whose sense of humor makes it impossible to appreciate the jokes of the distribution, it is easy to drop them using query *111*4753#. If exchange rates do you prefer to learn from more reliable sources, dial *111*4754#. If the other half you already have to meet or you prefer not using your cell phone, turn off the option «Dating» by dialing *111*4755#. To unsubscribe from news you can use request *111*4756#. Those who do not want to inform other subscribers about when he makes contact, will help the team *111*211420#.

Here is a list of commands help cancel some unnecessary options:

  • CLIR– *111*47#;
  • call barring– *111*53#;
  • conferencing– *111*49#;
  • mobile office– *111*51#;
  • call retention– *111*55#;
  • caller ID– *111*45#;
  • call forwarding– *111*41#;

Video instructions: how to disable all paid services and subscriptions to MTS

Tangible help in streamlining your communication costs and refuse to pay for unneeded services can provide special tutorials. They demonstrated step by step, the easiest way to disable one or the other unnecessary service. With their help, you will avoid possible mistakes in the management of their data plan and get rid of the annoying functions, which remove the money from your personal mobile account.

Colour of the tariff change and connect or disconnect service

How to remove all paid services from MTS on your phone

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