How to MTS to remove the horn

The service of mobile communication of MTS Russia – «good’ok» provides a unique opportunity to play your favorite melody instead of beeps when someone is trying to call you. This popular service was created for those customers who want to be original, to emphasize their individuality. He quickly gained popularity amongst all the subscribers of the company, due to the large number of features, a huge catalog of tunes. Everyone will be able to connect and disconnect this service. Then read how to disable this music app.

How to disable a paid service the dial tone on the phone

Unfortunately or fortunately (for someone like), when a customer buys a starter pack of MTS, some paid-for applications are already connected by default to his phone number. Sometimes, for some mistake by the operator without the permission connects «good’ok» and the user does not even know how his balance every month additionally removed the subscription fee for this service. It is important to carefully control your expenses on mobile communication and sometimes to check all attached options.

A poster advertising the services of Horn from MTS

«Good’ok» is a paid music app, for which service the subscriber has to pay additional contributions on a monthly basis. Otherwise, instead of favorite songs, an automated system will choose ringing melody in its sole discretion. Not all agree to pay always some apps for entertainment, so recently the company’s users ask for help to the operator in order to remove the paid app with the ringtone on your phone. There are a couple of ways, then they will be considered.

How to cancel a melody via SMS

The subscriber can always cancel the service «good’ok» via SMS. To do this, use 0550: send the message OFF. In response, you should receive a TEXT message with the text of an informative nature that the service on your phone was disconnected. Perform this operation along with the answer is free. You can immediately test your mobile typing your number from another phone: option «Beep» must be inactive.

USSD-command for disabling music on hold

To cancel one or the other paid/free services of MTS quickly and efficiently – it’s important to know which team you want to disable. It is necessary in cases when the caller wants, not waiting until the line is free from any operator, self-abandon music on hold. For this you can use the following USSD-command: *111*29#. Dial the specified combination on the dial of your mobile and click the call button. Trip of your beloved tunes instead of the usual buzzing of the call will be free and immediately.

Before using this command, it is important to make sure that the «good’ok» service was connected. If this option is for the subscriber is not active or it is disabled it before, but forgot about it, abandon the melody is the function of the horn will not work, because it’s a music app you can connect back. Such USSD-command for the connection, so carefully make sure its enabled options.

How to unsubscribe free of charge at the official website in the personal account

If you need a more reliable way to free yourself and disable music option, go to my account in the upper right corner on the official website of MTS: Next, you will need to enter a phone number and a password which is configured by default. To set your secret code (if it is not already selected), dial from your mobile *111*25# and press «Call» or dial 111. There follow the recommendations that will prompt the answering machine.

After you log in to your personal account (just type in the address bar of the browser the link:, use the tab «Internet assistant». This is an additional service that you want to connect with USSD-command: *111*23# (if the «Internet assistant» has not been previously activated). Examining the interface, you’ll be able to find the option «Services», which is a paid option of «good’ok», where it can be off, and you can see it is active or not and what is the fee of this service. Additionally you can check whether you have the bonus whistles.

Category management services offered by MTS

Off by using a call to the Manager of the company

Another effective way to remove a ringtone with a beep on your phone is to contact the Manager of the MTS. It can be done by using special numbers support: 0890. After your identity will be verified with a few questions you have to answer the operator, you will be able to request free disable the music app. This process will take you just a few minutes and does not require many trials.

The technologist will recommend to use the other quick services with the help of which you will be able to pay off the service «good’ok». For example, to call the numbers: 0550 or 07701, and then follow the instructions uttered by the voice menu. However, before you disable this option, Manager, MTS will offer you many interesting bonuses for the service of musical programs that you once thought you to disable this service or not.

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