How to make soap bubbles at home

To give a special atmosphere of children’s holiday is not so difficult as you think. Create bubbles with your hands, get ready to run with the guys in the right scenario, and the most optimistic experience for your child and his friends provided! Instructions and recipes will help you in the organization of such action.

How to make soap bubbles at home

The girl released bubbles

For the production of such merry fun at home special skills and create complex devices are required. If the child left the box from the purchase of bubbles, the task is simplified: it is only necessary to prepare a solution to pour it into the bottle. In the absence of a special frame for the release of air soap balls can be made out of wire or blow bubbles from a straw. In the case where there is a skills design of fan and multiple forms to bubble, rotating in front of him in a circle, in the home, you can even make a generator for them blowing.

Before choosing the right solution for bulbs that you want to blow, it is important to know a few rules that will help make them blowing fun:

  • A better solution to make distilled water. If you have not bought such a purified liquid, at home you can replace it with boiled water pooled.
  • Balls easier blown at high air humidity, more difficult to do in windy weather.
  • Prepare soap solution, let stand for from 12 hours to a day before you want to use.

Neopayment bubbles

Very sad when the balloon burst quickly, not breaking away from the frame. The answer to the question how to make neopayment soap bubbles in home conditions, will the recipes of the solutions with glycerin and sugar. This mixture will not only take longer to admire the rainbow colored balls of different sizes, but also to blow her figures on the smooth surface. Try to use this solution:

  • Make sugar syrup by adding up to 5 teaspoons of sugar 1 spoon of water.
  • Connect the ingredients in this proportion:
    • syrup – 1 part;
    • soap, grated on a grater – 2 parts;
    • glycerin – 4 parts;
    • water 8 parts.

Another solution, which will be released neopayment sphere, you can prepare at home for this recipe:

  • Mix the ingredients:
    • hot water (not boiling water!) – 300 ml;
    • liquid glycerin – 150 ml;
    • washing powder – 25 g;
    • ammonia – 10 drops.
  • Let the obtained homogeneous mass to stand for 72 hours, then filter if necessary.
  • Store this mixture should be refrigerated.

Giant soap bubbles

Giant soap bubble

Huge and very beautiful iridescent spheres can be sent from the solution to create durable balls. How to make big soap bubbles at home? Construct to this aim a simple loop for blowing.

  • Take:
    • two sticks with a length of 30-50 cm – they should be small, not thick, but should not bend;
    • wool thread or rope with a length of approximately 1.5 m and not thicker than 3 mm
  • Tie the ends of the rope, and then place it on a flat surface in the shape of a triangle.
  • Tie sticks to the two corners of the shapes, then move them around between them and get a loop.

The mixture to create large balls to raise the bottom a wide basin. Immerse in the solution the rope, lift it in the air and begin to very quickly move back. Large bubbles will form under the action of the air flow passing through the loop. The result is especially good, when it’s no wind. Note one more part of the solution, which is suitable for blowing huge areas:

  • In 500 ml of water, add dishwashing detergent – 200 ml, glycerine – 100 ml
  • The volume of the mixture can be reduced, keeping the specified proportion.
  • The solution should infuse for 1 day.

The composition of soap bubbles

Girl playing

Possessing the knowledge of how to make soap bubbles at home, it remains only to collect the necessary ingredients to create a festive mood. Read the list of components that you might need in preparing the solution for blowing spheres.

The name of the ingredient Feature
Water You need to use distilled water purchased at a pharmacy, or from the water, but boiled.
Soap It is better to use a product with a minimum of flavorings and additives, for example, perfect soap. This ingredient should be grated on a very fine grater and stir in the water until the final dissolution, and only then add the other components in the resulting liquid.
Liquid dishwashing It is very easy to dissolve in water compared to soap.
Baby shampoo Due to the soft composition suitable for use in the games of the youngest children.
Foam bath It can help to make liquid for blowing with a variety of rich, vibrant scents.
Glycerin This substance you can buy at the pharmacy. He is responsible for ensuring that the solution bubbles produced strong and large iridescent balls.
Ammonia Used in some recipes to add areas of strength.
Sugar or sugar syrup
Food coloring In the shop you can buy such substances of different colors, and then, dividing the solution into parts to make liquid soap bubbles of various colors.

Recipes soap bubble

You are already familiar with some moments that explain how to make soap bubbles at home. There is absolutely nothing complicated, but you need to consider some points. Try to do everything yourself before you offer your child to play. So you will be able to see and to correct any errors or deficiencies in the manufacture of the composition, and then invite the children exciting fun without any annoying and unpleasant surprises.

Immerse the form in the solution gently, do not whip the foam, because it will affect what the balls will burst. Also before the blowing of the scope view to the edges of the transparencies on which the blow was not small bubbles. If there were, wait until they disappear, because through them the ball bursts, not having to blow out. Try different versions of recipes of solutions and select an optimal ease of preparation and quality. If you learn to do it right, you always manage to create a joyful atmosphere for children’s leisure.

Bubbles with glycerin

Soap balls

Compositions, include this means a lot, because this substance is the easiest to use to make blown beads strength. How to make soap bubbles at home, using a pharmaceutical product? Here are some ways:

  1. 1 Cup grated soap to fill up in 2.5 l of boiled hot water, stir until the flakes dissolved. Add to liquid 2 tsp glycerine, leave for at least 12 hours.
  2. In 300 ml of water to dissolve known to all Housewives dishwashing detergent – 100 ml, glycerine – 50 ml, sugar – 4 tsp of This solution is well suited for lifting huge areas with the help of the Hoop.

Gel bubbles

You can try at home to make a soap solution for balls, the consistency of the gel. From such mixtures of spheres are blown harder, so it is unlikely to be suitable for small children. The advantage of this composition will be more tight balls. They are very nice look, if in the solution the dye is added. Try to make a simple composition:

  • Mix liquid soap 100 ml, distilled water – 20 ml
  • After the foam settles (about 1.5-2 hours), add to the mix 10 drops of glycerin.
  • Stir and let brew for a day in a cool place.

Video: how to make the solution bubble

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